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Obama Makes it Ten Weekends in a Row!

Updated 6:34 pm ET

For the tenth weekend in a row – and the second time in five days, following a Memorial Day outing – President Obama is out on the golf course. From the pool report:

Motorcade departed WH at 12:49 p.m. for a round of golf at Andrews AFB on a hazy , 80-degree Saturday afternoon.

POTUS emerged wearing a tan hat, navy-collar shirt and khakis at 1:20 p.m. Pooler watched Obama take an easy practice swing on the range.

In the golfing party: Energy Department official David Katz, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and WH staffer Michael Brush.

Pool is holding in food court at 1:40 p.m.

It’s his 13th outing this year and the 71st of his presidency.

UPDATE: Obama will golf June 18 with House Speaker John  Boehner, POLITICO reports.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama was awarded Best Wife in the Washington DC Area for allowing her husband to bolt out the door with his golf clubs every weekend since the beginning of April

Mrs. Obama expressed appreciation for the award.

“Barack knows that he’s not allowed to smoke in the house . . . Did I say that? . . . I mean he know’s he’s not allowed to play golf in the house,” she said. “So I let him out once a week, and then I can play Mahjong with my mother.”

Meanwhile, Obama appears to have added a new golf buddy to his usual crew. As far as I know, this is White House advance man Michael Brush’s first time out on the course with the chief – though I can’t rule out for sure that he’s tagged along before.

Congratulations Michael! But now try saying “no” the next time its 95 degrees.

Michael Brush
Michael Brush

34 thoughts on “Obama Makes it Ten Weekends in a Row!”

    1. why should anyone be surprised ?
      with the help of money laden radicals/extremists, this muslim/kenyan has carefully and methodically manipulated our system to be where his is today without ever working a real job in his life.. however, he has discovered the office requires work which he truly how has he found the best way to handle this burden ?.. continuous expensive vacations,constant lecturing, golf ,lobster, nicorette gum (when the Cool 100s aren’t convenient), and dont forget the schlitz malt liquor to wash it all down, surrounding himself with czars who stroke his ever-growing ego 24/7,
      .. yes mr obambo you’ll be just fine………..except for the smell

  1. Random thought….

    I know being President come with certain perks, however, is he paying greens fees, are the tax payers paying the greens fees?

    Average (public course here in Western Virginia) greens fee is about $35. That would be $455 this year and $2,485 in total.

    Just wondering who is footing the bill.

    BTW… I’d love to hit the links that often, but alas, I have a job and life to attend to…

    1. To answer your question about who is footing the bill. You and me and every other taxpayer. You see he plays exclusively, except for once, at golf courses on military institutions. It’s free. We taxpayers built golf courses and movie theaters and lots of other niceties on military bases for the benefit of our soldiers and their families. Every time he goes golfing, 10 weeks in a row now, the course must be closed for him. Wonder how many active duty or retired military personnel had their long standing tee times cancelled because he had a whim to play golf. Bet there are lots of them out there, but they won’t speak out.

      1. Being a VET: that is what I would like to know?
        How “OK” is it for Pres. Obama to show up on a US Military Base golf course anytime he wants…?
        Being a US VETERAN I remember having to call ahead to the Base golf course and set a Tee Time.
        YET?!?! Pres. Obama just shows up every Sunday/holiday/day off @ a US Military Washington DC golf course and plays…and NO ONE IN THE “media” Reports this?
        What about the Active Service & Vets who want to play Golf on “their” base courses, like I said I had to call ahead months in advance to get a good tee-time…
        Yet Obama is just allowed to show-up (never going to Walter Reed or Bethesda) to play?

  2. Isn’t this ironic. Just read a pukey Politico article that made it seem like he was such a trooper going to public courses only with his friends and staffers, while that evil John Boehner prefers private courses and “schmoozing” with politicians and special interest groups. No mention about the 9 previous weekends he played at MILITARY courses. Has he ever been to a public course since he’s been in DC? The lapdog title of the year goes to the guy who wrote that article.

  3. I just had a refreshing glass of kool-aide and I believe that our Prez spent the morning perusing sit-reps from the brass in Afganistan and checked with MrGoolsbee for the latest economic forecasts.
    Then he and his staff had a tele-confab with the FBI and the CIA heads about the reported death of the #2 elQuaeda leader to plan their next move.
    After that he played a rousing game of checkers with his children and checked with the WH chef only to find out that nothing good was being served for lunch….decided to “play” golf.

    1. So it’s the fault of the chef? I think Michelle had plans for the whole family to do weeding in the Victory Garden so that may have been a factor also. Tough to do gardening when it’s hot out.

  4. Well now that the economy is firing on all cylinders, unemployment is at a record low and all of our troops are home, there’s not much left to do but golf I suppose. Mr. President, play 36 holes. You earned it.

    1. Okay…that has got to be illegal. Where is the FEC on this? They were like rabid dogs on the Breck boy. He has publicly announced so the FEC better be watching what he is doing. He’s not any more equal than the Republican candidates are.

      1. That’s what I thought. To see it again. You have to remove your cookies. Apparently you only get the “ad” once a day.The first time I hadn’t realized what happened and clicked through. I could only get it again when I removed my cookies and took the screenshot. I look at the website everyday so it probably happened sometime today. The screenshot is on my blog.

        I hope Keith reads this.

  5. Where does obama get these guys? Michael Brush looks like a character from the Office…only running the country isn’t a sitcom and the mess we are in isn’t funny.

  6. Maybe I’m just a suspicious person but I’m wondering. Maybe the golf course is where he does business. No worries about someone overhearing what he has to say, when he’s out there on the golf course. My prediction is that the WH advance man is about to resign. Someone has to go under the bus for that post turtle incident with the beast.

    1. The thing is, if someone really wanted to listen, how difficult would it be? The whole world knows where he is and when he is there…..not every leaf and tree can be checked. Suprising no one has thought of it.

      1. The question is, if Michelle won’t let him smoke in the WH, what exactly is it that he is smoking? Perhaps the golf course is his only place to smoke whatever it is.

  7. It’s so difficult for him. This job of governing and being president just gets in the way of his real passion. GOLF. Over 70 golf outings. The only good thing about this is, that means less time in the oval office doing all sorts of damage to the Constitution with his edicts, his appointment of unelected and unapproved czars that regulate every facet of American life. I hope this nightmare will be over soon. I’m counting on the discovery this birth certificate is a total fraud and we can kick him out for impersonating a president.

    1. Lots of sites I visit want you to put in your email address to get their updates…and they usually bombard you with money requests once you do so. The difference is this is a government site, not his personal campaign page. The proof in the pudding will be if there are any DNC links in the propaganda you are sure to get once you sign up.

      Remember that whole flag@whitehouse data collection scheme? Linda Douglass, Obamacare propaganda czar, waged war on Drudge…and lost :)

  8. His going golfing is a given. Also, his flying off to give one of his teleprompter campaign/lectures is a given. Here is my list of the states he will be visiting (campaigning!!) the most….Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, Indiana, Colorado and North Carolina. All of these are toss-up states. Also, his not sitting down at the desk in the Oval Office and doing some work is a given. Also, a given is Mrs O and the girls going on a vacation.


    Did Barack Hussein Obama ever play golf in “college” at “Columbia Univ.” or “Harvard Law”? (Columbia & Harvard have some good college golf teams)

    How did a “community organizer & Illinois politican” from a ‘poor/lower class part’ of Chicago ever learn to play & love golf like he does…???

    1. We don’t have any evidence that he actually attended any college.
      There are rumors that the records have been hidden because he enrolled as a ‘foreign student’ ..a citizen of Indonesia.
      We also don’t know why the Obamas gave up their privilege of practicing law.

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