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The Obama Morning News || June 2, 2011

President Obama met with the Republican caucus Tuesday, but there were no signs of progress in the debt limit standoff. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) accused the president of “demagoguery” in talking about Ryan’s deficit reduction plan. POLITICO analyzes some of the debating points between Ryan and Obama.

In a bad sign for the president, the economy showed signs of faltering, with manufacturing and private sector job creation both slowing in May. The Obama auto bailout cost taxpayers about $14 billion.

Mitt Romney announces today, running with a more tightly knit team – made that way by the defections of former aides who don’t think he can win. Rahm Emanuel didn’t rule out running for president in 2016. Obama has lost support among women.

Defense Secretary Gates said China is not trying to compete directly with the United States and that the U.S. doesn’t intend to hold it down.

A plan backed by Attorney General Holder will give crack cocaine offenders a break, narrowing differences between their sentences and those who use powdered cocaine.

The Obama administration backed down from a plan to create large new wilderness areas after strong GOP opposition.

The White House stepped up its outreach to gays, adding a new LGBT section to its website. The White House said an Indiana law to withhold some money from Planned Parenthood was illegal.

The Education Department is finalizing a regulation to make it more difficult for students at for-profit schools to get aid.

And House Oversight Committee Chairman told Obama consumer czar Elizabeth Warren to “clear a full day” so she can answer all the committee’s questions.

11 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || June 2, 2011”

  1. SECDEF: “China is NOT trying to compete directly with the US”…WTF???

    (then why am I learning Chinese language, studying Chinese history-politics & trying to have a career in “national security”?)

    Does the SECDEF even read Intelligence reports?

    Red China: up-dating ICBMs, developing Aircraft Carriers/Blue Water navy, new stealth fighter jets & Red Chinese Cyber attacks…

  2. one day (in 2012 we hope), the majority of Americans will be awakened to the truth of this super marxist,socialist,lobster depleting, abortion loving, pervert outreaching, nicorette chewing, islamist pandering demagogue who is now occupying our W.H. is damaging our exceptional country’s security, reputation and way of life …

    mr. obambo, the world is laughing at you !!!

    America, please elect PATRIOTS, not politicians !

  3. It’s time for Gates to go. Either he’s naive or uncaring but either one’s bad. His statement is as unbelievably wrong as was Clapper’s statement that the Muslim Brotherhood is secular.

  4. Back in ’02-’03 Joss Weldon wrote and directed a short lived TV series called Firefly. The premise was that only two super powers lasted on Earth, China and the USA. The show was set in the 26th century, but with the attitude of this administration, and China’s growth it may happen in this century. Then again, with the Emperor currently currently sitting on the popinjay throne, the USA might not be a super power.

    1. “Firefly”… a TV show that should have continued!

      I Am a ‘History major’ & I understand the “Clash Of Civilizations”.
      A BILLION humans speak ‘Chinese’ today and they will Challenge “Western Civilization” in the 21st Century AD..
      By the 26th Century I can imagine Western Civilization VS. Eastern (Chinese) Civilization…

  5. As I neared retirement age, it was comforting to know that the SS and Medicare taxes taken out of my wages were waiting to help keep me comfortable and in the best health God and my doctor could provide.

    Now, as an offical SeniorCitizen, I find myself as an impediment to the financial security of the US, a entitled leech sucking the life from the young, and a person of such little value that jokes about my demise are considered funny.

      1. Letter to Ed this AM in AZ Republic…
        As a 19-year-old college student, I find it appalling and shameful that this nation annually spends over a trillion dollars on Social Security and Medicare (almost 35 percent of our federal spending).

        This money goes to elderly people who have had decades to prepare for retirement. Meanwhile, social services for our nation’s mentally and physically handicapped are disappearing.

        Defense and education are undergoing cuts. And the federal debt continues to skyrocket.

        Am I the only one who sees this as a serious misallocation of resources?

        We need to begin weaning this country off means-tested social insurance

        …Does he know what means-tested means? Yeah–those stupid old people, the should have know all their savings and their job would flush, the dopes.

    1. srdem65 and Star, Don’t buy the liberal BS. We the people know the score. The progressives stole $500B from Medicare to fund that monstrosity Obamacare. Medicare will collapse once Obamacare goes into effect. They tied Social Security to Medicare, intentionally, so that one day they could control the health care of all our elders. This is why Ryan’s budget is so important. He destroys their plan to gut Medicare. If the Republicans are able to tie Ryan’s budget to raising the debt ceiling, and don’t give in, Obamacare is dead and Medicare will be saved for our elders. The left is trying to dispirit you. Don’t let them get away with it. Since when did you two start believing anything that comes out of a liberals mouth anyway.

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