As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

I Can’t Stand it Anymore!

President Obama, who rarely goes to Camp David but went there Friday for the weekend, has had enough.

The White House informs us that Obama will bolt Camp early tomorrow morning, heading by helo to Andrews Air Force Base at 8:30 am.

And at Andrews, as we know, there is a golf course. And while the White House for some reason never puts Obama’s golf on the schedule, I assume that’s where he’s headed – as opposed to, say, the base chapel for prayer or the mess hall for a little breakfast with the troops.

Mid to upper 70s tomorrow morning. Nice.

16 Responses to I Can’t Stand it Anymore!

  1. He wanted to be out of town when the BOMBSHELLS would start blasting from the info in the e-mails of MrsPalin’s term as AK Governor, but it seems that the BOMBSHELLS landed on the MSM as they discovered that she was a serious and dedicated public servant. MrO also expected his Dem peers to push TheBigWeinie under the bus while he was at CampDavid, but that action was conter-insurgented by TheBigWeinie’s sharp move to the right and totally failed.
    Nothing to do now, so he might as well go back to the BigWhite and practice his swing while his Security lays magnetic strips near each hole so that his lead-laced golf balls won’t go astray. After all, MrBoehner has already set the bet at a Trillion dollars a hole and careful planning always ensures a good outcome.

    • You are so right about Sarah’s emails srdem. Can’t believe she was totally silent about the death threats against her during the 2008 campaign, and it takes the British press to bring them to light.

      Weiner is going to be a real albatross around the neck of the Democrat party. He’s not going quietly into the night, so Obama will be forced to say something publicly or watch his party disintegrate.

      • Susan,

        If Palin had publicly commented on the threats against her or her family she would have been lambasted as not being able to handle the stresses of being #2.

        However, when Obama was running for President he was assigned Secret Service protection as early as May 2007. The disparity in treatment between the two was and is huge. Say/write something disparaging about Obama and be accused of racism, being a hate monger etc. Say/write something disparaging about Palin and you are thoughtful, insightful and wise.

        I am old enough to remember (vaguely) LBJ, and how divisive he was to the country, and Nixon’s paranoid megalomania. To think, with one man, Obama, we get two for the price of one.

  2. So much for all that inner reflection most were hoping he would partake of. Doesn’t appear he’s out of bed before 8:30 AM on a normal day, so he must want to get out of there pronto. That it costs us more to transport the family separately is apparently of no concern to him either.

    • …makes one wonder about “marital bliss” with Michelle?

      Then again who would want to be stuck in a camp, in the woods with the wife/’queen antionette’…and the mother-in-law…

    • the man’s never worked a real job from day one , so many issues facing our country & he avoids the oval office like the plague. He flies around making speeches full of deception , falsely taking credit for anything he can find.
      And I smell a vacation coming soon.
      where now? martha’s vineyard again? why not the south of France?

  3. This guy doesn’t care about his party, or about this country .. if there is a crooked way to get something done, that is the way he will choose.. He has made it all to clear that he doesn’t care about the American people. Why do people continue to take him seriously?

    Why do people continue to wring their hands and fret about his buffoonery?

    He doesn’t care.

  4. Has anyone in the WH “press” corps ever openly ask the WH why they never mention Obama’s golfing on the schedule? I thought the job of the “press” was to “look into” & “report” stuff…

    Just curious.

    • Nobody had asked because the golfing stories are rumors not based on fact. Keith Koffler admitted that he is assuming – golf is the reason for the trip as he cannot, in his infinite wisdom, think of any other reason.

      Yet here we all are lapping it up. Story based on assumption and no fact behind it. We are in trouble carrying on the way we are. I do sincerely pray for us all.

  5. Wouldn’t it be nice if he attended church for a change? With all the problems we have, he might be well served by attending a service instead of chasing a little white ball. This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like a winner….

  6. Who would want to look at a Clown, and his staff of Clowns while they are eating ? Obama is going to discover ; there is NO GOLF and NO BEER in HELL!!! Obama is tormenting the U.S.A. and Israel, and the world.. He will reap what he has sowed, for all eternity!! The LORD, JESUS CHRIST is soon to return, to rule and see that JUSTICE is done!! Come quickly LORD JESUS; and avrnge your CHILDREN !! BOB…