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Obama’s Bin Laden Bounce: The Thrill is Gone

Several polls released this week show President Obama’s approval rating right about back where he was before U.S. forces knocked off Bin Laden, hovering in the mid to upper 40s after breaching the 50 percent level in many polls through the month of May.

The recent spate of a bad news about the economy has clearly erased Bin Laden from the minds of voters just as surely as sea creatures have by now completed erasing his corpse from the sea.

The Gallup daily tracking poll today put Obama at 46 percent, down from a 53 percent level last week that was his highest rating in more than a year.

A graph by RealClearPolitics tells the story strikingly, showing that an average of all polls now has Obama’s favorables just two points above his unfavorable rating.

9 thoughts on “Obama’s Bin Laden Bounce: The Thrill is Gone”

    1. Closing after 70 years in business. That is so sad. It is happening everywhere. I live in Texas which hasn’t been hit as hard by the downturn, but we are still seeing many well-established downtown restaurants and shops closing their doors. When the workers leave, the owner’s business disappears with them.

      1. There’s a little pub named Longstreet’s here that I really like. They have a couple of pictures on the wall from when then-candidate Obama stopped in. Hope his visit doesn’t wind up “saving” Longstreet’s in the same way it “saved” Chet’s.

    2. but he still has that same old bounce in his step.. reminds me little of Huggie Bear from the old TV series Starsky & Hutch… his character had an inflated ego as well… difference is Huggie Bear was always aware of the reality around him….

    1. MT for re-redistribution

      I read the articles and some of the comments. Many of the comments were astute and significant, such as asking why the MSM didn’t desperately ask for help to read through the Health Care bill. Many of the other comments were ridiculous, and indicate the short-sighted, hate-blinded moronic mindset of those who fell victim to biased reporting, and bad parenting.

    2. What a sad commentary on our MSM that they would look for dirt on a private citizen to keep them from, well I don’t know what they’re afraid she’ll do or say. Their continuous pile-on attacks on MrsPalin (and her family) are just wrong and thuggish.

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