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The Obama Morning News || June 8, 2011

The expensive U.S. Afghan nation building effort has had only limited success and may not survive an American withdrawal, according to the findings of a two-year congressional investigation to be released Wednesday.

President Obama hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House, where the two played down their differences on Libya and the economy. During Merkel’s visit, Obama seemed to be trying to be a little more the schmoozer his two predecessors were, and less of the international loner he is.

The White House State Dinner for Merkel was elegant and restrained, reports the Washington Post, devoid of Hollywood types who might steal the show. The guest list, including fundraisers and political connections, looked like the sort you might compile if you were running for reelection. The Post has put up some photos of the event.

Obamacare faces the next round in its legal battle. A poll of employers found at least one in three will drop coverage when the law is up and running in 2014.

Calling Obama a “champion practitioner of class warfare,” Tim Pawlenty presented his plan to reform the tax code, government spending and federal regulations. Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin seem increasingly on a collision course, as Bachmann’s campaign chief dissed the former Alaska governor.

Many wondered if Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would last, but now he’s a central figure in Obama administration. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said growth is slow and uneven and the government needs to balance its books.

Obama got some flack from his left on the environment, as former Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt he is not defending it against attack from business and Republicans.

And in an odd twist, Rep. Anthony Weiner called Bill Clinton to explain himself.

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  1. Brilliant to have it outside in the sweltering heat and humidity. Michelle has been increasing the depth and length of her false eyelashes expotentially. Pretty soon she’ll be away to bat her eyelashes and fly away.

    Here’s her video preview of the dinner where I was mesmerized by them.

    The WaPo didn’t include my personal favorite photo of the day

      • “Like Mrs. Obama, his clothes are alive. … They’re classics but tweaked.”

        Uh…OK, she’s alive. Granted. I would say a bridesmaid or second wedding dress, but worse, I mean, tweaked. I loved it when Joan Rivers said, “This isn’t rocket science–if it were, anyone could do it.”

    • Oh, great: now we have Federally sanctioned “loan shark” collection tactics to search a home for a deadbeat.
      Just curious though, what were they looking for with a search warrant?

    • Wow…talk about overkill. They let illegal aliens roam the street causing murder and mayhem, yet they don’t even have the common sense to make sure the person they are taking down for that heinous crime of delinquent student loans is even on the premises.

      Another Houston police officer was recently killed by a chronic illegal alien criminal. Why can’t these keystone cops avert their attention to rounding these guys up rather than harassing law abiding American citizens?

      • Arizona tried that rounding up of illegals and shipping them back home and the Left/Unions/POTUS/ accused us of enforcing Hitler-like-Racist-UnAmerican laws.
        The DOJ is suing us. We’re being boycotted by sister cities.
        If you recall, MrMexicoPresident addressed our Congress and was grandly applauded by the Dems when he chastised us for picking on “his” people (in America, illegally) because his country depends on the dollars they send home.

        • Heard that the dollars sent home by illegals are second only to oil in Mexico GDP, so no wonder they are against SB1070. Unfortunately, it is not only the feds that are tying our hands. Our state elected officials and business organizations have created sanctuary cities (Houston, Austin) where these criminals are allowed to roam free. Even if they are deported, they return again and again because our borders are like sieves. The only time they are ever taken off the street is after they kill someone. Even then we are forced to support the human waste in our jail systems.

  2. Eating outside at a formal dinner with the table cloths covered in tacky sequins is not “elegant” by anyone’s standards. Sequins?

    MrO’s comment that he’s not worried about a “double-dip recession” is so typical of this administrations’ spinning comments on our current financial situation. As a millionaire and pampered elected official, he isn’t personally affected by inflation or unemployment and can’t possibly relate to the misery that most of Americans are experiencing.
    MrO’s pathetic campaign visits have now been reduced to the CommunityCollege level and another captive audience. His political advisors are equating the excitement of having a visit by the POTUS to the visitee’s support of BarrackObama’s re-election.

  3. Consider myself a strong supporter of our military, but believe Afghanistan is becoming a quagmire. Going into any conflict requires the determination to win. I’m not seeing that. Obama has changed the rules of engagement to such a degree that our troops are nothing more than sitting ducks for Islamic terrorists. Time to bring our soldiers home.

  4. The expensive U.S. Afghan nation building effort has had only limited success and may not survive an American withdrawal, according to the findings of a two-year congressional investigation to be released Wednesday.

    To me this is one for The Big Book of Duh–and so is Libya.

  5. My cousin’s kid asked me; “What is the best job in the world?”

    I told him; “US Congressman… Because you are allowed to Lie, Cheat & Steal as much as you want. And if you’re really good at lying & cheating, like Barack Hussein Obama, you could be ‘US President’ someday…” :-)

  6. “… called Bill Clinton to explain himself.” WTF?

    Once Mr. Weiner steps down he can join Mr. Clinton at his President Library and Massage Parlor. Mr. Weiner can take part in a dong-and-pony show ….