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Obama Morning News || June 3, 2011

Moody’s said the threat of breaching the debt ceiling could cause it to review the United States’ AAA rating, possibly raising borrowing costs for Treasury. House Speaker John Boehner pressured President Obama on the debt, saying it’s time for him to “get serious.”

Sarah Palin dismissed Treasury Secretary Geithner’s warnings on the debt limit and called for a quicker drawdown from Afghanistan. Obama and House Democrats met to reaffirm their opposition to the GOP budget.

Boehner sought to save Obama on Libya by offering an alternative to a bill disapproving of the operation.

Mitt Romney announced his presidential run, saying Obama “has failed America.” Romney’s Mormon faith could still be a hurdle. Former vice presidential candidate John Edwards is likely to be charged with campaign finance violations today.

Obama heads to Toledo today to take credit for the auto industry rebound. But Detroit is ready for battle against the president on fuel economy standards.

White House Counsel Bob Bauer resigned, but he’ll work as Obama’s personal lawyer and as an attorney for the campaign.

White House officials were targeted by Chinese gmail hackers who likely were hoping the Obama aides were conducting official business on private accounts.

And a Chinese toy company has made a replica of the stealth chopper used in the Bin Laden raid.

11 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || June 3, 2011”

  1. Bob Bauer, Anita Dunn’s husband, still remains his personal lawyer. I’m no lawyer, but doesn’t this mean as long as Bauer remains in his employ in some capacity he can’t be brought before Congress to testify on Obama’s policies? Those of us with our eyes wide open knew this man wasn’t who he said he was before the 2008 election. I thought he was a pure ideologist, but he has turned out to be a mixture of ideology and political corruption all wrapped up in one very opaque package. Chicago mob goes to Washington.

  2. A curious op today in the WaPo; MayorEmanuel opines that MrO is a great supporter of Israel and has always been a dedicated seeker of peace in the area. But..he backs up the Prez’s plan of starting at the 1967 border to negotiate with the Palestians and looks for a peaceful two-state solution.

    What’s curious is that he felt compelled to write this op piece at all.
    There might be some hefty resistance to the re-election campaign from important Israeli supporters and a unqualified pro-Obama support op from his former CofS was called for to, once again, clarify MrO’s intent..

    Our finacial future is in dire danger of imploding, the unemployment rate is up and the stock market is taking another dive today.
    So, what to do? of course, go to Toledo Ohio for a photo op that no one outside of Toledo will see or hear about. VPBiden, the WH’s budget negotiator, is still overseas eating pasta and toasting his hosts with a nice red wine.

    Re: MrRomney and his Mormon faith
    Do people really care anymore?

    1. Have you heard any mention of Biden’s Italy adventure? Outside of Keith’s blog, I haven’t. I have heard numerous references to his bipartisan deficit committee in negotiations, but not so sure how well that is going without the committee chair.

      Romney’s faith is not why I don’t support him. It is Romneycare and his refusal to take on the man behind the policies. This election can not be just about policies. We need to have an open discussion of the man and his ideology, so the people know who and what they are voting for this time around.

      1. Nothing about VPBiden. anywhere I look.

        Agreed about MrRomney’s positions and some real background information. His chosen religion is a red herring thrown out by his opponents.
        Maybe the MSM could look into MrO’s background, too.
        Never too late (I hope).

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