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The Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Weiner

Updated Saturday 5:12 pm

The most sordid sight of the week was not to be found in Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter account. It was located rather on Capitol Hill, in the form of the hideous view we were treated to of Weiner’s fellow Congressional Democrats sheepishly and ignominiously creeping away from him and trying to ease him out of his office.

Because these are many of the same Democrats, you will remember, who ran to Bill Clinton’s side after he engaged in far more insane and disgusting sexual behavior.

Let’s compare. Sorry for the graphic nature of this:

Wiener: Sent inappropriate photos of himself to women he had never met. Ancillary effects include John Stewart having to put other jokes on the backburner while he deals with Weinergate.

Clinton: Engaged in an extramarital affair with an intern half his age, including performing acts such as receiving a blow job from beneath the historic Resolute Desk in the historic Oval Office while talking to a U.S. Congressman. And then he lied to a grand jury about it.

Ancillary effects included the exposure of the president to potential blackmail, the removal of the White House’s focus from important matters – including the hunt for Osama Bin Laden – huge legal fees for Clinton’s aides and Secret Service protectors, and embroiling the country in a yearlong national nightmare.

Gosh, who’s the bigger jerk, please?

Let me be clear. Weiner is clearly a jackass and a psychopath desperately in need of a kick from his wife in the area that was the subject matter of a couple of his tweets, and then marathon sessions of psychotherapy. The former, BTW, is more likely to cure him than the latter.

But how about the hypocrisy among Democrats who treated Clinton prosecutor Ken Starr as as if he were of counsel to Satan and accused Republicans of taking a Cuisinart to the Constitution in their pursuit of impeachment?

Democrats needed Clinton, and they don’t need Weiner. It’s that simple. Clinton was the greatest politician of his generation, a man who could get things done on Capitol Hill. And losing him would have tarnished Democrats and put them in a hole from which it could have taken years to emerge.

This is reflected in what House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said at the time of Clinton:

“He’s still doing more for the country and more for our agenda than anyone else.”

“He absolutely, positively never should resign and give the radical right that victory.”

What has she done for Wiener? She immediately referred his case to the Ethics Committee to investigate whether he should be dumped for a technicality – using government equipment to send his tweets – because she knew that not doing so would give Republicans a voluble talking point.

And – I have to assume she green lighted this – she allowed junior Democratic leadership member Rep. Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania, who heads up candidate recruitment, to call for Weiner to resign.

Several other Democrats have demanded he leave, while the rest are slinking away from him and silently holding their noses.

The White House, to its credit, has stayed out of the mess, although it has its own political reasons for doing so.

Republicans too have their own hypocrisy going. Surprisingly few of them have called for Weiner to leave. I can only think that they must welcome the prospect of Weinergate playing out through Election Day if possible.

But the spectacle of some of the same Democrats who in lock step saved Clinton’s political skin back then now harrumphing in unison while their colleague self-immolates is really a sorrier sight than the photos of the various parts of Anthony Weiner on Twitter.

H/T to a very old acquaintance for the idea on this one.

UPDATE: Pelosi and Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida have now called on Weiner to resign.

50 Responses to The Democrats’ Hypocrisy on Weiner

  1. It seems common to focus on the salacious details in situations like this. I believe this practice leads to fuzzy thinking. I like to bottom line situations like this which helps to make a good decision. You can argue about who is the bigger sleaze-bag but I think this is tangential. Does it matter whose behavior was worse? Bottom line: both Clinton and Weiner behaved like adolescent boys and then lied about their actions. Their choices showed that they lack the ability/maturity to make good decisions and their lying shows that they’re not trustworthy. Clearly, no matter what the specifics of the actions; I wouldn’t want an immature liar to represent me. I think perhaps Clinton’s actions were more serious – not b/c of the ‘deed’ but b/c of his postion as POTUS. He made himself and the office vulnerable. Not so good for national security.

    • Actually, I think the big problem is not the adolescent behavior, but the abuse of power. When we elect these folks, we give them a massive amount of power to wield on our behalf. Like 16 year olds with booze, many of our elected officials “just can’t handle it”. When they show they are incapable of the trust we’ve placed in them, they need to GO. Face it: most people run for office not to do their civic duty, but to satisfy their egos or forge connections to profit from later in life. We are well within our rights to hold them to account.

  2. And let’s not forget, Clinton and Weiner are two of the most accomplished and nimble liars in a city of high draft-pick frauds and charlatans. After all, we are America, and we have the top drawer of everything.

    That’s what is so astonishing to me. Everyone is now a Cable-TV sex expert on Clinton/Weiner promiscuity. Isn’t the real story with both of these creeps the Academy Award winning lying, after the event? Monica Lewinsky count your lucky stars you saved that dress or you’d probably still be in a psychiatric hospital for sexually stalking a president. If you remember, that was what was coming down the pipeline for you from that other White House snake, Sydney Blumenthal.

    The ease, craft and conviction of the bold face, directly into the camera lying by both of them is the story.

    And Clinton married him? And she works for Hillary?

    You can’t make this up.

    • Boy it’s a good thing no one was paying attention to all those Republicans attending that recent fundraiser for Senator Vitter from Louisana! He only frequented prostitutes and lied about it, so naturally that wasn’t immoral enough for anyone to call for his resignation. And we all know that no Republican has ever been caught in a sex scandal so we’re in our collective fantasy that Democrats are the only sex crazed hypocrits in Washington.

  3. This is what will happen in 2012:
    The party of sexual degenerates; married men seducing young, naive single women, sending photos of their genitalia to strangers and having illicit affairs while their wives are battling cancer. Are these the kind of people you want to represent you and lead our country?

    If the polls are correct and the people that Weiner represents don’t think he should resign, then there’s no point in asking NewYorkers their opinions on anything that concerns the rest of Americans . They must be as corrupt undignified and without morals as the politicians they elect.

    • Weiner is Congressman for New York District 9. My guess is the district has been gerrymandered so that only the dumbest and depraved constituents determine the outcome of every election. What can you say about a constituency that doesn’t consider corruption and depravity a disqualifying characteristic for their elected officials?

      • That’s pretty close to it Susan. Its actually odd snippets of Queens and Brooklyn, from Forrest Hills to Sheepshead Bay. Mostly Jewish/Italian and most definitely New York Dem’s who hated George Bush and the Republican’s. Still do. They’d vote for Weiner again in a heart beat.

        • I heard NY is losing two districts and guess who will be first to go if he hasn’t left? It will take time…

          Maybe I am in the minority here–but I had money and hope in the Clinton yrs, now I don’t. So…

    • Actually I do believe New Yorker’s attitude regarding this is typical of both coasts. Neither of which represent the vast majority of Americans. Thank God.

  4. Weinergate flicked on the light and all the little socialist roaches are scattering. Where’s that blabber-mouth Debbie Wasserman Schultz nowadays? Haven’t heard from her since she accused all Republicans of wanting to bring back the Jim Crow laws enacted by Southern Democrats.

    My guess is Clinton has counseled his protege Weiner to got about his business, act like nothing happened, and this will all go away. Worked for him eventually. That was then and this is now. We are watching all you corrupt thieves in DC and we’re not letting this go away. Time to really drain the swamp.

  5. Come on Keith…you know that hypocrisy is the middle name of the democrat party it’s just that we are used to comparisons to the republican party. This time it’s dem against dem…I don’t know how people can’t help but laugh when Bill Clinton has become moralizer and chief telling Weiner he’s disappointed in his behavior. Really you can’t make this stuff up.

  6. After the perjury, the most severe issue with Clinton is that he chose an intern. Without going into too much detail, I know individuals in the government intern program. Whether or not we agree that the government should have so many workers, they are making a legal effort to gain employment. The individuals they work for give them an evaluation that is weighted more than any other single factor. A rater seeking sexual favors from an intern, regardless of whether or not it was consensual, would be raked over the coals and would most likely face some sort of legal punishment. All that is to say nothing of what would happen to a private sector supervisor who did the same thing.

    I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with this, so let me just finish with: at least Tony W. wasn’t going after the help.

    • So true. And your point is clear.
      Allow me this;
      I’m not an apologist for MrClinton’s transgressions but as adults we can admit that a beautiful, sexy woman can turn some men into mindless fumes of testosterone. Whatever happened in the OvalOffice or who started it, the real crime was when the BlueDress wasn’t sent to the cleaners, but preserved for later, um, something….blackmail maybe?

      • Without that blue dress, Monica had a one-way ticket to St. Elizabeths Mental Institution Laughing Academy, for girls who make up stories that they were having sex with the President of The United States of America.

        Smart chick, and recipient of the 1998 Dry Cleaner’s Gold Medal.

        • Having spent 16 yrs on the Hill, I assure you just as there is a lot of money sloshing, there is sex available from women over 21. Fact of life.

          • My point was about the blue dress and the lying sack of sh*t that Bill Clinton, Sydney Blumenthal, and the rest of them are, not about “sex on Capitol Hill”.

            Right before the dress made it’s appearance, the official story from Blumenthal’s pen about Monica, if you remember, was going to be about a “star crazed young girl who had sexual fantasies about President Clinton.”


            The DNA on the dress and nothing else, forced his apology to Hillary and the country, otherwise, the last thing we would have seen would have been his bony index finger wagging in our faces denying he knew anything about
            ” That woman, Ms. Lewinsky”..

            A first class grade a creep if ever there was one.

  7. Keith, absolutely *superb.*

    In the military, if an officer has sex with a non-commissioned officer, that officer is unceremoniously BOOTED OUT of the service. President Clinton not only had a sex with an employee of his, but a 21-year old intern … lied to his wife, his staff, Congress and the nation. Unfortunately, cocktail-swilling Republicans were not brave enough to toss his ass out after he was impeached.

    CHARACTER counts (or should).

    Weinergate is endemic of the disease the Democrats suffer from.

      • According to Mrs. Pelosi, sexual predation is ok. Weiner did nothing wrong. It was consensual (as far as we know). Sending photos of your penis all over the internet to anyone who will look is fine. As long as it was between adults.

        In fact, everyone should do it.

        Do WHATEVER feels good to you. Let it all hang out.

        Hell, lets just have a BIG ORGY on capitol hill, sponsored by Trojan Condoms and I.D. Lube (thats a gay lube by the way) and film the entire thing and put it on House-a-Palooza. Weiner-Palooza. Free love! Lets swap spouses!

        Have Bill Clinton come in and MC the thing; have Hillary do a strip tease on the Senate floor. Have Nancy Pelosi dress in leather and tie up Senator Vitter in the House Chamber. John Ensign can provide us a water sports show; President Obama can dance hip-hop with Michelle. Drugs for everyone! An open cash bar! Porn stars! Ron Jeremy in-da-houuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuze!

        WHERE does this end?

        WHEN do we step back and say, “wheres our standards?”

        • If Rep Weiner had gone outside his home or work and dropped his pants, deliberately exposing himself before an unsuspecting woman, he would be arrested and jailed.

          Why isn’t “sexting” a criminal offense when a man drops his pants, exposing himself to an unwilling viewer for his own sexual thrill?

          The first woman wasn’t a willing viewer – – First she confirmed that the pictures were actually from Rep Weiner – then she collected the evidence and turned him into the news media.

          I would say this action wasn’t cheating. Instead it was a serious act of sexual perversion. – – Cheating would mean he would expose himself to a willing recipient who would return the action by her sending him a similar picture of herself.

    • It’s about comparing and evaluating the talent and practiced skill that both Clinton and Weiner have, for standing in front of a bank of cameras and reporters, day after day, and lying through their teeth.

      Bet you couldn’t do it as well.

      • I am no world-class liar–granted. But why compare–Clinton is not the issue now. Maybe I missing something. Obama is also a notable liar–but this for once is not about him, either.

        • And Clinton didn’t set the precedent for “World Class Liar”?

          And Clinton’s NOT the successful model for every Dem pol today?

          And Weiner doesn’t pattern himself after him?

          Ok. Ya’ got me.

          I guess after the two of them have exhibited their practiced ability to deceive everyone they can in order to preserve their political lives, they deserve a bust in the Rotunda.

          As far as Obama goes, once the media love fest is over maybe there will be time to go through his dumpster the same way they just went through Palin’s.

          • 1. have sex with someone OTHER than your wife;
            2. lie about it;
            3. obfuscate;
            4. come clean, apologize;
            5. ask for (fake religious) forgiveness;
            6. get re-elected.
            7. party.

          • I guess after the two of them have exhibited their practiced ability to deceive everyone they can in order to preserve their political lives, they deserve a bust in the Rotunda.

            I am sure you are not saying that I am saying this. I am just saying this scandal is not about Clinton. Why drag him into it? I didn’t get that and still don’t. There are many other liars in DC–Obama included–besides those two. Oh, well…it seems gratuitous to drag Clinton into it–and if I had to choose, I would go back to the economy under him in a second no matter how many of-age women he had.

          • Clinton is a prig. A sexual predator. A scumbag. Or as my grandfather used to say, “filth.” Clinton, is, and shall always be, a despicable man, along with his power-hungry wife.

            Problem is, we can’t trade them to Cuba, China or North Korea, although the Clintons are Marxists, they won’t go on their own accord. So … we must keep them here.

            His wife is gay — although she won’t come out of the closet — because she fears backlash, since this “couple” is only a couple in name only. The fascist gay left covers for her while they assault the traditional family.

          • Are you referring to that phony bubble Clinton Economy that blew up in George Bush’s face in 2000?
            The same Clinton that put judicial teeth into the then “statute-in-name only” Community Reinvestment Act that killed the U.S. housing market by loaning people mortgage money, who had a better chance of getting a blow job under the Oval Office desk than ever paying it back?
            That same guy who repealed Glass-Steagall in 1999 to help Sandy Weill of CitiCorp and his other pals in the banking business?

            That Bill Clinton?

            Yeah, the good old days.

          • I had money, I could make money, my friends had jobs, they could make money, and I didn’t have to spend hrs a day trying to see if anyone was running the country. They were good old days for me.

  8. *** BREAKING ***

    Congressman Weiner used Congressional Gym as Background

    TMZ just released 11 new photos that Weiner took at the Congressional gym; most are just photos he took of himself in the mirror, but there are 3-4 of him grabbing himself, through a towel, and one, completely naked, with a towel strategically placed over his groin to conceal his organ, with the Congressman gripping “his sheeeet” (as rappers tend to say).

    Democratic Party family values: priceless.

  9. Well God bless, and good for you Star.
    Bill Clinton- The greatest American President ever to draw breath.
    (Are you sure “Star” isn’t brother Roger?)

    Anyway, heard he’s a multi-millonaire now… maybe he’s amenable to loans for his ever growing fan base.

  10. If Rep Weiner had gone outside his home or work and dropped his pants, deliberately exposing himself before an unwilling, unsuspecting woman, he would be arrested and jailed.

    Why isn’t “sexting” a criminal offense when a man drops his pants, exposing himself to an unwilling viewer for his own sexual thrill? What’s the difference?

    The first woman wasn’t a willing viewer – – First she confirmed that the pictures were actually from Rep Weiner – then she collected the evidence and turned him into the news media.

    I would say his performance wasn’t cheating. Instead it was a serious act of sexual perversion. – – Cheating would mean he would expose himself to a willing recipient who would return the action by her sending him a similar picture of herself.

  11. Possibly the best explanation if folks really want to know:

    Narcissistic leaders are nefarious and their effects pernicious. They are subtle, refined, socially-adept, manipulative, possessed of thespian skills, and convincing. Both types equally lack empathy and are ruthless and relentless or driven.
    Another crucial division within the ranks of patients with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is between the classic variety (those who meet five of the nine diagnostic criteria included in the DSM), and the compensatory kind (their narcissism compensates for deep-set feelings of inferiority and lack of self-worth).
    Obama displays the following behaviors, which are among the hallmarks of pathological narcissism:

  12. He should not resign, no human being is above mistake dont forget that is his personal life. what he did might be wrong but i dont think its against the law, i hate this steriotyping. how long must female gender continue to draw our politicians down for every liltle excuse, i call this witchhunt and the porn start should be prosecuted, because she dont have the moral standing to do what she did. Celina Gomez 18+ is busy f*cking justin bibier of 17yrs (under age) nobody is raising eye brown, if it were to be the other way round all these good for nothing hungry attorneys and their fans will come up with accusations. lets be fair to one another equally.

  13. I am a Republican…maybe that is incorrect. I am NOT a Democrat. That is better.

    Simple fact is abuse of power is unacceptable. Perverse actions should never be done while representing our Country. These are top level positions. Rep. Weiner, President Clinton, Gov. Spitzer, Gov. Sanford……..Etc……

    These all represent our country. As such, we have to push for them to be held accountable for illegal and immoral acts. Heck, why can’t we make them pay their darn taxes???