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Biden to be AWOL on Deficit Talks

Vice President Biden is being touted as the White House point man on the budget, leading the discussions with Congress as our nation’s leaders try to come up with a plan to slash the deficit and avoid defaulting on the debt.

Just today, Biden was the subject of a glowing profile in USA Today describing his unique qualifications for honchoing the negotiations.

It’s a tall order — just the sort of task Biden, 68, has taken on for a president who chose him largely for his foreign policy credentials. In the 28 months Obama and Biden have served together, the vice president’s role has grown to include many of the thorniest issues on the president’s plate.

With the House back in town following the Memorial Day recess, bargainers are set to stream back to the table, roll up their sleeves, and start hashing through the numbers. Biden will be leading the charge.

Wait a second. No he won’t. It’s back to foreign policy for the vice president. This just in from the White House:

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden have departed en route Rome, Italy, to lead the Presidential Delegation to the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy on Thursday, June 2.

Though the Treasury Department has already begun taking extraordinary measures to avoid default, budget talks can wait apparently for unification of Italy celebrations to end.

Biden take the opportunity overseas to gather with a few other world leaders who will also be on the scene. Which begs the question: Will the Secretary of State, who normally performs such functions, lead the deficit talks this week?

Biden and his wife won’t be back until Saturday.

83 thoughts on “Biden to be AWOL on Deficit Talks”

  1. Please ask the Italian government to make him a special envoy to a pizza parlour in Rome. That’s all he is qulalified for, taking out the empty tomato cans..

  2. AWOL? I think think of a dozen other words that have better meaning. And as for Obama’s entire administration and team of boobs… Could we’ve gotten a worse bunch. Do they have any clue what they are doing? Really people… has anything not gotten worse since these morons took control?

  3. Does anyone in this administration have any discipline or for that matter interest in doing the peoples business? It is very troubling to see that Obama and Biden can not resist entertainment even when their is work to be done. Obama chooses to play golf and Biden takes a junket to Rome.

    1. There isn’t, but they are renaming the country after him…I think they are calling it Joe-Dopia in honor of all his personal efforts to rescue Italy from the fascists and the ravages of WW II…What a great guy he is.

  4. Amateur Hour at the White House continues… Joe probably said ‘Screw the budget, I’m goin’ to It-a-ly!!! What has become eminently clear is that this Administration not only can’t prioritize, it HAS NO PRIOORITIES- other than constant campaigning for re-election!

    Lurching from crisis to crisis, and failing to respond properly and in a timely manner (or at all) has become the hallmark of the Obama Regime. Even when given a PR gift like the OBL raid, they fumble the football- even when trying to SPIKE it. When all is said and done, this Administration will be go down as one of the most ineffective, divisive and hyper-partisan in American History. It seems that personal priorities of the president and his cronies ALWAYS take precedent over what is best for the country.

    1. And sadly the corporate, wall street and foreign (ie. China) lobbiest will help see him reelected…with the help of the ignorant masses and the self loathing liberals.

  5. Essentially Obama/Biden has done nothing but suck. This failed administration will be flushed down the toilet in 2012. Until then, hold your nose.

  6. Obama played golf on Memorial Day and Biden jets off to Italy for some hob-nobbing. Typical. The stench from this white house is unbearable.

    1. What do you expect…they’ve never served in the military, they have never held real jobs and they are but someone elses sock-puppets who dance to the highest bidders biding.

  7. Just like Obama Bin Lyin, Joe BiteMe wants his European Vacation NOW and the countries business can wait, and wait, and wait, and wait and…….

    1. If you hang on long enough KBR, Haliburton and Blackwater could soon be hiring folks for work in Libya…Pakistan, Iran et al.

  8. Maybe they get away with it because the press lets them. There are a few brave souls, like you Keith, but the majority are just lemmings. They are looking out for numero uno, and they know if they mind their P’s & Q’s they will get to keep their jobs and they will be invited to all the gala shindigs. If they write a story not to the liking of the king and queen, they will be fired or sent to the boonies to do their reporting, if they’re lucky. Keith, you are like Clark Kent, the reporter side not the cape and superpowers part. Truth, justice and the American way. Never underestimate the power of the truth.

  9. Joe Biden is a world class moron.

    He’s not an expert at foreign policy. Not once did the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations call Joe Biden to provide his “expert” testimony on issues.

    Joe is not an expert at budget and finance. Not once did anyone on the planet call Joe Biden to provide his “expertise” on budgetary or financial issues.

    The reason Obama picked Joe Biden for V.P. is still a mystery.

    1. Because Biden never did know, now doesn’t know, and in the future will not know, what the hell Obama is doing to this country. He is clueless.

  10. The Democrats are useless. They refuse to tackle the tough issues. If you are of sound mind and put the interest of the country first, vote Republican in 2012.

  11. Joe Biden has never held a job in the public sector. He has sucked off the tax payers his entire life. He does not have the ability to get and hold a job that requires production.

    1. I don’t know, I think it takes a lot of work getting a taxpayer funded train station named after you…Think of his legacy, the career politician who could never be president but settled for the door prize.

  12. Alfred King of Wessex

    Joe Biden, too long in the Senate, plagerizer, has been on the wrong side of things for his entire career, going back to the Reagan years when he thought appeasement with communists was the answer, rather than standing up to them. He is a lightweight, put in there by a lightweight in order not to outshine Obama. Both are truly dim bulbs. These functions of attending funerals, and events like this Italian sesquencentennial are where he just has to shut his mouth are perfect for Biden. It’s when he’s asked to actually do something, like deal with the budget, that we have another child driving the bus.

  13. What difference would it make? Joe Biden is about as useful as Spiro Agnew (remember Richard Nixon’s VP) so his presence would not bring anything to a solution. Besides, Joe is not going to be on the 2012 demoncrapic ticket. Obozo doesn’t want him now.

  14. Biden’s action is only superceeded by Obama playing golf while the rest of us expressed our love and appreciation for the many sacrifices of our military.

  15. the real reason uncle joe biden was choosen as vice president hes the only one dumber than obama and the hope was he would make obama look good. that hasnt happened. remember the old tv show peticoat junction.
    where uncle joe is moving mighty slow at the junction.biden could play that part without a script.

  16. The thought of Chi-apet Joe leading tough talks on the budget is pretty funny to me. So leaving for Italy to celebrate this Italian holiday makes so much more sense. Working so hard to save the country from a fiscal meltdown was probably making his hair plugs fall out. Ciao Joe!!!!

  17. MT for re-redistribution


    I love the increase in feedback volume. Shows how your blog is increasing in popularity. I sure like it.

    I also appreciate the recent article (that you linked to I think) on how the press continuously, irresponsibly keeps reporting on how “unexpected” the poor recovery indicators are, without revealing any sort of foundation for why we expect better indicators.

    A commentator also pointed out that one advantage to contributing to BO’s campaign is that you can then get a waiver from his policies :-)


    1. And Levin was GREAT last night! I had read Keith’s article earlier in the day & was thrilled that Levin spoke about it. And I just loved when Levin called Biden the “vice idiot”. Tore me up!

  18. Neither Obama nor Biden can handle the stresses of actually being in charge of the federal government. And the mere fact that he gets away with it in the general media, only serves to reinforce their behavior.

    America will probably need to ‘hit bottom’ before we get serious about our precarious financial position.

  19. “Though the Treasury Department has already begun taking extraordinary measures to avoid default”

    As the Secretary of the Treasury has the power to reorder payments so debt servicing goes first the only way the US can default is by executive decision. It’s worth driving that home in the coming months as the O’bama (hey, he’s Irish now!) and his regime are desperate to avoid responsibility.

  20. Pingback: Priorities! Joe Biden ditches deficit talks to go to Italy to celebrate the 150th anniversary of it’s unification : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

  21. Joe’s head is pointy so they got the right point man. Other than that the only lead ol’ Joe could take is in a belchin’ or a fartin’ contest. Belchin’ and fartin’ are the two things he does best!

  22. This is a cover story. The real reason he’s going to Italy is to be the new roommate on the Italian season of ” Jersey Shore”

  23. Keith,

    War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.

    I’m doing a write in this November: Winston Smith / Number Six.

  24. We’ll fly to Rome, eat some scungille, then fly back home – Shake Hands with Santa Claus.

    /apologies to Louis Prima.

  25. And he’ll whine that whatever the committee comes up with is “draconian” or “unrealistic” without having any ideas of his own. That’s what Democrats do.

    Joe, you’re a real piece of.. um, work.

  26. Biden is a trained pony. He would be lost if he had to add two columns of numbers, never mind read a budget.

    Go cut a ribbon or kiss a baby, Joe. Remember it’s CUT a ribbon, KISS a baby. We don’t want you to confuse those two again.

  27. Biden and Obama better damn sure get their vacations paid for by the public now. After 2012 they’ll both be out of work. Thank God.

  28. We’ve had pathetic leadership for a long time.
    They would rather lob bombs or party with the taxpayer’s credit card than solve real, tough problems.

    Like kids, these politicians will play to their base, hoping someone acts worse so the taxpayers won’t notice.

  29. This Administration Constantly proves it is Not up to the task of Leading this Nation! I’m frankly, getting very tired of the jet-setters in the White House and Admin.

    Hello?! We are in Debt up to our Eyes and Biden goes on vacation to Italy? Nice, Joe. Way to Lead.

  30. Got to love those Democrats for loving their expensive lifestyle while the rest of us are living from pay check to pay check. I guess the federal budget isn’t really that important to Biden

    1. The Socialist Democrats will leave that to John Edwards when he gets out of prison. Since John’s a champion of the poor and all.

  31. Hmm, ironic that the cast from Jersey Shore in Italy at the same time. Both Biden and Snooki are on the same mental wavelength.

    1. I think Snooky should run against Obama, she may be America’s only hope…Perhaps Jersey Shore is the extremely shallow make over we really need.

  32. More and more Americans see too many politicians behaving as if they were in over their heads. Leaving town looks cowardly. Speaking for myself as an American, Biden has embarrassed me. I tend to think he really is a fool. America may have one more election cycle chance. I hope enough of us grasp what’s at stake.

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