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Michelle Obama Serves a Healthy Meal!

Well, fair is fair. We’ve called the first lady on all the fattening stuff she eats and ladles out to her guests even as she campaigns for our children to straighten out their diets and rein in their bellies.

But at tonight’s State Dinner, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is to be treated to a tasty yet not particularly lard-heavy meal. There’s fish, salad, vegetables and some lean meat.

Angela might be a little disappointed that she’s not going be gorging on this wurst or that wurst and won’t have her meat all schnitzeled up. And perhaps wurst of all, no beer! But, lets be frank, she could lose a little weight.

She’ll have only the strudel to look forward to at the end.

Michelle, baby, you’re finally walking the walk!!

From the White House:

Dinner Menu

White House Garden Chopped Salad Fine Herbs White House Honey Gastrique

Tuna Tartare with Rye Crisps Pickled Young Carrots and Mustard Oil Spring Pea Salad Shaved Ham and Ginger Snaps

Petite Filet With Maryland Crab Ravioli Wild Ramp Puree

Apple Strudel Golden Raisins and Topfen

An American wine will be paired with each course.


All of the courses are subtly infused with the perennial and annual herbs from the garden.

The first course reflects a cornucopia of spring harvest, aptly named, “White House Garden Chopped Salad.” The salad is tossed in a vinaigrette made with White House honey and apple cider vinegar and garnished with spiced Mammoth Pecans from Georgia.

The tuna in the second course is from Hawaii. The main course consists of Maryland blue crab and is served on a bed of wild ramp puree from West Virginia.

The meal is completed with a delicious dessert, an apple strudel. The apples are from Maryland, the raisins from California and the topfen, a Farmer’s Cheese, is from Vermont. The apple and topfen combination is a twist on a traditional German recipe for strudel and will be served with schlag, an unsweetened whipped cream.

14 Responses to Michelle Obama Serves a Healthy Meal!

  1. Oh, so trusting.
    Assuming that the food will be prepared in a traditional manner, each meal will be about 2,000 calories. Wine adds more calories.
    Strudel; a dough stretched paper thin, smeared with butter, then rolled around a sweetened filling.
    Tender beef paired with crab meat wrapped in dough and some strange stuff; high calorie and high cholestrol.
    Wish I was invited to dinner. Yum.

    • SRDEM, everything you wrote is correct,diet-wise. Are you also a personal trainer? Dietician? Good point about the wine and dessert. Many times those are not factored in (calorie-wise).

      If this is the meal —– Keith I join you in saying “Good job FLOTUS.” I dont like the Obama’s, but if the meal is indeed nutritious I’ll complement her.

  2. In the First Family Quarters, later in the evening…the Chili Cheese Dogs will be served. Along with massave amounts of french fries, onions rings, and thick delicious malts for everyone.

    • I am mean, I admit it. I have a sharp reply regarding ou FIT INTERNATIONAL STYLE ICON.

      I am not a “hater” whatever that ghetto term means…I don’t hate Michelle O.

      I do have eyes though. She is a fat thing. Good luck msm with telling us how fit she is with that enormous arse.

      That this huge, ungainly woman is setting public policy and spending millions of our tax $$$ on her silly LET’S MOVE crap…Well, gosh, hun, look at your butt! YOU ARE NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL YOU POS. Reduce your caloric intake, loose some of the lard arse and go around talking about it. DO NOT SET PUBLIC POLICY YOU FAT IDIOT.