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Video || Hillary’s Sniper Fire Claim Was True

Apologies are so in order!

Most press accounts have alleged that our Secretary of State was either lying, fantasizing, taking artistic license, hallucinating, fibbing, lying, or lying when she claimed during the 2008 campaign to have weathered Serb gunfire while traveling in the Balkins as first lady.

But it turns out there is VIDEO PROOF that Mrs. Clinton was indeed under attack and that she handled herself like a Navy Seal. Take look.

3 thoughts on “Video || Hillary’s Sniper Fire Claim Was True”

  1. Now that’s funny. The only time she has probably handled a firearm was to point it at Bill’s genitals and scream “Off with his head”.

  2. …I was a US Navy Petty Officer (YN3) in the 6th Fleet on a LSD who was awarded the “Armed Forces Service Medal” (and “combat pay” off Bosnia & my second Sea Service ribbon)

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