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Obama Names John Bryson Commerce Secretary from Mars

President Obama has named John Bryson to be the Commerce Secretary from Mars, a new position that will promote Martian business interests.

The real Commerce Secretary will be chosen within a few days.

Obama is calling Bryson his “Commerce Secretary” pick so as not to raise a fuss. But there is clear evidence that this is IN FACT the Commerce Secretary from Mars, and that he will not helping human business owners.

"Martians are people too . . . I mean, Martians have rights too. Oh whatever."

Bryson is a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a group which, through its advocacy of the environment, is devoted to making the cost of doing business more expensive. So he couldn’t possibly be the new Commerce Secretary

This is not to say the people at the NRDC hate business, although probably some do. And the NRDC does many good things to help our environment.

It’s just that there is a natural tension between environmentalists and business, because business tends to make a mess, and environmentalists want business to clean up as much of it as possible. A leading environmentalist is not going to be devoted day and night, as well as night and day, to doing whatever he can to promote U.S. business. It’s not in his DNA.

Environmentalists, to put it bluntly, are on the opposite side of business. It’s just one of those natural tensions that exist in society: Unions are opposed to management; doctors are opposed to health insurers; oil companies are opposed to ethanol; cowboys are opposed to indians, lobsters are opposed to boiling water, and so forth.

And that’s why it’s impossible that Obama is choosing someone who FOUNDED the NRDC to be the nation’s chief advocate for business. So he must be working for Martians.

His environmentalist enthusiasms have propelled Bryson to sit on the board of directors of Coda Automotive, a California-based electric vehicle manufacturer that for the time being at least will be making both its cars and batteries in China.

Ironically enough, Obama is putting forth as Commerce Secretary a man who serves with a company that is tapping cheap Chinese auto labor at the same time Obama is aggressively touting the bailouts of Chrysler and GM that saved expensive American unions jobs at huge taxpayer expense.

Coda will presumably be sharing sophisticated technology with the Chinese. The Chinese government is reportedly putting up hundreds of millions to support the enterprise.

Are we going to have a Commerce Secretary who is afraid to piss off the Chinese??

Putting someone who is working with the Chinese government in charge of boosting U.S. companies does not seem realistic, which is another reason why Obama instead made Bryson Commerce Secretary from Mars.

11 Responses to Obama Names John Bryson Commerce Secretary from Mars

  1. Excellent article Keith. Hadn’t heard of the man before so appreciate your looking into his background. Nothing about this appointment makes sense. The greenie weenies hate capitalism. I’m forwarding your article to my senators. They need to know who this guy is before they rubber stamp his appointment.

    Just want to add my kudos to your new banner “Accountability the Mainstream Media Forgets to Provide”. You are the one DC insider we can trust to tell the whole story without any sugarcoating, and that is very much appreciated.

  2. Gee, I don’t know about the Mars thing. There was a photo of some business’ building on Mars at the NationalEnquirer and if the fella was in charge there..that’s some major outsourcing of jobs.

  3. How about a Commerce Secy that encourages commerce–using Am workers–works with Spec Trade Rep to bring business here…Special programs to encourage investment here…etc.

  4. Know why they’re making the cars in China? It helps hide the fact that producing the batteries used in the cars absolutely devastates the surrounding environment.

  5. Interesting article in the paper on a US Chamber report on how the education system and manufacturing system might better work together. We could even us a manufacturing policy. Maybe this new ComSec could tag up with the education people and further some initiatives already underway to teach yuoungsters skills that enable them to get a job. A lot of edu policy is local–maybe we locals can promote some of this. Let’s do something to promote growth and jobs–not just slap companies that make a mess.

    • Look at my spelling–amazingly, I did go to college..LOL. I wanted to add that this report is the US Chamber–but still, the admin could look at it even if it came from what they consider the dark side.

  6. This president has a radical agenda and he does this sort of thing as quietly as he can in order to not cause the voters too much strife… he has ruined the US economy and caused all kinds of damage that is going to take years to fix. Having said this what is going to happen in a second term when he doesn’t care about votes anymore… scary….