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Et Tu, Pennsylvania?

President Obama’s jobs approval rating in Pennsylvania is a horrifying 41 percent, seven points below the national average in a state he surely expects to win.

From the new Susquehannah Polling and Research survey:

President Obama’s job approval rating in Pennsylvania is a negative 48% to 41% (disapprove to approve), which reflects an even further decline in the percentage of those who approve of his job performance when compared with his 45% job approval score from our March Statewide Omnibus Poll. This drop in the President’s job performance score virtually erases any positive “bump” he may have enjoyed since the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which according to national surveys has been an average of approximately five points.

Unfortunately, the economy seems headed nowhere for now, and it’s not possible to kill Bin Laden AGAIN, so this poll doesn’t look to improve anytime soon.

When asked if they think President Obama deserves reelection, 43% say he has done his job well enough to deserve reelection, while 50% say it is time to give a new person a chance.

So half of Pennsylvanians have had it and are looking for someone else.

Obama won the Keystone State 55-44 percent in 2008, and Pennsylvania hasn’t gone Republican since it took a look at Michael Dukakis and puked like everyone else back in 1988.

If Obama loses Pennsylvania in 2012, he can kiss all those Hawaii golf courses HELLO.

H/T to Ace of Spades HQ, where I found this.

13 Responses to Et Tu, Pennsylvania?

  1. People are waking up to what he’s doing. It is happening all over America. Even in bowels of California there are a growing number of Conservatives. That’s what happens when unemployment strikes American’s who have work ethics. They start paying attention to what is causing it.

  2. We wanted the wars-without-end to end, to clean up the partisan mess in DC, and an end to the escalating intrusions into our lives, but we got just the opposite with the Obama administration. We now have special interests not shy about bragging of their infuence in the WH, more wars against straw men, and a massive, costly takeover of our personal health care.

    We’re ready to keep changing the names and faces we send to Washington until we get what we want.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, SrDem. Why is it that politicians promise the things we want to have, but then the second the get to DC they ignore the people who put them there. Do they just say one thing to get elected, then a “screw you” to the American public? Are there ANY people out there with ethics and morals who can follow through with their campaign promises and do the people’s will? America is dying, and no one in DC seems to give a damn, but the O admin seems to want to speed up the process w/o any regard for the consequences. Pathetic!

      • Unfortunately I think the answer to your question is “no”, there are none that can follow through with their campaign promises.

        1) To be in politics, you have to be a narcissist.
        2) To get on the ballot, you have to be a crooked bastard who already sold out to special interests.
        3) To get elected, you have to lie through your teeth convincingly, so you need to be really good at it.

        So by the time anyone makes it to office, their soul is long gone.

        • BEAMER you are so right ! you take all the lies & deception out our system of gov’t and it all comes crashing down.. oh what a massive perversion of a nation which started out so noble & sincere has now become a poster child to the world for hypocrisy & arrogance…
          spoon fed by a twisted media ,we’ve become a culture more interested in the exploits of celebrities than the behavior of our gov’t.. woe to us !

    • Very well put, SRDEM. Right on target. We wanted all this sh*t to end, instead we got more of the same. And now I think were entering our fourth war? Heavens.

  3. There was an article on The Daily Caller arguing that Obama will lose in ’12 because he just won’t have the electoral votes after the author assumed he’ll lose 5 states he squeaked by with in ’08. Now you’re positing that it’s looking grim for the Big Guy in PA. I’m no Obama fan, but I can’t help but think how this reminds me of the run-up to the ’04 election when many people assumed Bush was such a loser he couldn’t possibly win re-election. And then he did.

    I think it’s too soon to read tea leaves about ’12. Mostly because it’s too far off, but also because the republican field looks about as weak as the democrat field in ’04, and because I’m cynical enough to think that there are forces out there to ensure victory for Obama on election day. Especially in states like PA.

    • Disagree with you about the weak field. There are a few great conservatives running or contemplating a run. Voter fraud will be a problem, but lots of Tea Party folks will be on the lookout for it. I’m going to make a prediction. Whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the next President.

      Kerry never had a chance. He was exposed by the Swift Boat vets and you wouldn’t find one Republican, establishment or conservative, who would have voted for him anyway. Can you imagine John Edwards as the VP? Yikes.

  4. I also think it’s too early to call 2012. In 2008 the Dems succeeded in McCaining the GOP nomination, and I think they could do that again, with a different last name. While it would certainly be convenient for the lazy msm to have a single focus, I am happy the GOP hasn’t gone there. Things are settling out in an interesting way, i.e. Newt’s staff.

  5. I like the last line. How poetic, how relevant. 47 million Americans on foodstamps. They tout the unemployment rate steady at 9%. That’s the percentage recieving unemployment “checks”. How do you count the Americans whose unemployment benefits have expired for the year? Have you heard because of the Obamacare mandate and union bosses deathgrips Michigan will lose 1800 Mazda jobs to Hofu, Japan. Their tax rate is lower, thirdly.