As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day

“What an idiot. I mean, the guy lands himself in a sex scandal, and he doesn’t even get any action!”

– Bill Clinton

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

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  1. About something else than this Weiner person.
    Keith, it seems to me that you are not impressed with Angela Merkel. Well, she might look somewhat lackluster but she is everything that Obama isn´t. She has a well documented background, a fine education and she is the head of the economic superpower in Europe. She was born in communist East Germany so she certainly saw the negative in that system. She landed politically in CDU ( centre right ). She studied physics and is a Doctor in chemistry. She has a long prominent political career. Her political style is unglamorous, low key and not full of empty promises. I would say that it is a northern European style. I think that this short woman is quite formidable. Female politicians often are.

    • Swedish Lady, I understand how you could think so since I’ve been using her for some humor, but truly I am impressed with her. I’m not sure why she was given our nation’s highest civilian honor and I think she should have helped us on Libya, but what I know about her makes me think quite highly of her. She seems to have a no-nonsense style that I also like and wasn’t afraid to start seriously making spending cuts when it was needed in Germany – that’s my understanding anyway – compared to our path of massive stimulus. Frankly I’d like to get to know more about her. I’m really just having some fun with her to make other points.

      • I am with Swedish Lady on this–Merkel seems businesslike, to put her country first, isn’t this OK? On the Medal of Freedom–I guess these are the president’s to give out at will–I didn’t get it either.

  2. I was on and read this article about our “super sexualized culture” (prompted by Weinergate) by one of their bloggers. This article is *excellent* and should be read by everyone here. Having worked in porn (behind the camera, not in front), I can attest (especially since I’m gay) how our culture has become so obsessed with sex and porn that its turning our culture into smut (never thought I would use that term) and how we, as a people (especially liberals) are becoming debased, pathetic, perverted:

    • Interesting article Tom. What struck me while reading it was Hoover’s threat to expose the skeletons in the closet of those investigating Kennedy. I believe that is why many on capitol hill are zipping their lips about Weinergate. One thing the man does have is a lot of power in the Democrat party. Bill Clinton officiated at his wedding! My guess is he could take down many others on his way out the door, and that has to have a chilling effect on the progressives from both sides of the aisle.

      One other thing that peaked my interest is the Chris Christie infatuation some conservatives indulge in. No way the guy is a conservative. He may be a good money manager, but anyone who believes in man-made global warming, is an Islamic sympathizer, and won’t take a stand on Obamacare is not a conservative.

      • I read something that the *entire* Kennedy clan was blackmailed by Hoover, especially the President who had sex with a Russian female spy … or Chappquidick Teddy’s romp with prostititues in Central America … the filth of the Kennedy’s is enough to fill volumes. At least President Kennedy provided an outward fascade of professionalism unlike Teddy, who was a disaster as a human being…..