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The Obama Morning News || June 6, 2011

President Obama is beginning to retool his 2008 campaign machinery. Whoever gets the GOP nomination, they’ll face a Herculean task of reversing Obama’s 2008 electoral landslide.

Sarah Palin apologized for stepping on Mitt Romney’s presidential announcement but stuck to her Paul Revere story. Rick Santorum will announce his presidential candidacy today.

The conservative group Americans for Prosperity will launch an ad campaign saying Obama is responsible for the expensive price of gas. Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour charged Obama actually wants high gas prices.

The White House is prepping for a State Visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama praised Germany’s environmental policies.

POLITICO has some details, most already well known, on Obama’s golf outings.

Nobel Prize winning economist Peter Diamond, an Obama nominee to the Federal Reserve, withdrew his nomination, slamming Republicans who oppose him. White House Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Austan Goolsbee says the administration is trying to get the private sector moving.

And Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Marines they won’t be able to opt out of their service because they disagree with the new policy to end the ban on gays serving in the military.

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || June 6, 2011

    • Rather than throwing pity parties over how poorly they have been treated, would be nice if these reporters would get off their collective butts and get to the bottom of the stench coming out of DC.

  1. “Herculean task of reversing Obama’s 2008 electoral landslide.” Really?
    Give me the same economic numbers last Friday on the first Tuesday in November 2012, and I’ll kick his ass.

  2. Well, that’s it for MrsPalin; the MSM has caught her in another confusing story about PaulRevere! How could anyone be considered a serious person who misspells words, writes crib notes on her hand and, gasp!, misspeaks in public. Darn right she should apologize to MrRomney for keeping the MSM entranced with her bus tour; he’s SERIOUS and she’s not.

    Oh, no! it seems the vibrations from MrWeiner’s Tweets have set off a distant land mine. We’re hoping that the damage will be minimal.

    The Obot brigrade is out there now and will bring victory to MrO in 2012.
    The will convince the public that no jobs, no homes, higher gas prices, rampant inflation, and no real hope for the future is the new AmericanDream.

    MrsO will jet off to BeverlyHills, CA to futher her love-the-military theme before she goes to SouthAfrica to further her mentoring of Black women theme. The secret BeverlyHills military base has been a mystery along the lines of the Area51 site in Nevada, but with MrsO’s visit the veil will be lifted because this administration is all about transparency.

  3. Rather than write articles on the retooling of his campaign, how about investigating his use of government (taxpayer funded) resources to mine for money and votes?

    Watched that apology Sarah Palin made to Mitt Romney. It was pretty snarky. She is right about Paul Revere warning the British. Can understand the confusion since our schools no longer teach the history of our founding. Paul Revere’s account of the midnight ride…

    Americans for Prosperity is more grass roots than many DC insiders realize. It is not supported by taxpayer funding like the unions and nonprofits that do Obama’s bidding. They have chapters all over America and we donate to them freely because their voice is louder than ours.

    Ha! Glenn Thrush authored the last sloppy wet kiss of an article on Obama golf outings. Promised myself not to bother reading another thing he writes, so I’ll take your word for it Keith.

    Gates should hang his head in shame for what he has done to our military personnel. I don’t know how he can live with himself after the things he’s done to them just to curry favor with this tyrant.

    Wonder if he Gates took the opportunity to mention June 6th and what it means to freedom all around the world? Probably not. Today is the 67th anniversary of D-Day. We will never forget the brave men who stormed that beach not knowing whether they would come out of it alive. We honor those who gave their all on that day and those that lived to fight another day.

    • Just saw a video of PrezReagan giving a tribute in 1984 to the brave men who stormed the beaches on June6.
      There aren’t many of those veterans still on this earth, but their children are and they remember their father’s sacrifice and valor.

    • In defense of Gates statement, the policy of not allowing troops to simply drop out and requiring them to stay in for their current required service is not new. There are always changes that will affect troops. Those who were opposed to racial integration of the forces were not allowed out just because they opposed it. They had to finish their committment and then separate. Troops who oppose the repeal of DADT can exit the service at the end of their current commitment.

      • Understand that William. Gates has done much more harm to the military than yesterday’s cold, flat statement. There once was a time when the Department of Defense was immune to the whims of the political machine and social engineering. That pretty much ended when Woodrow Wilson came to DC. He was the guy that segregated the military in the first place.