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The Obama Morning News || June 7, 2011

President Obama hosts German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House today. Obama took Merkel to dinner in Gerogetown alst night, hoping to loosen up their stiff relationship.

The war in Afghanistan faces growing resistance in Congress as Obama decides how many troops to bring home. Obama said the U.S. had completed a “big chunk” of its mission in the country. Secretary of Defense Gates said U.S. forces are on track to deliver a decisive blow to the Taliban.

Rick Santorum kicked off his presidential campaign, declaring himself “ready to lead.” Tim Pawlenty will lay out his economic vision.

Michelle Bachman signed on veteran campaign hand Ed Rollins to run her show. The comedian Christopher Titus joked that he’ll assassinate Sarah Palin if she is elected.

HHS gave itself the power to issue Obamacare waivers, even though this wasn’t in the original law. The ostensibly objective Congressional Budget Office has hired an Obamacare advocate to aid in analyzing the law’s budgetary effects.

And Obama did himself no favors by bringing up the touchy subject of Lebron James during an interview with a Cleveland TV news station.

19 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 7, 2011

  1.’s lead story about MrsO is typical MSM puffery, but the photo of her is so photoshopped that she’s almost unrecognizable. They have blurred her natural features to make her appear more “White”.
    In another piece, they present a sly hit on MrRomney’s Mormonism and what it might mean if he were elected President.
    No wonder the rag sold for $1.
    FunnyGuyTitus thinks it’s amusing to talk about his intent to murder MrsPalin, the mother of 5 children, because he doesn’t like her political positions. The unreasonable raw hatred of MrsPalin has gone beyond mere political posturing and into insanity by the Left and the MSM.

    • SRDEM, great point about Titus-Palin. The (g)utter insanity of the Left becomes clear whenever you mention the word Sarah Palin.

      • I quit my Good Housekeeping sub–cancelled–didn’t wait it out–for shopping her down to a twig and blatting about what an uber Mom she is.

        • Newsweek under that irritating Brown woman is another Huffpo-like mouthpiece now. Speaking of which, I can’t comment on stories that come up on AOL–the Accented One offers an array of ways to sign in–AOL, FB, Huffpo, yak, yak–and none work for me.

  2. Merkel is a smart broad. This lady will not be cowed by an arugala-eating, self-absorbed flatulent. Merkel, unlike most “liberated women” in the U.S. is not easily swayed by silly innuendo or small talk. Her nations GDP is a lion compared to ours. The German manufacturing sector is hot pockets right now! Mr. Obama is but another pol she must speak with.


    I don’t like Rick Santorum, I find him haunty, overtly-religious and at times, petulant. But, he speaks truth to power … and I also like him because the far left, militant gays *HATE* Santorum. I mean H A T E. Santorum is the only politician ever to stand up to the gay fascists and that takes guts. If you dont think so, go to and see what the gay bigots have put up. WARNING: It is disgusting. But then again the bigoted, racist, heterophobic gay left is just that.


    Amazing how Obamacare waivers slowly make themselves to the people who supported the President and his his healthcare boondoggle. I can see seniors who support the President receiving a Death Panel Waiver, a sort of, “pass GO, your still alive old man.” I did not know HHS has the power to issue O’care waivers.


    LOL. Lebron James. WHY did he make mention of this? Does anyone have an explanation? Where was his staff? Carney? Plouffe? Can someone help this man? ADVICE: Mr. President, when in doubt (especially about basketball players the home court loves to hate … ferme’ la’ bouche!)

  3. The Daily Caller’s assesment that HHS “gave itself power” to issue waivers is incorrect. That power is included in the law through its very vagueness and the empowering of the Secretary of HHS to freely interpret the law and write regulations as he/she sees fit. This move of power away from the legislative body to the bureaucratic body has been going on for quite some time. This is just another step in our move away from a nation of laws and to a nation of men. Publius warned us in the Federalist Papers of what could happen if power is concentrated in this manner.