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Obama Takes a Pass on Marking D-Day

President Obama this year failed once again to commemorate D-Day, a missed opportunity to honor U.S. soldiers past and present while burnishing his political standing as a war leader.

Obama did not issue even a written statement or proclamation on D-Day either this year or last. He delivered a speech in Normandy, France in 2009 on the 65th anniversary of D-Day, following a tradition of presidential speeches every five-year anniversary of the battle.

On the heels of killing Osama Bin Laden, Obama is passing up chances to cast himself as a tough military leader and mitigate the traditional Republican advantage on national security issues.

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted in March, only 17 percent see Obama as a “strong and decisive” commander of the armed forces. He was viewed by 36 percent as “indecisive and dithering.”

George W. Bush also mostly did not mark D-Day, a lamentable omission, especially during wartime. But Bush consistently spoke to Americans about the wars he fought, seizing the mantle of military leader and viewing the battles as the defining missions of his presidency.

Obama seems to view the wars he is conducting as a terrible inconvenience, sublimating them to his domestic agenda.

He rarely gives speeches on the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya or the war against terrorism. He commemorated Memorial Day at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, but then undermined the effort by heading out to golf soon after the ceremony.

A D-Day speech surrounded by World War II veterans and current soldiers would remind the country that we are at war, while building bridges between a president and a military undergoing strenuous deployments and a difficult transition toward allowing gays to serve openly in the military.

Instead, the president has left regular outreach to the military to Michelle, who along with Jill Biden is leading the “Joining Forces” campaign to support military families.

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  1. You would think after political/social/ethical/presidential/”just plain bad taste” gaffe upon gaffe this doofus piles up, he would have an advisor appointed to monitor what this arrogant boor is doing/not doing on a daily basis, and puts a word in one of his jug ears and tells him “Hey, Stupid, show some class/tact/respect.” But remarkably, it doesn’t occur.

    1. Obama needs someone walking behind him whispering in his jug-ears; “All this is fleeting…”
      (just like a Caesar)

    2. what can you expect from a distorted rogue who chews his nicorette gum in the presence of world leaders ? goes to show he’s surrounded with nothing but groupies who idolize his every fleeting moment…

  2. Unlike a lot of commenters, I don’t care that MrO golfs on the weekends. After all, we went shopping on that day to get those MemorialDay sales, or had a picnic with family or friends, went fishing and played golf.

    MrsO and DrBiden’s lovefest for military families isn’t doing a dang thing to improve their lives or ease their concern for their loved ones safety.
    The former Lefty meme that our soldiers were ‘baby killers’ and destroyers of innocent people’s homeland or just plain murderers is no longer in play.
    No one is buying this newfound love, especially those in the military.

    1. Maybe is she “told” military wives how to stretch a food dollar (without a chef). No? I used to write for a magazine called LADYCOM, later changed to MILITARY LIFESTYLES–helping families exist on no money is a theme, plus she loves to talk food.

  3. There aren’t too many WWII veterans left to tell the story so it is our responsibility to keep their memories alive. The man sitting in the WH right now doesn’t care about America or her history and traditions, we must accept that as a given. He can’t be shamed or prodded into caring so why bother.

    We have grown too dependent on our “leaders” and educators to teach America’s history and origin. They have become so corrupted by power that they no longer tell the truth. It is up to us to make sure the truth is told to the next generation. Physical copies of the Constitution, Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers, and historical accounts by original sources are our best weapon against these usurpers.

      1. … can someone post the prices from the restaurant? I would like to see what FLOTUS will be eating (devouring? inhaling? – one can only eat so many arugala leaves and sprouts) and what the prices are while the rest of us in flyover country have to go to the grocery store. I’m just sayin…

  4. No matter the issue it seems Obama takes one step forward and two steps back. It still amazes me that Team Obama ran probably the best presidential campaign in history but governs like they had no idea what office they were running for.

      1. Wait, are you discussing the current elected leader of the Free World? It seems that you are discussing a different Obama, or at least PRESIDENT Barak Obama in a different, opposite dimension. Because if you take a look at his REAL accomplishments, you would realize that he is getting this country back on track. Get back to me when you do that.

  5. Do you think the D-Day thing had anything to do with Merkel coming–you know, didn’t want to say we kicked German heinie or something? Am I giving too much credit?

  6. The Military and Military Families have suffered enough already. Adding the insufferable Michelle is adding insult to injury. Onesies for Everyone!
    Maybe in 2012 they will be allowed to vote?

  7. Two years ago I and my family travelled to Normandy, France, to visit some of the places from WWII. The American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville sur Mer is situated on a bluff overlooking Omaha Beach. It made a very strong impression. The many white crosses with the names of very young men, most with the same date of death. Even though it is a place were you mourn the white marble and the well kept gardens gives an impression of brightness. It is in stark contrast to the lesser known German Cemetery in La Cambe. This place is somewhat hidden and the crosses are in dark granite. You get a sense of sadness and loneliness. Both places are very fascinating. The wings of history.

  8. While he may not have made a statement on D-Day, lets see if he makes a statement on the Battle of Vienna. With all his pandering to Muslims, I would not be surprised.

  9. I’ve had the privilege of being in Normandy two times, last October being the most recent. I actually don’t have a problem at all with Obama not commemorating D-day. As a matter of fact, I’d rather he just carry on with his chin raised-high teleprompter BS someplace else, thank you. The cemetery at Coleville-sur-Mer, the landing fields behind Utah, Omaha Beach, the bayonet charge on the Carentan causeway, the bridge at Le Fiere, these are sacred places, and a beautiful yet solemn atmosphere to contemplate the greatest sacrifice of American youth ever made for the freedom of an enslaved continent.

    What part of this has Obama ever suggested to you that he gets? Since you’ve known of him? Ever?

    Keep it that way.

    Our french battlefield tour guide, whose father escaped the Nazi slave labor gangs building the concrete gun emplacements in 1941 by riding his bicycle to Paris, was asked by someone in our group, why nobody ever goes to the German cemetery at La Cambe?

    “They tortured the Norman people here for four years and nobody gives a sh*t about them.”


  10. Well if he can ignore Easter why would anyone expect him to care about
    the very few brave men and women on D-Day? And Michelle and Mrs Biden
    are putting forth a half hearted commercial for the military just another in a
    long line of Obama not really liking America. Except for the perks!

  11. “…the president has left regular outreach to the military to Michelle…”

    I’m sure the military regards Barry O! with pretty much the same esteem that He holds for them.

    1. wow. really? read a history textbook, check the index for, I don’t know, “Nixon, Richard”? Just because YOU don’t appreciate him doesn’t mean he is despicable at all.
      And if you do despise him, prepare for 4 more years of a despicable president.
      Obama 2012

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