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Thank You Can Never Be Enough

The following was written this Memorial Day morning in the comments section by one of our readers, Susan. I don’t think it could be said better:

“In loving memory to all of the brave men and women who gave their all for our freedom. To those currently serving our country thank you for your sacrifice. God bless you and keep you safe.”

6 thoughts on “Thank You Can Never Be Enough”

  1. Well said and not going to try to top Susan but we just got back from Boston where strolling thru The Common I came upon some “activists” -which is a name that’s always puzzled me. When you don’t bathe, work or make a damn bit of sense I think you’re more accurately an “INacivist”.

    But, after a few minutes of forehead smacking pronouncements (at one point the declared today ‘Dead Soldier Day’), I walked to the front and asked Mr. Bullhorn:

    “you really don’t get this whole freedom thing do you?”.

    (-Braves @ 1:05, parade @ 3, pork butts and martini’s @ 6, God Bless America)

  2. Thank you Susan, for your beautiful words. And thank you to all who have served past and present, for your sacrifice, your service and devotion to our Precious America. God bless the USA!

  3. We all say thank you in our own ways. Here’s BHO’s way:

    markknoller @Mark Knoller
    Pres Obama is playing 90-degree golf at Ft. Belvoir in Va. It’s his 70th golf outing as president; his 18th at Belvoir.
    40 minutes ago

  4. Just on e day Mr. President of the United States? Just one day out of 365 that you might skip golfing out of respect for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedoms? Just one single 24 hour period Mr. President? This turd in the White House is simply disgusting. It’s sickening, and I’ve never felt like this about a President in my 58 years of life. How anybody can respect this boob of a President is beyond me.

  5. Billy Ray Cyrus sang it so well:

    Over the course of my professional life I have had the privilege to work with many former and active duty military personnel. The honor, dignity, professionalism and pride of uniform they exude is exemplary. Anyone who dismisses these men and women as being some sort of malcontents, uneducated, etc. has never worked side by side with them.

    God bless all of our military, active, reserve and retired. They are the backbone of our freedoms.

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