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The Obama Morning News || June 10, 2011

President Obama’s message to Germany’s Angela Merkel this week was this: Europe needs a leader, and you’re it.

Defense Secretary Gates blasted NATO, saying the Libyan war calls into question NATO’s fighting ability and future. The White House sought to counter criticism that its Afghan aid effort is failing to achieve much.

The Washington Post appears to have backed off an invitation to readers to help it dig through Sarah Palin’s emails for dirt, now saying they simply want readers to comment.

Newt Gingrich will continue campaigning despite the exodus of his top officials. Mitt Romney will skip the Aug. 13 Iowa straw poll, which probably could only have contained bad surprises for a front runner.

Vice President Biden and his deficit reduction negotiators hope to have a framework for a deal by the end of the month. A lack of buyers may for force Treasury to raise interest rates.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who sustained a bullet wound to the head, has trouble communicating and may not be able to run for reelection.

And Clinton is said to be considering moving to the World Bank, but she emphatically denies it.

15 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 10, 2011”

    1. Agree William. He should pay attention to what is happening in his own backyard before he takes it on himself to start appointing leaders in Europe.
      Matthew 7:3, “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

  1. Really sad to see what Newt is doing to himself. He is letting his pride get in the way of reality.

    Romney wants to keep the illusion of being the front runner alive. He is pulling out of the straw polls because he can’t be assured of a win. Earlier this week Rush declared, “Bye bye nomination” after Romney expressed his belief in man-made global warming. I agree with Rush.

  2. Hillary Clinton at the World Bank. Heavens. Another Clinton in high office; their meglamania knows no bounds. How about her and Bill retiring to Long Island? Where we can’t see or hear them.


    Everyone jumped ship with Newt. I wonder if he will stay in? Don’t count him out. He’s as big as a ship (and floats too). He’s got some good ideas, but overall his negatives will sink him. However, when your staff resign en masse … somethings wrong.


    Rep. Giffords – our prayers are there for your continued health and vigor.


    Angela Merkel as EU President? Hmm. She’s has something Obama lacks: leadership. She grew up in East Germany. She know’s hardship. She’s a tough broad – and she has a wicked sense of humor. Can we trade Germany, him for her? I’m just sayin…

  3. There was a letter about Giffords and how any thoughts of her return to what she was might be optimistic, then a story to the same effect, in the AZ Republic. They don’t show her–I think she must look…different. I think they need to face reality–someone needs to represent her district, or at least I would think someone would want someone to. After Weiner, who knows–maybe no representation is better. The idea that she could run for Kyl’s seat is, I think, unrealistic.

  4. As for having people–crowds, clouds–whichever, they are unpaid–go thru the Palin papers–why don’t we just give up on journalism altogether? Heave the raw data onto the net–ask what do you think? As a writer who is offered a hundredth of what used to be offered for professional work, I don’t welcome this stupid cloud stuff.

    1. …. as in “arklight.”

      Israel will, again, have to bomb the Arab Nazi’s back into the stoneage (Iran’s turn is next) to keep them in line. These 5th century throwbacks (which Obama cherishes) are only kept in line only when an Israeli fighter jet is delivering ordance on a target deep in these countries.

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