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Obama Goes Golfing on Memorial Day

The business of memorializing our war dead done, President Obama headed out to the Fort Belvoir golf course today, finding his way onto the links for the ninth weekend in a row.

Obama earlier today laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with families of those killed in battle. But he emerged from the day’s solemnity to go golfing for the 12th time this year and the 70th time of his presidency.

The decision to golf on Memorial Day invites comparison with President George W. Bush, who gave up the game early in his presidency and said he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq.

Obama is out with the three younger aides he typically has in tow on his golf excursions, junior White House staffer Ben Finkenbinder, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, and Energy Department staffer David Katz.

In a sign of his determination to play no matter what, Obama is golfing even though it is currently 95 degrees at Fort Belvoir and it “feels like” it’s 98 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

825 thoughts on “Obama Goes Golfing on Memorial Day”

  1. Here is WHY!
    Contemptuous of those who seek to understand them
    Does not perceive that anything is wrong with them
    Only rarely in difficulty with the law, but seeks out situations where their tyrannical behavior will be tolerated, condoned, or admired
    Conventional appearance
    Goal of enslavement of their victim(s)
    Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim’s life
    Has an emotional need to justify their crimes and therefore needs their victim’s affirmation (respect, gratitude and love)
    Ultimate goal is the creation of a willing victim
    Incapable of real human attachment to another
    Unable to feel remorse or guilt
    Extreme narcissism and grandiose
    May state readily that their goal is to rule the world

  2. so whats new? Our men and women are dying overseas and he continues to play golf like its no big deal. Too bad that the left media is in his pocket or the truth would come out of how he really doesn’t respect our men and women in uniform. However article out this morning that our service men and women don’t respect him either. And maybe, just maybe its because they can see thru him. Happy Memorial day to all our men and women who have given their lives for us to be able to write this.

    1. Who started the men and women dying overseas hypocrite the mess we are in right now started by Bush. Look at the polls so many people are sick of your BS

      1. Didn’t you hear Jesse Lee? We don’t believe the poll numbers anymore than we buy the unemployment figures or the inflation statistics.

      2. You are so gone you have to phrase your question to not make your savior look exactly the same as GWB lol. The streetlights are on child, time to go home.

      3. Libya is an act of aggression. We have sent troops to bomb Libya. That is called warring. The fact our troops are still there is illegal. There has NOT been congressional approval. Lest you forget…a democrat held congress voted to APPROVE invading Iraq.

        If you recall, we were attacked on 9/11 2001. Our troops went in 7 Oct 2001….AFTER we were attacked without provocation, which is an act of war. Again with congressional approval from a democrat held congress. If you were a vet, you would KNOW this.

  3. The PBS special honoring veterans was great. Of course the arrogate, self centered commander-in-racism was notable absent. What a worthless, irresponsible clown.

  4. You know the guy very well Keith. I didn’t think he would have the gall to do it. Where have all the war protestors gone? Where are all the supporters of this so-called commander-in-chief? Just tell me how you think he can do this when our sons and daughters are dying in a war he doesn’t want to win. Look at the faces of America’s blood and treasure and tell me how any commander could play at a time like this. Drudge link:
    I hear Ireland is pretty smitten with the man. Maybe he and the missus should just pack their bags and go. Don’t come back!

    1. Watchman,

      You simply cannot take away the #1 rule in their attack book! When their Messiah flubs, lies, distorts, disgraces the office, bungles anything, acts arrogant beyond words, displays pure disdain for this country….and he’s called out on it….what’s a poor lib to do? Why, it’s easy! Yell RAAACCCIISSSSMMM!!!!

      You know, the same racism that elected this fool to office! MC, you are a brain dead lib. No further explanation needed.

  5. He would have teed off much earlier, but unfortunately in between traveling around the globe at taxpayer expense for photo ops, visiting tornado devastated cities ten days after the fact and having to honor military heroes that could never polish the boots of, are all things he must do as POTUS to make people think it really matters to him! Wonder how many times he checked his watch to make sure he wouldn’t be late?

  6. This guy Obama, is nothing more than a PIG living in the White House. Not much longer, thank God!!! I mean no offense to our four legged friends. He is all show and really does not know what the hell he is doing. Everything that comes out of his mouth are total and complete LIES.

  7. “Duty. Honor. Country.” Barry understands none of the words. Remember he is a “citizen of the world,” by his own admission. Consequently, he has nothing invested in American exceptionalism. One aspect of American exceptionalism is the number of American dead who are buried overseas in defense of counties, some of which loathe the U.S.A.
    I have no respect for Obama or Michelle, because they have no respect for the US or the citizens. He is not one of us.

  8. Look at it this way. At least when he is on the golf course he is not telling US lies and giving hourly speeches with that damn reverberation set up he uses. Probably lies about his golf score, too, because that is just the person he has become. A total disgrace to this country.

  9. You people are idiots. NO President has taken as much vacation time as did George W. Bush. Moreover, check out the record of his father or Ronald Reagan. Why are you so bent out of shape because of President Obama? Because you don’t like him – Period!! But the truth of the man’s presidency shows he has been far more committed with his time and energy than have any of the others you would hail. Moreover, THREE ILLEGAL WARS…..YOU mean TWO started by GWB. OH and the third is not a war. Get your facts straight. Oh I forget, most of you are illiterate, uneducated Republicans who wouldn’t recognize a fact if it bit you. The presidents (past, current and future) are not what is taking this country down the tubes. It’s stupid people. God save us from the ignorant.

    1. So……What are you doing to honor the fallen…besides degarding our Country..freedom is not a choice as you might suggest..

    2. Look up the real fact versus the liberal lies. Bush gave up golf and dedicated his focus on our soldiers rather than golf and European vacations as our current POS of-a-prez. Besides, if you’re really a vet wife & daughter (I doubt it), then you wouldn’t be spewing these lies in the face of those who really respect our soldiers. Obummer is the worst POS ever!!! A Gallup poll that was released today shows that the military has the lowest level of respect for this POS president!

      1. Yeah Right dedicated his focus on soldiers that were being killed by the war he started! While on vacation more then obama but he sure slept well at night. BS

    3. Bush took vacations to his ranch in Texas, he did not take vacations all over the world on the taxpayers dime, He did not leave the country during times of natural disaster to party in Europe, he did not take sides with our enemies over our allies, He did not campaign in every speech that he delivered, he went out and thanked the troops on memorial day and every day for that matter, how can obama be far more committed with his time and energy if he isn’t getting anything done? Tell me what obama has achieved!? DRONES like you voting for people who want to “Change” our country are what is sending the country down the tubes, you in fact are the ignorant one. God help you

    4. Polish American - Bogacki

      Ment for Vet wife and daughter. Polish American – Bogacki May 30, 2011 at 4:48 pm
      I’m guessing you’re either BLACK or watch american idol

        1. dean…envy and jealousy are not healthy. That is bitterness. America is the land of opportunity. Since you are envious of the rich, get off of your derriere, come up with an idea, get to work, do you best, excel…..Believe me it is a whole lot better than your sitting back collecting your EBT cards, unemployment, and trying to steal from other hardworking people!

    5. You are exactly right, it’s the stupid people who fell for the crap spewed by this empty suit. Next time do some research before you vote libby.

  10. The Goldman Sachs-annointed presidential tele-prompter reader has nothing better to do that memorialize another set of balls because clearly he has none of his own.

  11. Do you honestly think….this guy really gives a s#@$ about the Military Men and Women that have given their lives and sacrificed the well being of their families and he can get away from the Memorial Services and get another round of golf in ??? What a Dumbass…I honestly can say that I have never made a comment like that to a president of the United States of America..A very dismal day for Our Country !!!!! I Salute the Fallen and the Active Duty Military..It’s there DAY…NOT HIS !!!!!

  12. He is the commader in chief, shouldn’t he be out meeting vets and their families and thanking them for all the work they did and continue to do!? nahh obama only likes to congratulate himself on the nothingness that he “accomplishes”.

  13. 70 times?!!!! Why that’s more days than George could actually be found in the Whitehouse after undertaking his illegal wars!

  14. Only Bush gets to play golf. When Obama plays golf it’s a crime, because he’s black and a Democrat, ignore the fact Osama died under his term.

    1. your racism is insulting on this Memorial Day, a holiday originated as a day of rememberance due to the mind boggling numbers of men (and women) who gave there lives to free black slaves. Maybe if the racists in this nation would realize that many of the so called “white oppressors” have given there lives so that they could have freedom they might make more of there lives then simply suckling on the government teet and in effect subjecting themselves to a form of voluntary slavery……..yes thats right i just hit you with a dose of a truth that what you actually desire is slavery. ouch

  15. What a Chicago thug-of-a-prez!!!! It’s Memorial Day and he could at least spend time with those the enable him to act like a thug – our soldiers. Man, I hope we can find a way to take him out before 2012!!!! He is the most disgusting POS ever!!!

  16. Let’s not forget that after Bush said he gave up golf, there was the photo of him on the links. Never heard that story? Probably because it wasn’t reported by Fox News, the Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity . . .

  17. Even our battle hardened community organizer in chief deserves time off to reflect on the monumental tasks of starting a third war front in Libya while continuing Bush’s war in Af/Pak…oh, and let us not for get the war police state war against Americans under the guise of the Patriot Act.

  18. I just hope and Pray for the promised Change….Yes Change the way Obama Plays and instead finally takes time to work on a BUDGET and Plan for his Massive Debt Reduction….He’s worse than Jimmy Carter!!!

    1. At least Carter served his country in the Navy. Despite his poor performance in office, he at least has that over Barry.

  19. So he golfed..and by the way, “W” did golf even after his said he wouldn’t. because of the wars, and a few posters here do know that Boehner golfs all the time,. I guess a little relaxation is bad for a president? And whoever lives in the White House has to pay their own personal expenses, like food, dry cleaning etc.

    For some reason, presidents like the game and if this is what gives them a sense of freedom, some exercise and being one of the boys, so what! Alot of you must think that the peole of this country really care. Drude just puts this stuff up for the vitriole to flow.

    1. America pays for the President’s lifestyle, Grannie. 100.00 a pound Kobe beef every night; flying in pizza Chefs from St. Louis…, party, party like there is no tomorrow with this man. He is living the life of Riley on our nickel and thumbing his nose at America all the while; make no mistake about that.

      1. Hey Russ, guess you and others don’t knoiw how things work in the WH for any president. As I stated earlier, any pres. pays for their own food and personal expenses. If they need a new tv in their private quarers, they pay themselves, they do have their own furniture and belongings. As far as the golf, any pres. that plays on military property, doesn’t pay, i.e an Admiral playing at Bethesda. If any pres.ays at a private course, they are sponsored by a member and that member pays te fees. So you or anyone else posting here think Boehner pays for all he plays? They ( members of congress) are all privilaged and get special treatment. Where was Boehner on Memorail Day? Wonder if Drudge knows, and if someone finds he was playing golf too, what will you all say then. Her is 3rd in line….remember?.

        1. Granny, I stand corrected. A bit of internet research supported your comments. Assuming the internet info is correct, the president does apparently pay for his own meals unless it is a state dinner. I hope it extends to the airfare for the Pizza chef flown in for one of his parties.

          It still sticks in my craw that a president of our United States would prefer to call this country low down and high smelling to her enemies; bowing down to foreign scum who would have our collective heads on their state dinner platter.

    2. Boehner does not order our boys into combat. The President does, and he alone bears the responsibility for each an every wound and each and every death they endure.
      Bush did not play golf after this responsibility hit him, and you are nothing but an outright, 100% liar for saying he did, and you know it.
      I do understand that you Liberals must resort to lies in an pathetic last gasp to buttress your indefensible positions, but man..please…Leave this one alone.
      There are fine young men who gave their all dotting our cemeteries at Obama’s order, and he could obviously care less. Its all about “HIM” you understand, as “HE” was the one that “Got Bin Ladin”. Gag me. he did nothing but endorse the obvious and only command available to him . If the polls had told him otherwise, or if he could have gained more political leverage by doing so, he would have let Bin Ladin walk, and we all know it..
      So, seriously, how can you be so callous as to invent and hurl such slander just to protect your narcissistic Dear Leader?
      You know full well W. Bush acted from the heart, and that Barry Soetero acted from the lack of one.
      Deal with it, grow a little back bone, stand tall, and speak truthfully…
      for once.

      1. When will you and others realize that more of our precious military died and were wounded under W”. He started these wars, left Afghanistan to go after Saddam. When will it all end? Obama can’t be blamed for everything that happened for 8 years, he has quite a mess to clean up. No man is perfect, but here I read such garbage and hate, it makes me even sadder for the direction of the “people” in this country. Morals, ethics and kindness is all but gone. I miss the good old days.

    3. Vegas Grannie Sad all this hate I live in las vegas can’ believe how cold it was Sunday warming up today ready for hot weather tomorrow.

  20. Absolutely ignorant remark…Back down to the lowest common I.Q…(about 71). Talk about nothing other than race bairing from the left.

  21. I’m rertired, and love to play golf, yet I have been unable to find the time to play more than 25 times since Obama was sworn in as our ‘Golfer-in-chief’.

    What a dunderheaded SOB this NoBaba has turned out to be. He and his wife thumb their noses at the average American, and life the high life whenever he chooses, which is all too often.

    Remember to vote this bum out come Nov. ’12.

  22. Imagine yourself in the position of “Commander In Chief”. Would you, could you play tired little old man games as the boys you ordered into combat are dying?
    Even those of you who excuse our narcissistic Boy/King for his endless parties in the White House, the vacations, the low class appearances on stupid TV shows, must be a little revolted at this.
    How could this man play golf while our young men are dieing at his direction?
    2012 cannot come soon enough.

  23. As opposed to the millions of people getting drunk and barbequeing?? Grow up people. All these “patriots” getting weepy eyed over people who died overseas are the same ones justifying these pointless military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Talk about dying for nothing.

    1. Jesse Lee, those people we are getting weep eyed over are our fellow Americans. They paid the ultimate price so that you, you worthless little twerp, could post your ugly un-American comments. Russ is right, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  24. Polish American - Bogacki

    I’m glad Hussain is on the links. That keeps him away from scewing up our Country more than he already has.

    1. Polish American - Bogacki

      I meant Skewing. That’s right, up the butt, throught the mouth and on the Grill. Thanks to All that gave their life. A true leader would be on the feild today with our Not on the Golf course. Bring our Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Etc. Home.

  25. Why didn’t he just go over the the tomb of the unknown soldier and pull down his pants and defecate? I think that would get his point across to those who still don’t understand him.

  26. Are you kidding me? No wreath laying at a tomb? NO quiet day in honor of the fallen? Is this guy just insensitive or what? Partying in Europe while the midwest dies and then a quick spin thru the disaster and now the links? Did he go to church or a cemetery this weekend? Show any honor?

  27. ATTENTION OBAMA DRONES: Bush took vacations to his ranch in Texas, he did not take vacations all over the world on the taxpayers dime, He did not leave the country during times of natural disaster to party in Europe ( I dare you to say something about Katrina), he did not take sides with our enemies over our allies, He did not campaign in every speech that he delivered, he went out and thanked the troops on memorial day and every day for that matter, either way you look at it Bush LOVED his country, how can obama be far more committed with his time and energy if he isn’t getting anything done and has a socialist agenda? Tell me what obama has achieved!? THIS is why people HATE obama

  28. This guy is a scumbag. He’s President of the US. He should be involved in ceremonies honoring our war dead all damn day. He doesn’t need another personal v-day. When will our long national nightmare end?

  29. Gee, I didn’t know people weren’t allowed to recreate on Memorial Day. Why don’t you go bash all the people who are out picnicing, visiting friends, taking Sunday drives, playing with their kids and seeing a movie?

    I bet all you Obama haters stayed home and did nothing but pray, cry, and flog yourselves, right? Cause if you did anything fun, you’re a raging HYPOCRITE.

      1. Oh, so the President plays by different rules, eh? Ones that you make up, right? Ones where he can never win. Yup, I know the drill well by now.

        No shut your mouth, turn off your computer, and go mourn our troops, hypocrite.

    1. I am now “recreating”…I started doing so immediately after going to the local veteran cemetary, and laying flowers on the grave of my older brother, and many of the veterans who I knew and served with.

      1. Jon,
        I am so very sorry to know of your loss. I also lost my older brother, his name was David, and while I never met him, I have seen him and he has been with my sister and I every since.
        I will pray for you my brother and my friend.
        May God bless and keep you both.
        Very Respectfully, and with all sincerity,
        Ray Carpenter,
        and family.

    2. Your a typical Obama Sycophant Niko, and it is a revolting, pathetic thing to witness.
      Where is your self respect?
      Your Boy King is sending our young off to be wounded and die, but it does not deter him from playing 18 holes…hosting top venue parties in our White House, going on endless, high dollar, five star vacations at our expense….putting his huge, nasty feet on OUR priceless desk in the Oval Office….
      Having the White House Sail Makers make goofy dresses for the gargantuan First “Lady” out of the White House drapery…
      You and Your Boy King need to go away on a private vacation, leave our country alone, and never, ever, come back.
      You are one of the Sheep screaming “Tow Legs Bad, Four Legs Good!” in Orwell’s Animal Farm, and frankly you of confusing gender, “you make me sick” also.

  30. I wonder if this moron knows where the Oval Office is. The only time Obama cares about being seen with our military or makes any appearance of caring about our vets or military is if there is an opportunity for an photo op. Then its off to hit the links as soon as its over.

  31. NO golf for presidents.

    Close down the White House and make it a museum.
    President gets a one bedroom condo.
    Family NOT allowed to move to DC.

    Stay home.

    Stop treating politicians like a Royal Family.

  32. How DARE you sit on your fat *** all day and post comments??? You should be remembering our troops! You’re sitting there ENJOYING yourself and having FUN instead of respecting our troops!

    You make me sick.

    1. Uh…er..Nikko our friend..
      Other then siting on your “fat *** all day” and defending Your Dear Leader, Your Tyrant in Chief, Your Dear Leader….
      ..What, if anything, have you done today other then carry the vile water of the Boy/King that now orders our Boys to their death, and then goes off to play a full round of golf?
      Your Boy King is a self absorbed tyrant, hell bent to destroy the nation that installed him and his ugly, entitled clan into our White House.
      Deal with it.

    2. Disengage you head from the obama anus for even a minute to see what a fool you and all liberals are. You defend a man and his actions and if he were GWB…these same actions would have your screaming from the rooftops. What would you, as a liberal fool, have done if GWB unilaterally spent 200+MILLION to attack a sovereign nation like Libya WTIHOUT getting the approval of Congress? It would be complete meltdown for the libs! Free pass for zero man. Go away child and come back when you grow up. All liberals do grow up eventually…well most. The rest just need abused at every turn. Think bill ayers as an example of trash to be abused.

  33. The class-less Trojan Horse in the Whitehouse was never ‘on our side’, and he’s not smart enough to maintain a dignified low-profile on Memorial Day. Demented by the jealous rage of his marxist father, he’s bankrupting us, destroying our medical system, cutting defenses, alienating friends, bowing to enemies, and usurping the Constitution. He is stifling Gulf oil drilling while the Russians and Chinese are buying oil leases all over the world. He told NASA to concentrate on ‘muslim outreach’..(HUH??) His racist lackey Holder is suing Arizona for enforcing Federal Law and is attempting to prosecute the heroes who gathered intel to find and erradicate Osama Bin Hiden! They have set race-relations back 60 years, and it has NOTHING to do with what they look like. We must exhaust all legal channels to free ourselves of the Trojan Horse before something worse developes. Will we still be free to vote in 2012? If false promises get him re-elected, members of the resistance will begin to disappear.
    Silence is complicity. Spread the word. Stay informed, involved, and inspired. The clock is ticking. Find someone who is open to the truth; we’re going to need enlightened voters.

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy
    “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw
    “The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” – Patrick Henry
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ‘1984’

    1. SmithWinston6478. I can tell you are a true American Patriot and a GOD fearing Man. Where have all the others gone? Regardless of who qoutes anything. They must stand behind their words. No one gets out of this world alive.

    2. Love that quote. Obama could have visited the wounded troops, even for a few minutes. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier visit was just an inconvenience for his golf game.

      Celente is now saying there will be protests in Spain. Youths (45% unemployed) & in the EU finaly realize the ‘career politicians’ have destroyed their future.

      Might want to read that new book about average Americans starting the 2nd American Revolution. Remember, it was the Tea Tax that started the first one. It’s so real so I recommend it.

      His visit to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was just a political move prior to his re-election. So, it’s politics as usual.

  34. Kyle blubbered: “gnore the fact Osama died under his term.”

    Thanks to the interrogation efforts of the Bush administration that eventually led to the whereabouts of bin Laden. If the gathering of intelligence on bin Laden were left up to Obamba, bin Laden could walk down the streets of NYC and never been noticed.

  35. Before Obama became President, I really didn’t care one way or the other about people of races other than my own, I was a live and let live kind of person, but since Obama has been in office and seeing the rise in arrogance in the black people in my town, I am now starting to trust others less and less.

  36. Obama is a piece of excrement that needs to be flushed out of Washington as soon as possible. No respect for our fallen heroes. He is absolutely evil and vile.

  37. Look at it this way folks: You’re busy, and have a career and a family. Suppose you get out to golf 5 times in a season. You’d have to golf for 14 years at that rate to equal what Barry has done in 2 1/2 years! Got it? Now wouldn’t you think that being POTUS and having a family that you’d get FEWER chances to golf? Not Barry. He has all sorts of time to hit the links.

  38. Hussein “I’m Not A Muslim” Obama gets elected with 53% of the vote, and the headlines read “Country United, 53%”. George Bush got elected with 53%, and the Lame Stream Media screams, “Country Divided, 53%.
    The biased, socialist, unethical print media should have headlines that say “The National Nightmare Continues”. Weren’t they paying attention when Natzee Nanzee lost the speakership and the House by 63 seats, the greatest loss since Custer? He’s still suing Arizona, and gave Qaddafi $7 million of OUR tax dollars so he could defend Libyan borders, and then turned around and bombed him, and doesn’t Libya have lots of oil money?? Why is he still sending money to Al Qaeda in Egypt?? He sent 1,000s of AK-47s across the border into Mexico “to see where they go”, because he’s so smart that they had little chips inside, and now we know where they went: to kill ICE agents, Americans, and are being shipped to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.
    Everything he touches or has a hand is either illogical, illegal, or involves shady characters and tax cheats (his entire administration is corrupt), and every speech contains the words, I, me or my. Just despicable. And the left wingers complain about a woman who can’t raise their tobacco taxes or send their children off to die in battle, and they allow him to get away with calling a white woman a “pig with lipstick”, and they CAN’T SAY ONE GOOD THING ABOUT HIS PRESIDENCY. PERIOD. O.B.A.M.A = One Big Azz Mistake America.
    ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!! The Nightmare continues for another 525 days!

  39. Give Barry a break. The golf course is the only place he can openly smoke. His game hasn’t improved in the last two years, that should say it all.

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