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Obama Grabs a Hot Dog in Toledo

Obama stopped at some famous Toledo hot dog joint today to do the regular guy routine. Fortunately, hot dogs were just recently made an acceptable menu item as part of Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-childhood obesity campaign.

Wait a second.

From the pool reports:

When in Toledo . . . Have a chili dog. So POTUS did, going straight from the airport 20 minutes through green countryside on a gorgeous sunny day to an OTR lunch stop at — no, not Tony Packo’s —  Rudy’s Hot Dog . . .

Obama and party were welcomed to Rudy’s Hot Dog by one of the brothers who run the six-store chain, Harry Dionyssiou. Dionyssiou hugged Obama several times, as long-time cooks behind the counter yelled Opaa, Opaa. “These guys, whatever they want, I’m buying,” Obama said as he gestured toward his group.

He ordered one dog with mustard, onion and chili sauce, with a bowl of chili and fried on the side. He made fun of (Democratic Rep.) Marcy Kaptur for requesting ketchup, a mortal sin in hot dog-loving Chicago. “Marcy just wants ketchup,” he said. “By the way, as an afficionado of hot dogs, you don’t put ketchup on hot dogs…I’m trying to teach my girls.” (Some poolers heard him pronounce it “affectinado.”)

When a cook told him she’d worked there 30 years, he called the owner over and teased him, “She says she’s worked here 30 years. That means she was under aged when you hired her.” Obama shook hands with the 10 or so patrons, then begged off to eat his dog “before it gets cold.” Valerie Jarrett and Nancy Ann Deparle watched — dogless — from the side.

The small restaurant features stuffed heads of animals including a deer and a buffalo shot by the other owner. In addition to its hot dogs, it sells Greek food. And apparently beer, as a yellowed wall sign said. “Buckeye Beer,” it said. “Kraeusen brewed. Picks you up.”

44 Responses to Obama Grabs a Hot Dog in Toledo

  1. I’ve given up on getting the hypocrisy-meter fixed with this crew in control. It keeps red-lining and then breaking the glass. Tried getting one with a higher capacity but they keep maxing it out regardless of how high it goes.

  2. Didn’t that “plate” have a roomy section for processed meat scraps and another one for Twinkies, sort of an oval? I could swear it did.

  3. I spent a week in Toledo one night!

    As a Chicagoan, the only real hot dog place is Portillo’s. Best hot dogs and Chicago Italian beef. I will give the “O” props for knowing that dogs are NOT eaten with ketchup, and the fact that he skipped the lobster for now.

      • William,

        Being a die hard Chicago northsider as I am (even though I moved years ago, once a northsider, always a northsider) we used to call the White Sox ballpark, “Communist” Park. I never knew how true that was until the “O” was elected.

    • I like the way Shofar is thinking – Portillo’s dogs are hard to beat. But this Chicago girl might offer up another goodie – SuperDawg. Sure the green relish looks likes it radioactive, but man the snap of that dog in the smushy bun – yum.

      Glad to hear the Michelle approves of hotdogs – but what I really learned from Obama’s dog stop is that reading about chili dogs and fries while pregnant is torture.

      • Megan,

        One of my ex-wives was one of those that even the thought of certain foods would make her sick, and yet she would eat some of the damnedest things at the worst hours. 3am runs to the store for her for bags of peaches!

        Don’t know if the thought of chili dogs and fries is making you sick, but hang in there, it will be over soon, and then off to Portillo’s or SuperDawg.

        • Ah food cravings and aversions – my world revolves around food at this point. Actually, the chili dog sounded pretty good at the time. The weird thing is that I didn’t eat hotdogs for about 20 years, and then out of nowhere, just over two months into this pregnancy (I’m 3 months now), I made my husband drive me to Portillo’s for a hot dog. Once he picked his jaw off the ground from the shock of the request, he gladly took me because it meant a dog and a Big Beef for him.

          We’ve since returned to the scene of the crime several more times, and each time my husband beams with pride as his wife annialates a hot dog. Or two. Methinks there’s a trip coming up in the new week….

    • Bravo Granny Jan! You have such a talent for putting together clips, photos, and background music to send a powerful message. The animation piece is hysterical.

      Can’t believe her cronies spent $2 million to design a pie chart. They could have used your talent to come up something a lot more imaginative.

    • One of your best Granny! Love the song you used as back ground it made me misty for the days when government was a far away place on the East Coast and not in my kitchen.

  4. Michelle says “the last thing we need to do is be a nutritionist for our family.” Really? That is total claptrap! I think most Moms think about putting meals on the table, trying not to completely poison the kids, etc.

    • She thinks so little of the people. The aim is ever more government intrusion because we are too dumb to do it for ourselves. That’s why she said, I’m just like you, clueless. She doesn’t say these things by accident. It’s been a constant theme.

  5. Unlike the rest of America, where a chilidog and fries mean something, Mr. Obama staged this propaganda-eating photo-op to show that “the President is one of us.”

    No your not.

    Your a bigoted, self-righteous, Marxist, anti-Semitic fruitcake, divorced from the American public in thought and deed.

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