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Obama Schedule || June 7, 2011

9:15 am || Welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel to the White House; South Lawn
10:15 am || Begins meetings with Merkel
11:35 am || Holds joint press conference with Merkel; East Room
6:30 pm || Takes official photo with Merkel
7:35 pm || Merkel and President Obama deliver toasts at State Dinner; Rose Garden

Live Stream of joint press conference at 11:35 am
All times Eastern

9 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || June 7, 2011”

  1. A cozy dinner last night, lunch with the Bidens and then a StateDinner will not change ChMerkel’s mind on anything. A decision to add Germany’s assets to the quagmire of Libya would be unwise and no one ever called her stupid.

  2. 8:30pm II POTUS returns to WH.
    8:45pm II POTUS in oval office.

    Secretary: “Mr. President, I have Representative Weiner on the line for you.”

    Obama: “What? Weiner? Oh shit. Ah, ok, uh, hmm. Ok, I’ll take it.”

    Weiner: “Mr. President I am so sorry to bother you tonight. I-.”

    Obama: “Anthony, did you send those photos? The photo of your chest?”

    Weiner: “Yes, Mr. President I did. Its my fault. I was, well I was stu-.”

    Obama: “Ok, I have a question. How did you get your chest to look so … you know … defined. Wow. Bam. That chest pops my friend. I mean, your chest is, amazing. As big as Michelle’s.”

    Weiner: “Mr. President I, uh, well, thanks, but, I, uh, er, I called you to ask for advice whether I should resign.”

    Obama: “What chest exercises do you do? How much do you benchpress? Do you pose in the mirror? I want a chest like that. That AP photo of me several years ago made me look like I had tits. Man. I-”

    Weiner: “Mr. President, I understand, but I called you because I need your advice on my polit-”

    Obama: “Damn, son. That’s one hell of a chest! Thats what I want. What do you eat? What supplements do you take? Hello? Hello? Anthony?”

      1. Agreed. I always thought Obama looks like a girly-man. Even if he just faked it. He has the air of femininity about him, and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way. There are many men I know who are not overtly masculine – it does not make them any less of a man. But somethings missing. As one of my clients said several weeks ago, “Mr. Obama needs to butch it up a notch.”

  3. 9:15 AM seems a bit early for Obama. I am surprised. I watch DW TV from my computer. DW alternates between broadcasting in German and English. I think it important that one sees things from their point of view. Their Journal in English is at 8 AM EDT. The news anchor is Megan, an American from Ohio. In her history she served with the Peace Corps in Africa.

  4. Is this his fourth state dinner? Is that a record pace?

    It’s just the sort royaltylight ceremony that the Obamas seem to love at our expense. Putting on Ayres. Pun intended.

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