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White House Refuses to Comment on Weiner

The White House today flatly declined to say anything about the scandal engulfing Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), apparently calculating that there could be only downside to allowing President Obama to wade into one of the most obscene and bizarre narratives to hit Washington in many years.

“We have no comment on that story,” said White House Press Secretary Jay Carney.

Obama is in a difficult position on the matter, since Weiner’s wife of a year, Huma Abedin, technically works for the president in her role as an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Making comments critical of Weiner could cause complications for Clinton, who relies extensively on Abedin as a longtime member of her inner circle.

But offering any positive support would run Obama afoul of Congressional colleagues who have been decidedly cool toward Weiner following his admission that he lied by denying he has engaged in sexually explicit online relations with women outside his marriage.

Nevertheless, the temptation to join in the criticism might be there.

Known as a “fiery liberal,” Weiner has recently expressed in direct terms the frustration many on the left have with Obama. In an interview with reporters in March, Weiner suggested Obama lacks liberal passion, according to a report by the Huffington Post.

The president fundamentally — he’s not a values guy. He wants to try to get the best deal for the American people and that’s virtuous in its own right, but it becomes very difficult to make a strategy. There’s been much greater global strategy thinking on (progressive media) outlets, frankly, than at 1600 Pennsylvania.

It is now pretty clear to me — I’m not saying this is pejorative — the president, he doesn’t animate his day by saying, “All right, what is the thing that has me fired up today? I’m going to out and try to move the ball on it.” He kind of sees his job as to take this calamitous noise that’s going on on the left with people like us and on the right on Fox News . . .

Weiner has also recently waffled on Obamacare, suggesting that New York City might be due a waiver from the law.

32 Responses to White House Refuses to Comment on Weiner

  1. OF COURSE Mr. Carney would not comment.

    It’s about *family values*, a subject that is anathema to the atheistic, pornographic, self-absorbed minds of today’s drugged-out, over-sexed Liberals. Why would the President want to piss off his base? Weiner, like Bill Clinton’s, sexual escapades and the attendant lying and projection are part and parcel of the Democratic Party and speak for its base, and its “porn values.”

    Use the word “Jesus” in a prayer at a school football game …… ACLU lawsuit.

    An elected Congressman sending a photos of his engorged penis to a woman he doesn’t even know …. Acceptable.

  2. I find this whole thing distasteful and Weiner’s depraved behaviour disgusting.
    Heaping ridicule on him or making jokes about his name only disguises the crime that he has been accused of committing.
    What seems to be forgotten is that is illegal to present your naked genitals in a public venue to someone else in a salacious manner (i.e., Flashing).

    There have been several well-known cases of teenagers being arrested for “sexting” and that is what Weiner did and he, too should be arrested.

    • Good point SRDEM.

      NYT and New York Post (as well as several law enforcement officers) have said this is really a crime. Since Weiner is a celeb, he gets a pass.

      I think he’s done. Tim Kaine (D-VA), the former Dem Party Chairman came out today and said Weiner must go. The only thing I am LOVING about this: is watching Comrade Pelosi *squirm.* Reid has already turned the Congressman down.

      Weiner should be out by FRI or MON.

    • If I remember correctly, those cases were because the recipient was underage and because it was considered transmission of child pornography. Since Tony W’s pictures were of someone who is legally an adult and sent to individuals who are legally adults, law enforcement cannot act unless the recipients file charges such as harassment.

      • I get what you are saying, but Weiner said “to the best of his knowledge” they were adults he was sexting. He didn’t know who he was dealing with and obviously didn’t care.
        If it was MY daughter that was on the receiving end of this disgusting sexually charged discourse from a married, middle-aged NY politician, I would be outraged and demand some satisfaction from the authorities.

  3. There should be only one position for the President of the United States to take on this. Rep Anthony Weiner has disgraced the office he was elected to and he must resign. Caring about another person’s feelings in a case like this doesn’t apply. The man is mentally ill. No normal person sends unsolicited naked pictures of themselves to young women. Not acceptable behavior, period.

    Andrew Brietbart said the man has put this country’s security in jeopardy with his behavior and he is correct. Any one of the young ladies he sent those filthy photographs to could use them or sell them for extortion.

      • Good point.

        Obama is mute, mum, zipped, quiet as a church mouse. Obama will not move until the dam breaks (see Mubarak, et. al.) and when it does, he will act as though it was he, and he alone, that made the decision that Rep. Weiner must go.

        Look for Jay Carney to walk the story, and fluff it up a bit.

        I swear I’m watching the a scene from Maury Povich.

        “We’ve got the results back Mr. Weiner! And they say its your penis!”

  4. Poor Uma Weiner. It’s almost enough to hide behind a burka with the shameful behavior of her new husband. Or better yet maybe Weiner should hide his very perverted tweets under a burka and spare all of us this spectacle.

  5. You’ll never get Mr. Obama to say anything bad about Mr. Weiner … until there is the breaking point when concensus-minded Democrats realize that protecting a sexual freak like Weiner has become a liability and will harm their own seats in Congress.

    I love how the MSM keeps saying, “but if Mr. Weiner resigns now, he can start campaigning for Mayor of New York or to get his seat back.” It’s an “out” for the prig, as opposed to what is honest, just and right.

  6. So when Obama had no problem once upon a time quickly chiming in that the police acted “stupidly,” before he had the complete facts in that matter, now he can’t seem to find his tongue, or more accurately, his teleprompter, to say anything about this weasel Weiner? What an empty suit. One is an empty suit, the other has his suit down around his ankles. 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

    • Reality Check, good point.

      I wonder how this is going to play in 2012. Will the Republicans use the images of Mr. Weiner for various “drain the swamp” ads in swing states? Weinergate has provided enough ammo no doubt.

  7. White House Press Secretary: we have no comment on the Congressman’s tallywacker…er I mean we have no comment on a weener…er on comment.