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Michelle Quietly Visits With Wounded Troops

First Lady Michelle Obama today made a decidedly unsplashy Memorial Day visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to comfort wounded veterans who are recuperating there, ABC News reports.

The White House properly low-keyed the visit, which was not widely reported. The meetings with the veterans were private.

A nice way for the first lady to pass this solemn day.

Mrs. Obama has made the armed forces one of her traditional first lady projects, running, along with Dr. Jill Biden, the “Joining Forces” campaign to support service members and their families.

Thanks to one of our readers, srdem65, for pointing this article out.

9 thoughts on “Michelle Quietly Visits With Wounded Troops”

  1. Credit where it is due…There was also a story on the news about how female vets are having a particularly hard time finding jobs–hire one today! I wish there were more I could do, maybe with my Hopey Copey thing…Going to look into it.

  2. Her visit to our wounded warriors is very admirable and I thank her for it. Would have been nice if her husband could have joined her. Noticed ABC conveniently failed to mention he was busy golfing so couldn’t make the trip with her.

  3. Full campaign mode. I don’t trust a thing these people do for ‘altruistic’ reasons. Last time she went was august! Disgusting. How many vacations has she had since august.

  4. Thanks, srdem65 for pointing this out and thanks to you Keith for allowing this to be a bit of a collaboration. I hope the First Lady’s visit was a comfort to the wounded veterans.

  5. This is more than what Obama did. While Michelle was doing this, Obama was changing into his gold clothes to play more golf. Its as if Obama is obsessive compulsive about playing golf. Instead of having a special tax for the “wealthy,” just tax what the “wealthy might do – in the same way we have “sin taxes.” Call them the “Rich Sinning Taxes.” I am sure Obama would love that… ha ha

  6. Michelle should be doing this EVERYDAY. This should be her primary job. And raising funds for disabled vets, doing everything she can for military wives. Shame on her. Lobster is more important.

  7. Just a cover for the golf event. She has just paid lip service to her duties
    as First Lady. Her time is spent on vacations and clothes.

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