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Obamas Head to Sasha’s School

From the pool report this morning:

POTUS and FLOTUS at Sidwell Lower School

First couple exited WH at 8:41 am, Michelle Obama wearing multi-colored striped summery dress. Motorcade left WH at 8:42 a.m.

Arrived Sidwell Lower School 9:01 for younger daughter Sasha’s lower school event. Per Sidwell calendar, today is lower school and middle school’s last day of school, and there is a 4th grade closing ceremony that was to start at 9:00.

Pool holding in motorcade.

Linda Feldmann
Christian Science Monitor


9 Responses to Obamas Head to Sasha’s School

  1. Well you know school will pull out all the stops with such royalty in the midst..
    another day in the life of luxury.. wonder if shelli is crass enough to arrive with
    her $1000 hang bag in tow…

    • When Clinton was first elected, I read that Sidwell asked Chelsea for a home number and she said, “Call my Dad, my Mom is busy.”

  2. I too think it is important for parents to visit their children’s school but it this case it is a matter of Obama not wanting to be in the Oval Office working on the problems plaguing America. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink….you can elect a guy president but you can’t make him sit down at his desk in the Oval Office and work.

    • Thank you, old timer. You’ve put your finger on the problem. Today we’re pleased that the Obamas’ excuse is a 4th grade “closing ceremony” (whatever the ef that is). I used to go to school, get my report card, and go home. I’m not sure why the end the school year has become a circus with kindergarten “graduations” and closing ceremonies. We had one evening when the parents patiently sat through our awful chorus, band, and orchestra performances. That was it until 12th grade.