As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Quote of the Day

“To avoid the possibility of any future problems of this sort, I’m changing my last name to Vagina.”

– Rep. Anthony Weiner

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote.

13 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Keith,

    OMG! I nearly spewed coffee ALL over myself this morning when I read that!!!!!! Oh hell, that was funny. Well done, well done.

    Rep. Weiner has no one else to blame but himself … although … 30 seconds into this sillyness, the New York Democrat blamed Breitbart, FOX,, conservatives, tea partiers … and then a reference was made by an ABC affiliate reporter about George Bush. This is your mess Representative Weiner. You took the photos, you posted them online (not knowing the age of the recipient) and now you will have to take the heat.

  2. I normally do NOT like Ed Schultz, but I just listened to his short squib on why Rep. Weiner should resign this morning. In the video, Schultz makes several, salient points, notably that Rep. Weiner “lied repeatedly during a media tour that lasted a week” and other *superb* comments:

    I don’t like the opinions of Mr. Schultz, but he did an excellent job making the point that the New York Democrat needs to go.

  3. Between,him,Arnold,John Edwards and Bill this is getting out of control,with the absolute slap in the face to the voter.Add the idiots Pelosi and Reid, along with Barry lets hope they sink the Democrats once and for all. Im getting quit sick of the double standards and total disregard for the population.

  4. That may not win you a Pulitzer, but that was one helluva “Quote”!

    This is the type of stuff I was talking about before, conservatives need to use their sense of humor to point out the foolishness and foppishness of the progressives/liberals/socialists or what ever they are calling themselves this year.

    Conservatism has the high ground in the battle of ideas, and any one who has fought any kind of battle knows that is the place to be. We need pundits such as yourself to keep bombarding these people. Not just with facts and figures, but with humor to show the electorate that the emperor has no clothes or ideas.