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Video || Nicotine Fits Still Striking the President

Here’s a new video by one of our readers, Granny Jan, who videoblogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty. She documents several occasions during which President Obama can be seen chewing what I presume is his Nicorette gum.

Good for Obama. It’s certainly better than smoking, even if it does look goofy for the president to be chewing gum.

But what irks is that the White House has in the past suggested Obama has achieved the Herculean feat of quitting smoking.

Sorry, but until you’re off the nicotine, you haven’t quite made it.

14 thoughts on “Video || Nicotine Fits Still Striking the President”

  1. “….until you’re off the nicotine, you haven’t quite made it.”

    So true, so true!
    Can’t believe ThewOn chews gum while he is with leaders of the world, in conference, etc., etc.

    Like a schoolboy.
    No manners, no class.
    Thinks he’s entitled.

    Great video, GrannyJan.

  2. Maybe he should switch to the patch. I was raised to believe it was a sign of disrespect to openly chew gum at public events, so it is a bit more than goofy in my eyes. At least he hasn’t been caught popping his gum…at least not yet. He lies about everything else, so I’m not surprised to hear he has lied about his smoking habits as well.

  3. He smokes, he drinks, he plays golf badly, he eats greasy hamburgers, throws zingers at his spouse, doesn’t go to church regularly and sometimes says stupid things; maybe he’s more like us than I thought.

    GJ; your videos always hit the mark. Good job.

    1. All the photos and video clips were recent except the G8 clip from a year ago. It’s my video take on recent news. Even the halo Obamas were recent. The bumper car pic was from the 2008 campaign but thanks.

  4. Quitting is very hard, I had the pleasure of doing so in 1997 after 25+ years of smoking. Have not smoked or used nicotine gum since. Yes give up the gum then you can say you quit.

  5. Chewing gum??? our “first dude” prez shows his extreme lack of self discipline all the way to the G8 and beyond.. ! ! ! no wonder these world leaders(some with great joy) believe our exceptional country is going down ! one look at obambo & its very clear the USA is in trouble.. barry’s G8 smiles appear as if he’s hitting disney world for the first time … :) good to see that he didn’t bow to anyone.. at least in public.. but then i didn’t see any islamists around either !

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