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Obama Goes Golfing on Memorial Day

The business of memorializing our war dead done, President Obama headed out to the Fort Belvoir golf course today, finding his way onto the links for the ninth weekend in a row.

Obama earlier today laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and met with families of those killed in battle. But he emerged from the day’s solemnity to go golfing for the 12th time this year and the 70th time of his presidency.

The decision to golf on Memorial Day invites comparison with President George W. Bush, who gave up the game early in his presidency and said he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq.

Obama is out with the three younger aides he typically has in tow on his golf excursions, junior White House staffer Ben Finkenbinder, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, and Energy Department staffer David Katz.

In a sign of his determination to play no matter what, Obama is golfing even though it is currently 95 degrees at Fort Belvoir and it “feels like” it’s 98 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

825 thoughts on “Obama Goes Golfing on Memorial Day”

  1. I wish this was a surprise.

    As to the heat, remember this is a guy who grew up in Hawaii and insists the WH be kept balmy for his comfort.

    1. Obama, then Barry Soetoro was raised in Indonesia, from age 5-10 and can really have unpleasant temperature in the summer which is from January to May.

    2. oh and i thought he kept it balmy because the guy is from hell, also i find it disrespectful as a veteran of the Iraq war that his way of remembering involves a set of irons, personally i would like to see him in irons.

      1. This isn’t his way of remembering. What he did earlier that day is his way of remembering. You just sound like an ignorant asshole who is way too satisfied that he found two meanings for the word “iron.” congrats.

        1. Sensible is a little bitch. I’m honestly past the point of people defending Obama’s right to vacation 24/7. That’s not what our tax dollars pay for, and that’s not his damn job. He should be working around the clock to fix our problems. He is doing the complete opposite and letting his “czars” ruin our republic. We are doomed as a nation because we have become a bunch of little apathetic pussies who don’t give a shit about freedom and liberty and our bill of rights. Don’t worry though. The ones with the guns will take it back soon enough from these little bitches.

          1. and no social graces (i.e. England) SNL would be doing Bush spin-offs if he didn’t know the date and talked over “God Save the Queen’ THANK GOD FOR THE INTERNET, MEDIA AND DEMOCRATS WE THINK YOUR FREAK IS A JOKE………….and as you keep selling the ignorant and arrogant man,

            BARRY IS WIPING THE DEMOCRAT PARTY OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH……..and you Hitler media go with them this time……….you are destroying America to save BARRY…..we have had enough

          2. I agree, all he does is fly around in that damn plane, can anyone tell me how much that cost us taxpayers everytime he gets on it, which certainly seems to be a daily basis. How does his flight time compare to other presidents.

          3. Sensible…………No, you’re not.
            You need to wake up and realize o’blama, like the rest of these crooks’ in this administration is, the agenda to DESTROY the United States of America. (Where have YOU been for almost 3 years??) His “lip service” laying the wreath” is strictly for PR only……… He certainly doesn’t care about our Military. He is an egomanical, dirt-bag. Do research of your own instead of listening to the propaganda you’re being spoon fed. WAKE UP.!

          1. *Big time liberal…….,*

            Perhaps if you weren’t so myopic, you would be able to recognize the EVIL upon this Nation.Sadly any lib is incapable of a deep thought, only a surface one….. liberal-radical-socialist-marxist-commies need to move to Venezuela and maybe your pea-brain would then realize what you’re asking for. Has it ever turned out well??? NO, it hasn’t

        2. what he did EARLIER – you mean party his butt off in Europe with his wife catting around in 2,000 dollar dresses while the floods killed more people than Katrina…………I am sure you would have excused Bush doing this while Katrina happened????? YOU HYPO’CRATS’ ARE GONE……..we said you boys hated America, and you keep proving it…….

          just because your Hitler media took the floods off the news – people are dying…………..ONE AND DONE BOYS, no help for Obama, ONE AND DONE…….

        3. “Sensible,” since Memorial Day is a day for remembering our military, especially those who have died protecting our lives and our freedom (which BO is working hard at taking away), what he does publicly on Memorial Day (especially since he is supposed to know that he is the president, not just Joe Citizen) IS his way of remembering – or rather, his way of showing that he’s not interested in spending HIS time remembering. He’s a self-centered dictator wannabe.

        4. To Sensible; Wow, you can always tell the unintelligent closeminded idiots on here. Sensible, you called someone you don’t even know who has served our Country an “ignorant asshole”. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

    3. And how long was he in Chicago? It’s cold in Chicago. This “has to be hot because of Hawaii” doesn’t cut it. It’s just another do as I say not as I do. We are supposed to conserve, not him. As long as he’s not paying the bill he doesn’t care, nor does he care if he’s cooking the people around him.

    4. You do know that in Hawaii they have this thing called the trade winds that blows and keeps the islands cool. You should also know that the temperature is pretty moderate and stays between 75 and 82 all year round. There are exceptions, like that one morning we woke up and it was 51*F and we were all huddled around the stove, the only source of heat in the house.

    5. these global warming nuts ALWAYS KEEP THE TEMPERATURE HOW THEY WANT IT – gore flies around in his big jets and lives in big houses – THE REST OF US MUST SUFFER – JUST LIKE COMMUNISTS, the select few win…………that isn’t America – ABO – anybody but Obama in 2012……worst president in history bar none…………..

        1. Right, and I’m sure you are equally horrified at the MILLIONS of Americans who are at this moment drunk at a BBQ. Please. This is non-news. Zzzzzz

          1. you are saying that the office represents nothing? perhaps to you the president is just another lazy american, but to the rest of this nation he is a representative of the union. the man should adopt a more appropriate attitude when choosing his leisure times. even the most incompetent of civil servants understand the importance of discretion.

          2. What should he do? Even if he spent the day washing veterans’ feet, you’d just call it pandering. Everyone complaining about this would easily forgive a republican who spent the afternoon relaxing on a national holiday.

          3. Sadly nothing can make racists happy, that a black President spent a few hours to relax after a crazy week of talking to dignitaries in the UK, offering his condolences to those in Joplin, giving his respects to the soldiers for Memorial Day, and doing a thousand other things not reported by the Drudge report.

            Does the Drudge report actually report anymore?

          4. LOL, “Does the Drudge report actually report anymore?”

            Drudge never did report nor did he claim to on the website, he merely collects stories that are a cross section of polticial and policital related stories, consolidates them and puts them on the website, he never claimed to do any other.

            Yep, I’m one of those nasty “racists” who think that Black people are inferior, that’s why I am supporting Herman Cain for 2012, to get rid of the current inept boob that is running the country into the same standard as Cuba or one of the other Banana Republics run by other tin pot dictators. But one thing I really cannot wait to see. When Cain starts running for the Presidnecy in earnest, what are Obamas supporters going to do when they become the “racists”, as the will when they attack Mr. Cain? I can hardly wait for the hypocrisy of the left to come out for all to see.

          5. What should he do? He just came back from a week overseas doing what exactly? Quick trip to Missouri for some photos to show he cares, lay a wreath in honor of those who fought and died for this country, ie: another photo op. Don’t know about you but man, I’d be tired too. Lets go play golf!!
            By the way, how about some jobs and a budget??

          6. Two-and-a-half years into his (mis)administration, this guy has played more golf that the previous THREE Commanders-in-Chief played, combined. Ten Rounds of golf (as of a couple of rounds ago) for every press conference held, by the “Most Transparent Administration Ever.”

            Saved us from Depression? Really, WHINER? On the 20th of January, 2009, when this clown was inaugurated, unemployment was under 7% and the national average for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline was $1.83. Today it is holding around $4.00 a gallon and expected to climb to $5.00 by the end of the summer, something that he promised as a senator, for those who were paying attention. Before you jump in and try to blame the “Arab Spring” unrest, keep in mind (assuming you have one) that those uprising didn’t begin until the second week of January this year.

            Unemployment is holding around 9%, but only in the numbers released by the government. This doesn’t coult the additional 7%-9% who have run out of unemployment benefits, or simply given up. Among thoe of us in uniform, either as Guards/Reserves (like myself), or as OEF/OIF Veterans, the numbers are a full 10 points higher. With the harm he has done to military morale, there aren’t many Veterans who would let him near our feet, never mind washing them.

            If his Health Care “Reform” was such a wonderful thing, then why have over 1300 of his biggest supporters been granted waivers form it? If it was so great, why are those who wrote it exemptd from? Premiums have already gone up as a result and coverages have already been reduced. Yep, did a good job there.

            Got bin Laden? Only using information gathered by people his (in)Justice Department is preparing prosecuions against, using techniques he campaigned against (a clue for the clueless: “waterboarding” isn’t torture; withing the U. S. Military, it’s a training aid used in every survival school out there).

            Between marcUSA and WHINERS (below) I fear for my country. Lying and ad-hominem name calling don’t change fact that Barack Hussein Obama is, far and away, the worst, most damaging, and most divisive president in my life time, if not since Franklin Pierce.

            I guess there is something good to be said for the amount of golf he’s playing: I keeps him from doing his job.

            I would agree with ]Q[ that you guys are complete idiots, but I honestly don’t think you’re bright enough to qualify. I am still waiting for the day that I meet an intellegent liberal who can do somethingother than mouth the current DNC talking points. Fortunately for the rest of us, Lib-Tards like these only acount for about 30% of the legal voting populace of the United States and most of the independant voters who voted for “Hope and Change” are kicking themselves for it.

          7. Very eloquently put! However, the Libs have an answer for it all…They give Bush credit for it all (somehow)…for everything except capturing Bin Ladin! You can argue your points over and over with them and the first thing out of their mouths will be…. “Well, Bush …yada yada yada!’ They can’t make one legitimate point…instead, they get mad and make personal attacks. You will never be able to convince them. When all else fails, they pull the race card out; however when you ask them why they voted for Obama the answer many times is “because he’s black.” Isn’t that racist in itself?? I loved your post!! Thanks for your service to our country!!

          8. He should not golf, stay home and be presidential, that’s what he should do. One weekend of not golfing could be HIS sacrifice. Helping injured vets could be HIS sacrifice for this weekend. And, no, not all Americans were drunk at BBQs this weekend. Just because your life is meaningless doesn’t mean you can transfer that to the rest of the country. There is nothing RACIST here, just the truth…applicable to presidents both black and white or whatever color they may be.

          9. The millions of Americans who are at the barbeque have worked 8-16 hours per day (and are frightened to take vacations) at jobs they are scared to death that they might LOSE thanks to this administrations policies. President Obama has 4 years of job security–much more than the average American can even WISH for. Only Obama has the POWER to make lives better or make lives worse. With a REAL unemployment rate of almost 20%, most Americans know that he is making our lives WORSE. And then he celebrates that by playing golf. Most Americans GET THAT. You don’t. Sad for you.

          10. Well said, Houstongirl.
            But the boy who would be president has carried out his master’s orders for the day, and now it’s play time for him.

          11. @ HoustonGirl, AMEN…For anyone outside of the welfare state or some type of governent recipient handout would despise every move this man makes. I am a fair and honest dude but can spot BS and DECIET 100 miles away(hence my MOS, Forward Scout Observer, FO). For any man in uniform to have to salute this dude is an obamanation. Do your history on this mans Chicago political ties and cons. When he opens his mouth, you can smell the raw sewage. Hopefully the IGNORANT DEPENDENT SHEEP will not remember its time to vote again for the 2012 election and stay back in da hood, since voting once already was effort enough, for skin purposes at that. I never saw color as I do now, and I am 38, its just amazing the blinders I have worn

      1. What’s the stress Boopsie2008, giving our money away to Egypt???
        He isn’t under stress, he is not doing his job, he is either vacationing or campaigning!!!

      2. Boopsie… he has played golf tho the equivalent more than 2 months over the past 2 years. Where is that laser like focus on jobs? We have soldiers fighting and dying and Barry plays golf!

      3. What stress? He seems to have NOTHING BUT “downtime! He has no more stress ( a lot less, in fact) than the average family out here, doing everyhting they can just to hang on in this dismall economy of ours–you know, the one we hired this guy to FIX??

        The friggin’ apologist machine for this guy makes me sick!

      4. Stressful? B.O. main stress is where he’s going on vacation next week. The worst president in American history. Jimmy Carter looks like George Washington by comparison. God help this country cuz B.O. sure won’t.

        1. 1. Saved our asses from a Depression
          2. Reformed our pathetic excuse for Health Care
          3. Got Bin Laden

          I could go on. But you can’t see truth if it slapped you in the face. Obama has spent 3 years cleaning up W’s messes. From the unregulated oil disaster to the financial meltdown to the disasters in Iraq and Afghanistan. But keep complaining. History is going to look very kindly on this two-term genius. And your faux-cowboy half-wit c-student dry drunk flyboy will be remembered as the worst of the worst – the guy who nearly destroyed a nation. Keep projecting your failures on the clean-up crew. It’s alright. We enjoy fixing stuff and making it right even when the people we are helping spit in our faces.

          1. He is the President of a representative republic, not a postal worker. He could take one day out of the year and represent America.

            You justification for his disrespect is indicative of your politics.

          2. LOL Did not save our ass from a depression Bush put tarp into play which was more effective in slowing things down than barry’s, the tarp money that was given out has almost all been repaid too and he was hated for it. Don’t forget Bush had the dot com bust and the towers being hit so the economy wasn’t in great shape from clinton. The only reason he got bin laden is due to Bush’s information gathering tactics. Your so called genius is a cradle to grave government boy. So I guess when the American people can no afford liberal progress maybe we can get a real leader.

          3. Whiners.
            I can see you have your head so way up your butt you can’t see one inch ahead. He saved us from a Depression? really? which one? the economic melt down was created by Barney Franks, Chris Dodd and their minnions in Congress by denying W to intensify scrutiny in FanniMae FredyMac. But you are so ignorant I don’t think you even know what that is. Reformed Health Care? His plan is not implemented yet. I hope you are 85 years old in 2014 with advanced cancer and go to a hospital to be treated, you will see your REFORMED Health Care.He got Bin Laden? HE GOT BIN LADEN? the plan to get Bin Laden was implemented by Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld. The Seals team and CIA had been haunting Bin Laden since 2005. But of course you will still cheer for your pathetic president.

          4. 1. Investing in refineries in Brazil, promising the US will be it’s “best customer” in his own words. Meanwhile almost 1 in 10 americans is out of work. Not including those working part time or multiple minimum wage jobs
            2. A healthcare plan that has no detail as to how it’s going to be paid for, or logistically implemented
            3. Included U.S. military in a military campaign in a 3rd muslim nation (Libya).

            Please go on, because people didn’t elect this man to say HEY, DEAL WITH $5 GAS, and I INHERITED THIS MESS. He volunteered to fix it, said he could, and thus far a sluggish result with gas near an all time high, and the dollar about to be replaced as the world currency because this guy believes inflation and investing in not so U.S. friendly countries is apparently a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with blaming the clean up crew when their not doing their job, because there is a huge mess that hasn’t been cleaned.

          5. Document one time that government has successfully prevented a depression? Government wages and expenses are the overhead our business community pays to insure our Creator given rights are not infringed on.

            Unfortunately our representation in government need something to demonstrate their individual usefulness. Because of income tax our representation in government have a significant supply money they can dole out. Companies world wide are in business to make a profit, therefore very willing to pursue government contracts. These same companies and cooperatives are willing to help our representatives stay in office if they will in turn favor them with contracts.

            We need to disarm business influence in our representative government. Return the Senate to representing the states thus making it more difficult for businesses to influence government actions.

            We need people like Whiners to present both side of the same argument, therefore placing the burden of self education about the history and function of our nation on their shoulders. We know that our current school systems, K-12 and College/University, are not fully teaching our nation’s history. Making a decision about the day to day operation of our nation demands that we the people become fully informed. Little things like segregation need to be fully taught in school. Little things like government in business need to be fully taught. Start with the 4,000 words in the Constitution and our nation’s first law, The Declaration of Independence.

            That’s my story…. what’s yours?

          6. Dear Mr. Whiner, aka Obamabot,
            Democrat Jesus has done none of what you say.
            1. Made the recession/depression worse by getting us in debt up to our eyeballs with the porkulus package, which was just an excuse to bail out the public sector unions. It created NO private sector jobs. Maybe we can all work for the government and tax the government to pay for the government.
            2. Made healthcare worse by making a beurocratic MESS out of it now and in the future. I’m in healthcare. You’d better really like the government worker mentality in the future, because that’s what you’re going to get when you get sick, bucko.
            3. The Navy Seals (you know, the eeevil brain-dead military) killed Bin-Laden, not Democrat Jesus. And the information was obtained by torture. I laugh when Democratistants like you are proud of that. Wow! Your team takes credit for murder and your proud. LOL! How do you spell hypocrite? D-E-M-O-C-R-A-T.

          7. I understand where you are going with that post, but to use the words “torture” and “murder” is blatantly incorrect. As a member of our military, throwing these words around, when the acts were justifiable, just feeds the leftest. The correct terms should be “enhanced interrogation” and “kill.” Nothing more, nothing less. The interrogation techniques were by no means “torture” and we did NOT murder him. Murder is a negative term.

          8. He didn’t “save” us from anything, the economy is still in the tank. Yet you probably believe he “saved” all those jobs too, right? “If you think this is bad, should have seen how much worse it COULD have been”. No one is buying that crap you id.iots are peddling.
            2. If you think he “reformed” healthcare, you really are stupid.
            3. Bush led the charge to get bin laden. Yet he told us 34 times in his speech how “he” alone got bin laden.

          9. 1. He hasn’t save anything. Unemployment is up, inflation is up, gas prices are up, housing market is down….
            2. By pushing through a health care system that the majority of Americans did not want. One that has proven to fail in other countries.
            3. Got Bin Laden…. The CIA and Military “got” Bin Laden. I give Obama credit for okaying the raid, but the credit for finding Bin Laden should go to W, the CIA, and the military. The information that led to his location was gathered through the same advanced interrogation techniques that you liberals are so adamantly against.

            The left is who truly wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you in the face.

          10. What health care?? you must have a plan NO ONE else has until 2014….Oh yeah
            9+ percent unemployment
            $4+ a gallon of gas 5 by summer…
            A housing ma4ket he has destroyed……
            85% of all college graduates having to move back home because of No JOBS..

          11. Whiner's head-in-sand-removal Device

            1. Saved us from WHAT Depression? The not even a fraction of the stimulus is even paid out yet to the “depressed”. How can you prove there would have been a depression anyway?

            I just clapped my hands. If I HADN’T clapped my hands, I would have been eaten by a grizzly. Same stupid logic.

            Have you seen our debt structure lately? We’ll be paying out all of this borrowed money 3 times over by the time the interest is all rolled up. I’m sorry, YOU’LL be paying it off. I’ll likely be dead when we start paying off the principle $ in 50 years. We can all argue about social/foreign policy matters, but if you’re not fiscally conservative (cutting spending/minimally invasive steps in regards to tax increases) nowadays, you’re a complete idiot.

            2. Reform? By forcing everyone to BUY insurance? Wow. Only a “two-term genius” can come up with a plan that not only makes medical costs (and insurance premiums) go up (more demand/level supply, it’s the law), it also expands a gov’t bureaucracy that’s WAY more wasteful and corrupt than this monumentally screwed up medical industry could ever be. It’s also already sending our best docs into early retirement. Sheer Genius. If he was a genius, he simply would’ve forced all americans to buy (and use) health club memberships. That’s pre-emptive. It truly promotes healthy living. We’d all be a little sexier. Two term Genius. Puh-leeze.
            3. Obama got Bin Laden? Where do I start. Obama on the campaign trail wouldn’t even call him a terrorist. He campaigned to close Gitmo. He campaigned to stop the torture of “enemy combatants”. Then he became president and made all sorts of realizations, like that he wasn’t a community organizer anymore. He was now RESPONSIBLE for the community.

            It would be like giving Nixon credit for the moon landing.

            Start actually paying some taxes, owning some property, and having a kid or two. Then you’ll realize that Obama sucks just as bad as Bush did.

          12. @Whiners-Besides being quite delusional about the success of Obama, you apparently have no concept of leadership either. A leader being watched by the world but most importantly by those who are under his command serving in the war zone deserve a president who understands the sacrifice of those who gave all for this country. On a day honoring men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, we might rightfully expect the president is the one person who has a quiet day in reflection like many of us who served did. You would think a president who really has a clue would default to the position of staying home. We serve 210 straight days in country without a day off. Never once did I come to my unit and say I needed a day off. I fully expect that this is like a foreign language to you considering the clueless response you posted earlier.

          13. Say there fella.

            Speaking of grade averages,,, could you please fill us in on what O’Bozo’s grade average was?? In ANY of the schools he attended?

            And WHAT a job he has done eh? When Bush left office we were on the verge of a depression with unemployment running rampant at 4%. Now we have a fine recovery under O’Bozo with unemployment nice and stable at about 20%. Foreclosures stable at around 30%. When Bush was in office, gas was an outrageous 2 bucks a gallon. Now thanks to O’Bozo it’s staying at a much more affordable 4 bucks a gallon,

            At least he pulled out of Iraq as promised and closed gitmo eh?

            AH HAHAHAHA!!! Sucker……

          14. what color is the sky where you are, whiner?
            1. wrong. He used our dough to payoff his cronies.
            2. Obamacare ‘benefits’ (term used VERY loosely) don’t come into play for another 3 years. HC costs and taxes are already going up in anticipation of this great program. A program that all of his buddies are getting waiver for.
            3. Thanks to GW’s waterboarding.

            You sound like a typical Obamazombie that can’t wait for the welfare check to show up in the mail so you can get your lotto tickets and crack. If you had a meaningful job, you’d be looking at this Obama clown like the rest of us, and praying for the day we send him back to whatever Socialist country he feels most comfortable in.

          15. Whiners you may have missed this, (I know Barry did). But the Prez signs the bills that congress and the senate sends to him (remember when the Dems were in control for most of that time Bush was Prez) so when you say Barry is cleaning up Bushs mess, remember that Barry really did make his own mess that he had sent to Bush to sign (by one way or the other). Unless your telling us Barry just voted present on every vote, as a way to say Barry washed his hands of everything. But just in case you missed it, between his golf games, back yard beer chats, TV apperances, trips to any-where/every-where, not to mention the WH gaylas. Barry has really spent about 10 months of these last two years doing his job that he’s sooo stressed out on.

          16. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.He has absolutely destroyed America.

            He should be…………………gotten rid of……….

          17. I am surprised it has not been attempted yet…lol…Kennedy, Reagan, Bush Sr, etc all became live targets and they were WHITE??? It must be the Divine Powers he holds ;-)

          18. I guess a heroin, dope smoking idiot hanging out with terrorists is better? First of all – O did not save us from a Depression, you idiot, he is sinking us deeper into one. Secondly, the tele-prompter ‘genius’ can’t speak off the cuff and if he does, we see the truth of his lack of gray matter especially since he thinks there are 57 states. He hasn’t reformed anything and healthcare has skyrocketed since the inception of his loony plan which is a makeover of Hillary (socialist) Care. And lastly, the only reason he ‘got’ Bin Laden was due to W’s policies. Of course this timid non-leader took 16 hours and had to ‘sleep on it’ before giving the order to take him out. Since – he continues to make it clear with his ‘I this, and I thats and me, me, me’ that he still thinks of himself as quite the king with his pedagoguish behavior continually looking for his adoring admirers of which you obviously are.
            Whiner – you are a typical, delusional liberal with blinders on.

          19. Race has nothing to do with it. Obama is a terrorist killing innocent children and civilians in Libya. A clown that celebrates Americans being killed in Missouri by downing a pint of guinness and dancing the night away. The man who’s policies are the very definition of a classical fascist. Brownshirts like you LOL that support him are really no different then the germans that blindly followed Hitler. You can take your Faux support of real americans and shove it. As for your “intelligence”….. basket weaving is not a real major. You wasted your daddies money. Apperently the best part of you lol ran down your mothers cheek.

          20. It’s funny you mention Obama’s pub crawl while the Midwest was being blown away and people were dead and or dieing… Netanyahu was here giving a speech when this was all going down and he actually beat the messiah in giving his condolences to the people of Joplin. Imagine that, a visiting foreign PM actually beats our own president in recognizing what happened in our own back yard while the messiah is in another country slamming Guinness on our dime. Kind of says it all regarding this dope we have sitting in the White House.

          21. W’s mess?? You can trace the housing collapse back to the Clinton administration when Janet Reno threatened banks to give out mortgages to people who could not afford them, or risk being investigated by the Justice Dept. THEN Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose oversight was led by Chris Dodd (DEM) and Barney Frank (DEM) was run into the ground. W. warned Congress about this in 2001 just before 9-11, but they did nothing to stop it.

          22. Please continue. So far the issues you pointed out are failures. What do you call it when real unemployment is 20%? A recovery? How about healthcare? Yeah, 68% of the citizens reject it. Got Bin Laden? Let me paraphrase Billebob Clinton on this one — “Killing bin Laden never fed a hungry child…” Back to the drawing board my friend. Give us something he’s actually done worthwhile.

          23. So W was a C student? What was the grade point average of Barry? It must be something GREAT otherwise he would release his records. The USA is following the plot of the political class from Atlas Shrugged. Since you clearly have never read a book without pictures in it, I will give you the condensed version as to how it ends:
            The book starts in the modern age of technology, and ends in the age of the horse and wagon. A regression you had better get use to, as we are heading there at the speed of an Soetoro golf ball.

          24. LOL – I love the incessant non-substantive subjective diversions when responding to people who present you facts – textbook uninformed liberal (yes, that’s probably redundant) debate style. This tactic is certainly not funny and it allows others to see through you, entirely. It smacks of the Olbermann/Maddow method of comparing apples and oranges while attempting one-dimensional personal attack humor. If you actually attended Harvard, it would appear you are doing Harvard by posting what you do. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and you’ll feel better; I promise. Otherwise, I hope you don’t vote nor come anywhere near me or my family at any point in the future.

          25. What kind of LSD are you taking…or has the last batch of LSD you had taken never left your system…obviously you are one of the sheep from the Democratic machine! Dolt….

          26. Whiners?
            1. His fake threat of a depression was a reason to take and spread around billions to his supporters, and much is still available for 2012. Averted a Depression? Is that like “jobs created or saved?” Word spin for the gullible.
            2. Destroying free market economy, socializing healthcare is “reform,” but not an improvement…just look at where it’s been tried elsewhere. “Government-run” anything is a disaster waiting to happen.
            3. He did NOT get Bin Laden. The Intelligence community did, interrogations and hard work for many years, and military members he despises. But he’ll be glad to take credit for it.
            BHO is the premier Chicago thug politician, with serious anti-American visions to ensure power for decades.

          27. Get your nose out O’Bamas butt. How could you possibly believe anything that you wrote and still have any touch with reality? Healthcare is worse, the economy is MUCH worse and he had to sleep on the Bin Laden assassination and then Panetta still had to TELL him what they were going to do. He had to be drug screaming and kicking to go along with the decision.

          28. You’ve read talking points supplied to you by the Obamnation and his minions. For the record, go look up unemployment in the 30s. Twas 26%. What was unemployment under Bush? Highest 5.2%. Look it up, average unemployment under Bush was lower than your god— Billiebob Clinton. And remember ol’ slicky was cooking the books just before he left office to make things look good.
            If healthcare is so good and so wonderful, why is it congress won’t opt to use it? You are a fool. Look at the systems in Canada and the UK. I lived under that British abomination and they have only 65million people to watch out for.
            As far a osama is concerned, they knew he was there for a year they did the raid. Bin Laden was totally neutered. If you thought he was this almighty warrior directing everything while living in squalor clutching a blanket around him armed with a tv controller, you must be scared to watch Might Mouse cartoons as there is more chance of violence from doing that.
            If you think all things are wonderful and our boy in chief is showing grand leadership, you are even more idiotic than your baseless reply.
            Have a nice day.

          29. You are soooo clueless, you might want to research and realize “W” was in office 9 months when he started “cleaning up” Clinton’s botched up handling of the first attacks on the WTC, the USS Cole, etc. Of course he had other priorities. And as for this clueless “Apologizer in Chief” , if our healthcare is so pathetic why is it that ALL of the rich & powerful of the world COME HERE for their to get treated. And what exactly did he do to “save our asses from depresson”? We still have a HUGE unemployment problem and we are only waiting for the Chinese to “cal in their bets”. WAKE UP & read the truth!


          31. He didn’t save us from anything, he has invoked more spending on the governments tab than we have as GNP ($14 trillion in spending), and financially he’s still scrambling for ways to keep our fiscal heads abnove water, his latest scam is to keep sending troops to battle while cutting their pay. Meanwhile unemployent, real unemployment, is near 20%, (he’s only allowing 9% to be reported since he ignores the long term unemployed, since they would make him look bad they no longer matter to him.)Teh CPI is going through the roof and his policies are driving it higher.

            He didn’t reform health care, he merely force fed us a law which is so unpopular that many of his own loyal followers are demsding and getting exemptions from it. Meanwhile those who do not get the exemption are faced with the choice of mandatory purches of overprices insurance….or jail.

            Yes, he got Bin Laden, at a cost of $500 billion, he killed a man who Obama himself claimed was no longer a threat. He claimed full personal credit, in the media, for the action while he sat on hs butt, and as usual for lame politicians, sent others to do his dirty work.

            And his latest accomplishment . . . he played golf on Memorial day, rather than honoring the fallen, and told his Sec Def to cut military spending even more sparking the Sec Def to call for pay cuts for thoise already underpaid while at the same time sending them into harms way. Like a good little democrat Obama is balancing the budget on the backs of the troops.

          32. Actually, if you are referring to the BP “oil disaster” it took place completely on Barry’s watch. BP applied for the permit for Deepwater Horizon in February 2009, was approved March 2009, began the project in April 2009. None of this can be blamed on George W. Bush but that won’t stop you libs from trying. The only thing you know is “blame Bush” because otherwise you may have to take blame for your own actions.

      5. He’s the Commander in Chief, playing golf today out of all days is an insult to everyone that’s worn a military uniform, not that you would understand. The man plays more golf than PGA pros, I’m sure he can open a few hours later this week.

      6. This guy never seems on the job. Just PR and European tours between giving away America. He’s undoing all our ‘good’ with the compact florescent bulbs with that gas guzzling Air Force. He goes to Hawaii instead of somewhere on the east coast at least once a year. That ruins all the benefit of those bulbs. Oh well, It’s the meaningless thought that counts.

      7. Downside? Obama gives downside a whole new meaning.
        It’s Memorial Day for crying out loud. How about visiting some wounded warriors at Bethesda? Invite the Gold Star Mothers to a White House BBQ? Maybe do something nice for kids orphaned by war? I could go on, but it would be useless.

      8. Stressful job? He has a teleprompter, auto-pen and continues the Bush tax cuts. What has he done besides ram through Hillarys’ health care and give the go ahead to kill OBL? Go Rick Perry!

          1. After the bed wetter had 16 hours of sleep to come to a decision while putting the seals in dire jeopardy.

            He is the commander in chief, he does not get a metal for doing his job.

      9. NOT TODAY!
        This is totally inappropriate.
        This is the type of behavior you’d expect from a 15 year-old adolescent.

      10. When you have more down time and recreation than you spend on the job, it’s time for a useless president to STEP down. America needs a President who loves this Country and it is very apparent that Obama hates it.

      11. Boopsie, Are you talking about ZERO OBAMA the guy that has never done nothing and is not going to do nothing. He is the worst President this country has seen, he is a scumbag and I am sure most Americans will be glad when this scumbag gets voted out in 2012.

        1. You’ve got that right, he IS a scumbag… he IS the worst president (I can’t even stomach calling him a president) the U.S. has ever had, and I hope to god that the people of this country get him and his snotty wife out of the White House. You can be sure I will be there voting to get him out.

          1. Okay…so why is there a need to bring his wife in this conversation? And why call her “snotty”? Get off your couch and get a life.

      12. Boopsie, I’m tired of all this BS on this website. I’m going to put this on the table some people on this site not all, can not stand a black family in the white house and that will never change so they must act out hate, even if he was the greatest president of all time they would still hate him. These are sad people

          1. If it wasn’t for the majority of Caucasian Independent voters who voted for him so they could feel all ‘warm and fuzzy’ for electing a mulatto, this sorry excuse for a real man would never have been elected. There weren’t enough black and illegal alien voters registered to put him over the top. He’s a horrid excuse for a man let alone POTUS. He’s tasteless, arrogant and incompetent. He couldn’t wait to finish his speech at Arlington today, rushing through the last sentences on his teleprompter to get to the golf course ASAP. This creep sucks! Nov. 2012 can’t come soon eough.

        1. Race card. Over-played, over-used, pretty much just a limp, useless weapon at this point. The man is a terrible president for his actions and in-actions, not his skin color – but you knew that already, didn’t you?

        2. Herman Cain to beat Obama, 2012. Guess I’m a racist for wanting Obama defeated. Oh, wait, Herman Cain is a black man. I guess I’m a racist because I WANT a black man. Or maybe I’m not. Or………..well, you liberal racist make it so confusing.

          1. here here Herman Cain the only politician who has never been a politician!

            also real fast lets break down the word politician really fast

            sounds like
            poli = word for many

            tic = blood sucking little critters

            no wonder the liberals don’t think we should kill pests there afraid

        3. Dean,

          You must be a Democratically, Progressive, Liberal. Otherwise, you wouldn’t pull the race card to excuse this president from his usual incompetent, and narcisistic actions and attitude.

        4. yawn, this is so tiering listening to you one note loosers, Race baiting is all you’ve got and it is just worn out.

          You have to work on a new routine.

          PS: He is Irish, remember?

        5. Dean, I’m just going to put this on the table: some people prefer to hide behind charges of racism rather than answer legitimate criticism. Perhaps you do not realize that by injecting ‘race’ into the argument you expose yourself as the ugly Racist.

        6. Herman Cain is ALL black and he is all right!!! It’s not the color that counts as King tried to make clear! But those who make the lame excuse of race when they can’t reason.

      13. I’m sure you were leaping to the last president’s defense, too — who, by the way, stopped golfing in 2003 due to the crocodile tears of his political enemies. Cultures all around the world understand you do not engage in recreation on days reserved for the dead. It’s crass, in poor taste, and dumb to boot.

      14. Down time? Maybe he should take a long look around him and show a little respect for a change!
        This guy is always off as for as I am concerned.

      15. Boopsie, you are 100% correct. He’s just spent a month strenuously prancing, posturing, dining and playing overseas while the Midwest of this country was literally being destroyed. This guy works WAY too hard … and now he’s campaigning for another term so he can be abused even more. Go figure.
        At any rate, it’s all George Bush’s fault … the bastard!

      16. Earth to Boopsie: He just returned from a vacation, giving speeches and going to dinners in Europe & England. And besides, don’t you remember him lying a year ago about not resting until all Americans who want to work, actually having a job ? You should be appalled at his compulsive lying and campaigning. Those are his two main jobs.

      17. I wish he would play full time and leave the job he knows nothing about to someone who really knows how to do this job the right way and what the majority of people want.

      18. That’s all he’s been about is down time, unless he’s busy screwing up this country. So much for you idiots that thought it would send a message that America elected a black president. We elected a weak, inexperienced fool, who happens to be black.

    1. Hell…they’re hoping if they say nothing he’ll invite them out for a round or two…he’s got more than six months left and that’s a lot of golf…

    2. Even as we heard about this incessantly during the Bush years, it is not even mentioned now my friend.
      I revile Obama and all those who carry his vile sewage…er, water, that is.
      Nasty, America hating, entitled Sycophants each and every one of them.

  2. You were right Keith – as usual.

    How can people even contemplate voting for this guy? And the press – still propping him up. So much invested in the myth of Obama the Great Uniter who is in fact the Great Divider. And the corporatist deep pockets will still keep tossing good money after bad by donating heavily to his campaign. I imagine Goldman Sachs will be in 1st place this time – instead of 2nd as in ’08.

    1. I can’t speak for the Obamabots, but no amount of money, that any corproation gives him to run, will ever entice me to vote for this failure.

      He is like the second term of Jimmy Carter.

      Now where did I put my “Misery Index” Chart?

  3. Obama’s a vet.

    A “vet” affirmative axtion community organizer working for voter fraud ACORN.

    Fact: Only welfare hacks, food stampers, and “gubment” union hacks support this commie lib Idiot.

    1. What is wrong with you people, what about Boner he is so dark from playing golf instead of working for the middle class and old people, all he wants to do is get the rich people richer. You people will never be as rich as his friends so to hell with you. Where are the jobs Boner!!! Look it up ignorant people Bush was on vacation allot more then Obama.
      Now go look in the mirror and punch yourself in the face!!!!!!!

      1. Hey Dean, Speaker Boehner is not the President of the United States. Nice try though at makes excuses for your very poor example of a Comander-in-Chief. Get a clue, mindless ideologue…
        PS- “A lot” is two words.

        1. Boner lush is your leader now! Like I said ignorant person go find a mirror and and punch yourself in the face!!!!!! GO OBAMA 2012

      2. Boehner is the speaker of the house and has only held that job for six months. Obama is the President with men on the battlefield. Say what you want about W at least he had the decency to stop playing golf out of respect for the families of the men fighting and dying under his command. Classless. Now go punch yourself in the face for being a moron.

      3. You obviously are not very good at math – go count the days again before you make a statement that any 3rd grade math student could disprove your reasoning. Obama has taken more vacation than any president in history.

      4. Dean, check your figured. Obumma has played more golf then Bush, plus look what he has sent on vacation’s and travel.

      5. Dean, George Bush spent time on his own ranch in Crawford TX. Have you been there? It’s very rural and simple. He always had some staff and cabinet members with him, and he never played golf while our troops were fighting for our freedom…NEVER!

        1. Nice try at Spin Jan, Look it up he took more vacation then Obama
          I know you don’t want to believe the truth but fact are facts. You people need to stop being so hypocritical. Oh, he was fighting for our freedom oh, jan, he is the person who started the war and alot of young solders died I know some of the parents and they live with this fact everyday. No closure for them

          1. Dean you make valid points about Bush starting the war but you make those points less believable when you also write non-sense about vacationing and golfing between Obama and Bush. This article itself say’s Obama has been out Golfing for the 70th time in his Presidency, Bush only went Golfing 24 times. Plus Bush spent 8yrs in office while Obama has only spent less than 3yrs. So in 8 yrs Bush played Golf 24 times, and in less than 3yrs Obama has been out golfing 70 times. You also say Bush spent more time vacationing than Obama, again thats because he was in office for a lot longer time so far. Plus most of Obama’s vacation time is dubbed as Foreign Relations time, Like his last trip to South America which was a sight seeing trip but because he spent 1 day meeting with Brazilian govt officials it wasn’t labelled as a vacation. I’m sure all Presidents do the same thing. But the comparisons are silly when you compare the lopsided days each spent in office.

          2. Dean, go back to your Media Matters hiddey-hole in your mom’s basement. Take your fictitious pal Boopsie with you. Soros has your check in the mail.

          3. Your the one with the problem, I will bet you don’t have enough money that boner and his friends will give you the time of day, we’ll see you being pushed off the cliff. I don’t vote for people that just want rich people to get ahead.

          4. Dean…..Your comment is so ridiculous.
            First of all Boehner comes from very humble beginnings. He worked
            as a janitor in his dads tavern. He worked his way up the ladder,
            which is the american dream, or at least it used to be.
            “You say you don’t want to vote for people that just want the rich people to get ahead!!
            That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard!! Tell me this, since when did a poor person ever give you a job.
            I did not come from a rich family. I had to work three jobs when I was young. I saved my money and started a small business. I then
            hired people and gave them an opportunity to do something with their lives. This is america my friend! If you set your goals high, you can
            do anything!!

          5. Don’t confuse Dean with facts, he sounds like he’s on the welfare bus but doesn’t realize who bought the bus
            or who is maintaining it.

          6. Dean, you are a sycophant liar. His Ranch was the western White-House. Fully equipped. A working retreat, like many president’s had. HE WORKED. Unlike Obutthead., who just plays.

            You better get your BDS checked. Your “thingy” might fall off.


          7. You do know, of course, that Bush was president for 8 years. Obama for two and a half.

            If you were to compare apples and apples, then in the first 2 1/2 years of the Bush presidency, his time off paled in comparison to Obama’s. Obama has played golf more in his current tenure than Bush played in 8 years. Obama in 2.5 years has played 70 rounds of golf. Bush played 24 in 8 years.

          8. Marxist moron….

            He was on his own ranch,,,, not flying all over the f’in world ON OUR DIME…… Dragging his wife,,, his kids,,, their friends…… staying at all the posh hotels,,, hitting all the 4 stars….. spending OUR money like there’s no end to it…….

            You marxist idiots are absolutely incredible…….

      6. The responsibility is the MSM and the whole DemocRAT pottie’s — they are the ones that proffered “this worthless man” up to the electorate as a damn messiah — as well as the foolish idiots that do not pay any attention to what is going on in the country or world unless it involves and bimbo or ballgame — they swig the Bolshevik Kool-aid – vote like zombies for the ‘Rats and scream for more

      7. Dean, in case you weren’t aware, the “buck” stops at the President’s desk, not the Speaker of the House. And by the way….stop complaining about jobs. YOUR people had been running congress (e.g. Democrats) up until Nov, 2010. Dems still control the Senate. Did you even finish high school?

        1. littleleers, yes you illiterate, the buck stops at the President’s desk. Look at the mess Bush has left Obama to clean up, stop your, lying, ,hypocritical spinning ,whining ways, look at the polls we are sick of you republican and teabullys, sick of your BS. I’ll bet you don’t have enough money where Boner would even give you the time of day.

          1. Hey Dean, in case you haven’t noticed, your boy promised on the campaign trail to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan by early 2011 at the latest. He also promised to close Gitmo. Since he’s a serial liar, that’s OK, but now he’s using our military to fight an unauthorized war in Libya. Count ’em Dean – one, two, THREE warfronts (I knew you could do it). The BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) has really taken hold of you. Call your doctor first thing in the a.m. and get your meds changed. Wondering if you also have PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome). Bet you do! There are meds for that, too.

      8. Dean & Boopsie, the Obummer twins, aye? I recently read an editorial from a Czech newspaper that really spells out the honest truth about “people” like you two. It stated that we should not be as upset over the fact that Obummer was elected president, however, we should be disturbed over the idiots that voted to put such an inexperienced moron in charge of this country. The danger is that you people are stupid and don’t realize it. That must hurt.

        1. Way to go Gino W tell the Dean & Boopsie, the Obummer Twins, the way it is, one thing for sure Bush had CLOUT and he and Laura loved America this scumbag President we have now can’t stand America, He should go back to Kenya and run for President of his home land where he was born. It took ZERO OBAMA and his thugs 2 years to figure out how to do a fake birth certificate, I still don’t think he will get by with new birth certificate, he is such a fake. the Obummer Twins needs to wake up see what is happening to good old America.

      9. The proper surname spelling is Boehner, and despite what your feeble mind may think, he is NOT the President of the United States. You obviously are still suffering from BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) and seem to think that George W. Bush is still POTUS. FYI, Bush stopped playing golf the day after 9/11 out of respect for all troops and their loved ones. Of course the current sorry excuse for a man that is occupying the White House wouldn’t understand that, having never served his country or done anything other than work as a well-dressed community organizer (code word for ‘street thug’) in Chicago. Your boy is simply that, a spoiled, ignorant, classless brat who never did an honest day’s work in his life and has been catered to by dopes like you and today’s stupid lamestream media. You all stink! P.S. He’s chopped liver in 2012.

          1. Nice one, Dean! What a zinger! Palin is a goofball even to middle of road Conservatives, so the point you so desperately want to make is moot. I don’t know a single person on either side of the aisle who wants Palin as POTUS. However, I do know many people on both sides of the aisle who are horrified that Barry went golfing today, in place of inviting military families who have lost loved ones to the White House. Now watch this drive!

          2. But, but, but he went to Ft. Belvoir to play golf. I don’t play golf but when I drive past the course, it looks nice.

      10. Not only do they use the excuse “Bush did it”….. they do so when it isn’t correct.

        Oddly enough, let’s say for the sake of argument that they are indeed correct. The mighty Boa was of the impression that they DESPISED George Bush,,,,,, why on Earth would they settle for THEIR guy being the same????

        Absolutely incredible……. They are hypocrites beyond belief…..

    2. As one of those ‘food stampers’, let me assure that I am ashamed to have needed to apply for them if for no other reason than to make sure my son is able to eat. For a man my age (40) to find work – any work – is a lot easier theorized than done. Yes, I made the mistake of voting for Barry. No, I will not be doing it again and nor do I apologize for him after he breaks promise after promise while enriching himself and his ‘gimme muh rep’rations’ wife. I’d much rather be working than supporting my kid on handouts, I assure you.

  4. When Jan 2013 rolls around I sincerely hope he’ll be able to golf every day. That little white golf ball seems to be the only ball he considers important enough, as President, to keep his eye on. As when he was in the State House in Illinois, voting (being) “present” seems to be his idea of leadership.

  5. Lobster and Kobe beef…………………..

    As long as the taxpayers are buying……………

    Oh….and 500 dollar sneakers for Moooooooochelle……………..

  6. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    Ronald Ernest Paul
    contagious courage

    Wheels keep turning
    Something’s burning
    Don’t like it but I guess I’m learning

  7. Real leadership displayed by the CiC. Narcissists will never
    deny themselves of their pleasures no matter the appearance.
    Others don’t matter.
    Nuff said.

  8. Let up on the poor guy. He had to withstand all that partying and hobknobbing with the English royalty. Very exhausting. Then there was the long flight home. Then he had to go to Joplin, MO to do some laying on of hands as the “healer-in-chief”. There is no rest for the weary Messiah.

  9. I had to stop playing because I can no longer afford to pay the fees. Glad our economy is so good that this putz can afford to go out and play 9 weekends in a row!

  10. Aside from the fact that he is a grotesque and ugly fat slob, why isn’t Michael Moore chasing down the “Vacationer/Golfer in Chief in protest of Obama’s golfing while waging and escalating three illegal, immoral wars?

    WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEACENIKS GONE? (They weren’t really peaceniks they just hated George W. Bush for being an evangelical Christian who loves his wife and goes to bed at 9PM)

    Beware the democrat/mafia/military/government complex.

  11. I’m sorry that I had to spend a year in Vietnam and see many of my friends die so certain dingbats could play golf. Every time I see him salute getting off his helicopter I cringe. I’m too old to have seen the Community Organizor Salute.

  12. There has never, ever, been a more disrepectable President in the White House. Our men and women are drying in these wars and this guy goes and plays golf. I can hardly wait until 2012, honestly.

    1. And you work so hard, too. What is it you were doing all weekend? Having a family get-together, barbecuing, relaxing? It never ceases to amaze me that Republicans and Tea Baggers pick at the President for every last thing he does, especially when he takes a few hours to de-stress just like everybody else.

      1. Boopsie2008….

        Here’s the thing…. he ISN’T “everybody else”. If he wanted to be like “everybody else”, then he shouldn’t have run for the job of President. It is a 24/7 job that is very demanding, particularly in trying times, such as the present.

        Are all the police in the country barbequeing today? All the firefighters? All the troops in our 3 wars? What about those buried in military graves that died fighting under the flag? Are they barbequing today Boopsie?

        I have no problem with a President playing golf and relaxing if that is his perogative, however, as much as disliked Bush, Obama SHOULD take a cue from him and not “relax” like everything is peachy, because the fact is, it’s not. It’s actually getting worse….daily. At best, we are at a standstill.

        As the primary leader of the country he IS held to a higher standard than your next-door neighbor. It’s hard for me to understand how you can’t comprehend this? That is the reason for the frustration with him.

        It’s time for him to BE the President in more than just name only.

      2. He’s sure keeping you busy today isn’t he Jesse Lee? We all know real Americans wouldn’t call members of the Tea Party that filthy name.

          1. And you much prefer the libs and shows like scary larry odonnell??? What you mean to say is you prefer sitting with other liberal fools while you lie to each other and blow smoke up each others a#$es.

          2. Believe me, I’m no lib. Jesse Lee is Obama’s propaganda czar. Drudge links attract many great patriots to voice their opinion on blogs like Keith’s. Drudge links also attract Jesse Lee and his band of weasels to denigrate us. I like to think I’m on the patriot side of the equation.

      3. Boopsie It was ok for Bush to be on vacation when he started a war and our soldiers were being killed, these people can be so hypocritical

        1. When “he” started the war. You are a pathetic joke. Your pals the Muslims started the war. Maybe you were too stoned to remember who ran into our Pentagon and Twin Towers on 911.
          Obama is the worst excuse for a President this country has ever seen. I didn’t think in my life time I would see anyone worse than Jimmie Carter. Unfortunately, I have.

          1. I really feel sorry for you lee moran that you were in a coma when Bush attacked Iraq and lied about weapons of mass destruction which had nothing to do with 9/11. We lost many good soldiers from his killings. Keep your head in the sand ,so many people are so sick of your BS, check the polls

        2. Are you aware where Bush was there Dean? When Bush went to his ranch, he had a fully operational situation room. He could be notified at the drop of a hat.

          How the hell does ObaMao get notified drinking Guiness in an Irish pub? Or sleeping in Buckingham Palace? Do you not understand that logistics plays a part? ObaMao takes vacations where there is NO “red phone”. Many places he isn’t even close to a military base. If America got bombed…he would hide overseas.

          He just returned from a lavish 6 day vacation. Spent 1 hr in the midwest disaster zone..NONE in the NC. Took him weeks to finally get to the oil spill (begrudgingly) and of ALL days…he goes golfing AGAIN. The man (if that is what you can call him) is insensitive as hell and a total stooge.

          1. How Hypocritical let Obama go off to a ranch and call it a
            operational situation room just about every week and see what happens give me a break even when Obama makes the right
            decision all you people have done is try to pound him to the ground for almost two years heavens knows don’t let him try to do his job for 4 years oh no it started from day one. You just wont let him do his job, I have been around awhile never has a president been treated with more disrespect. Polls are showing people are tried of it

      4. Boopsie, you forget that being President means that he is “on stage” most of the time. He is working for the people, me, you, and everyone who is an American citizen.

        No, he cannot do what everyone else does on Memorial Day! He is not a common citizen, like you. He doesn’t understand respect, decorum, and plain doesn’t care because HIS comforts and needs come first. Our military men and women posted around the world are not “off today”.

        Hopefully BO will get his wish to be “a common citizen” come Nov. 2012

        1. Just a thought, everything Obama does seems to be wrong to some people on this site, Does it have to do with the fact he is a black president in the white house? In all my time on this earth I have not experienced so much hate, and hate can come from racist
          Maybe not all the people on this site but I would put my money on some people, funny we just don’t know who you are do we. Try to Spin this all you want like said just a thought

          1. dean… according to polls Obama seems to be doing everything wrong as far as Americans are concerned, maybe you need to awaken from your dreamy eyed Obama hypnosis.
            I have also not seen as much hate pointed at a president as the hate spewed for 8 yrs towards George W Bush. If you are black and you hate Bush maybe YOU are the racist? Many blacks are more racist than any white folks I have ever known. Blacks are just blind to their own views being racist. Every other color in the world has done well in American society… even many prominent blacks. Interestingly the prominent Blacks have done well by working hard rather than complaigning about racism. Maybe the day you stop spinning the race card you can let go of your hate?

          2. You’ve never experienced this much hate for a POTUS? How about for GWB in his second term? MSM crucified him mercilessly at every opportunity, and I’m sure you joined in the fun. Are you to young to remember Jimmy Carter? Double digit interest rates, oil crisis, etc. He was a disaster, and everyone knew it – even the Iranians, who humiliated him by releasing the hostages the day after Reagan’s inauguration.

          3. Dean, come on now, it seems you voted for Obama in 2008, to prove you’re are not a racist now you will have to vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not a idiot. In fact if Colin Powell or Condi Rice would have ran against Obama I would have voted for them, at least they have clout and and loves America.

      5. i serve so my country, do you?

        hey there boopsie…
        i am separated from my wife and children (and have been since march), on the other side of the country training to preserve our Nations freedoms from her enemies. additionally in september i will once again be leaving my family for a whole entire year this time to in fact protect our Nation. also, today i had the privilege to speak to a friend who is also away from his family but is in afghanistan!!! what have you done this weekend to honor the fallen and those who serve and are serving?

        1. Great response Bob!
          Thank you for your service to this country, thank your family for their sacrifice. Hey boopsie, what have you done to protect this country, to protect your own family? Do you know what the term “tea baggers” mean? It is so different than “tea party”.

          You are obviously part of the 49% of this country that doesn’t pay any taxes and expects the government to pay for everything in your life. Well, I am paying for you to live and I hate it.

      6. I always think when someone calls another a tea-bagger, it’s a Freudian slip. I think they really want to be the tea-baggee!!

      7. Boopsie, you are so smart! You sound really interesting. I would like to meet you and have a conversation to hear more of your illuminating viewpoints. You seem to know so much about other people’s perspectives, and everything in general. I am guessing you are a member of Mensa – am I right? You have so many zingers in your quiver, putting “Republicans” and “Tea Baggers” in their place. I admire you so much.

      8. I actually went to Arlington National cemetery to visit the grave of my late son, an Air Force pilot who gave his life for this country at the age of 24. And I am not the President of the United States but I still did not golf because memorial Day is just that, a day of remembrence, something many Americans have forgotten and treat it like a big party.

    2. Guido, Yes we had many people die because your Pres. Bush lied to people and put us in Iraq. It seems Republicans and Teabullies don’t give a s— about how many wonderful soldiers had to die so Bush could even the score for his Daddy. Shameful

      Look at poll we are tired of your BS a bunch of hypocrites

      Play golf on memorial or Vacation on Memorial and watch all the soldiers die from a war you got us in by lying, I’ll go with the golf

  13. I called it this morning when I saw his Arlington speech. He was dispassionate and bored. It was as if he was rolling his hand in the air going, “yadda, yadda, yadda and so on and so forth. I have a tee time to get to”. Total disrespect to those who died so Obama can waste his presidency frivolously golfing.

    1. Sec of Defense Gates’ remark before introducing BO at Arlington: “for many Americans Memorial Day is a welcome respite from work…an extra day to spend at the beach or to finish errands.”

      Oops, I guess he didn’t check BO’s calendar before saying that.

  14. A pet hamster has a better chance of building a beaver dam in the wild than this man has of resembling anything truly American, much less presidential. Please impeach this buffoon yesterday! This can be done of the basis of his Libyan intervention alone.

  15. Serious question: anyone know how many rounds of golf were played by previous presidents? I know Ike was famous for playing golf during his 8 years in office, but haven’t hear much about the others. I’d like to see how they all stack up to the current president. He’s less than 2.25 years in and he’s at 70 already: that puts him on pace for about 125 rounds before it’s done.

    1. Even if the figures can be produced, they wouldn’t necessarily be comparable. Dubya spent a good chunk of the taxpayers’ time at his ranch clearing brush for relaxation.

      1. Having worked closely with the Presidential Protection Detail, I can tell you the you have no idea about President Bush’s activities at Crawford. Seven days a week he was up before the sun and running this country’s government with a full staff at his ranch. The MSM was openly hostile so naturally only focussed on the few times he took a break to do work that, by the way, broke a sweat and looked like a vacation. The current white house resident wouldn’t know an honest, sweat-provoking chore if it bit him next to the MSM’s lips.

      2. Hey Boobsie2008, guess what President Bush was doing today? He went bike riding with about 14 wounded warriors. How many wounded warriors have asked Obama to ride with them? Yes sweetie pie you are right 0. They don’t want to be seen with this disgrace of a human.

      3. How many people did Obama take on this latest “business” trip? It seems to me that he took up the whole hotel with his entourage on his excursion to India. Obama never goes back to his Home in Chicago, the one where he has an extra lot given him by his pal in the Mafia.

      4. And the Crawford Ranch was called the “Second White House”. That is because the Secret Service had permanent security measures in place and that sort of thing costs the taxpayer far far less money than Obama’s hopping on Air Force One to Europe for a jaunt or Michelle heading to Spain with 40 of her friends. There has to be an “advance team” sent ahead every time BO and Michelle take off for a new destination.

        Nice try, Boopsie. Bush’s Ranch was used to entertain foreign leaders ( like Putin, who got to drive Bush’s truck”. Oh, and Bush OWNS the ranch. Obama likes to rent his mansions overseas using stolen taxpayer money.

        1. Yeah right let Obama say he has a ranch called the Second White House he will be working from and which the s— hit the fan
          you people would never allow such a setup Stop being hypocritical ,the polls show people are tired of your BS Just got off Huffington post check it out good news for Obama

  16. The only good about him spending our tax money on his golf is, it is less time he has to ruin our Country.
    Of all the people we’ve had in our White House, he is worst & most corrupted.

  17. Disgraceful. This shows his complete lack of understanding on being President of the U.S. and what it means to be a leader. I pray him and the rest of the democratic party get wiped out in Nov. 2012

  18. Confused as to how Obama can go about like nothing is wrong? Obama has been very successful in his opinion. He is very close to succeeding in the destruction of our economy so he can usher in a new area of “fundamental change”, and nobody on the house floor, from either party, says a word to expose the truth about Obama’s plan.

  19. I do not think it’s appropriate for the Commander in Chief to golf on Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a work day for the President of the United States.

    1. He did the work. Now he gets to relax a bit, just like every other American today. Or is that too offensive to you?

      1. He is not like every other American – he is the President of the United States, he is the Commander in Chief.

        If he wants to be like every other American then he should not have run for President.

        And, do not for a second believe he thinks he is like every other American. Only the apologist think like that. To him, you are nothing but a necessary vote. He wouldn’t spend 10 minutes defending you with the energy you use to defend him.

      2. Maybe it’s the utter disdain and contempt for the American soldier and the hard working middle class American citizen that we find offensive?

      3. Boopsie 2008 – what a Maroon! Are you paid by Soros to be a shill for this POS clown? And what I have I done today, no cookout, no party, just reflecting on allot of friends I served with who gave their life that we might be free.

      4. Memorial Day is not about relaxing after hard work. It started as a day that soldiers from the Civil War laid flowers on the graves of their comrades. Labor Day and Sunday are for taking breaks from the stress of work.

      5. Not every other American got to take the day off for Memorial Day. The soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many in other places didn’t get the day off, so why did he?

  20. Good for Obama! Bush started the Iraq war and not playing golf when you started a war when there were no weapons of mass destruction and you lied about it is a pretty hallow gesture.

    Furthermore, you forgot to mention the football. Yes the military guy with the suitcase that follows Obama everywhere with the electronic codes to launch nuclear weapons. A president never gets a real break and is always on the job…

    1. Jesse Lee, are you trying to fool us with all the different names? Just a few questions about the war in Iraq… Why if it was an illegal war are we still in Iraq? In Afghanistan? In Libya? The blame President Bush excuse has expired.

    2. Mark I am pretty sure that Congress had something to do with the war. I am also pretty sure that all your buddies on the left couldn’t raise their hands fast enough to say yes, lets go to war. I’m sorry remind me where Obama was when he sent planes over to bomb Lybia? You know that place that we were supposed to only be there for a few days. Remind me again when he went to Congress to talk about it? Oh thats right he did it without the approval of Congress.

    1. I am Jewish. There are mostly liberal Jews in the U.S. They put their religion of “liberalism, socialism” before their identity as a Jew. “Those” Jews could care less about Israel. Go figure!

      1. but to embrace socialism and liberalism is in effect advocating a slave state of the haves and have nots….something in history that jews have been at the short end of the stick……until recently….

        in the US, they control tv, hollywood, newspapers, much of politics, sports teams, sports, wall street, fund companies, banking, sooooooo

        what am I missing…..why do jews hate isreal????? is it, as I beleive, a hatred of Christianity??? To destroy the state to eliminate a place for Jesus to return to????? and subsequently have a homeland, USA, that they will own and control and will never be evicted from….as they have so many times before…..

        just a thought…..

  21. Obama is a Class Act **NOT**

    “President George W. Bush, who gave up the game (golf) early in his presidency and said he did it out of respect for the families of those killed in Iraq. ”

    My President Bush was and is a CLASS ACT !! Semper Fi !!~

    1. Old Sarge, Your president was on vacation during memorial day, Christmas, Easter, etc. while he started a war and lied about many things while our young soldiers were getting killed that sure didn’t stop him from being able to vacation. Stop being a hypocrite we are sick of all the BS

      1. Jesse Lee, We know the Alinsky tactics and they aren’t working any longer. Let’s talk about your guy. How can you excuse his behavior? He went golfing today because he couldn’t give a flying fig what any American feels. He lacks compassion and empathy, plus he is an empty suit. He left you stuck here trying to defend him. Do you think he cares about you? Get in his way and you will join the multitude of others under the bus.

      2. Hey Dean, do you understand how gov’t works?

        1. Do you understand that CONGRESS voted and declared war in Iraq?

        2. Did obama do the same when he attacked Libya where we now have boots on the ground? What happened to we will not send soldiers and our days will be numbered?

        In your hasted to kiss the zero mans a#@ child, you forgive and gloss over the fact that the man is totally out of his element and is a complete embarrassment to the US. You are what you accuse others of being….namely a complete liar! The disease of liberalism has consumed you child. Do the world a favor.

  22. re: 0bama over/under golfs…keith, i need to borrow that Magic Eight Ball to pick the powerball numbers

    BTW: why does the WH press corps/MSM report about 0bama’s golfing? are they told not to report it? even Fox news dosent report this
    is the WH press corps lazy, cowed or just a bunch of sycophants?

  23. Eh, this is one of those things no one cares about when “their guy” is in office, just like teleprompters. Who cares how he spends the holiday, it’s good that he uses it to relax, like most Americans. He paid his respects and gave a lovely speech, do you want him to spend the rest of the day in sackcloth and ashes?

    1. Jesse Lee you should be ashamed of yourself for talking like that on Memorial Day. If he meant anything he said in that lovely speech, he would have taken this day, this one day a year, to visit with our wounded warriors at Walter Reed. Know why he didn’t? Because he doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

  24. My three year old has better manners. The only thing this bumbling president is good at is making speeches with the words ‘historic’ and ‘I’, and playing golf. Countrymen should respect their president and the president should respect the soldiers that secure his office. He is a shame and a poor example to my son.

  25. It’s also the first Obummer has been on D.C. soil to lay yhe wreath in all of his presidency. He always passes the CHORE to O’Biden!

  26. As the parent of a USNA grad who served 2 deployments in Iraq as a Marine officer, all I can say is that Obama is disgusting.

    1. You are very lucky I know parents that are still suffering from the loss of there sons for the war Bush started with his lies to the American people. Bush is the disgusting person for the war not Obama

  27. Quit complaining about Obama’s golfing. The more time he spends on the golf course, the less time he is in the White House, screwing up the country.

    1. When you consider the golf season just started just a bit ago, it’s a lot. You know it’s kinda hard to hit a white golf ball during the winter. But nice try again to defend BO.

  28. Well, when its the only thing he’s any good at (because his companions let him win), its understandable that he’s always playin golf. The poor buffoon has to feel like he’s succeeding at something…….

    1. Yeah! At least he isn’t starting wars and killing young soldiers!

      You Republicians and TeaBullys are sure getting to be big whiners and oh so hypocritical you are really getting a reputation, Bullies, whiners, hypocritcal, liars, work for the rich stick it to everyone else.
      Look at the polls they speak for themselves

      1. Does Libya ring a bell Jesse Lee? Our troops are still dying in the Middle East and you just don’t want to admit he is a failure. We don’t trust those polls any more than we trust the inflation and unemployment statistics.

      2. He lied about A’stan and bringing the troops home. He invaded Libya and is still there ILLEGALLY. He lied about Iraq and sent MORE military into Iraq as well.

        DO look at the polls. The military polls are down on Obamao and so are all the rest. The troops are also wondering if they will get their absentee ballots in time next year. Since 10’s of thousands didn’t get counted last time…imagine that.

  29. Well, the O’bama’s have been out of the country for at least a week. He went to Joplin yesterday, partook in Memorial Day duties this morning and is golfing this afternoon. I wonder when he spends time with his daughters as a father. I wonder if the tag-a-longs have wives and children who would like to spend time together as a family on this special day. Very curious.

  30. We know more about this man’s recreational and social life than we do about his past political, educational and religious life. I know more about the lives of The Palin family than I do about the man in the White House. But I know what I need to know. He has to go come 11/12

  31. This guy has spent more time on the golf course than in the Gulf during and after the BP spill, the tornado’s in the heartland, never visited Texas during the wild fires…this guy shows who he is daily and the MSM doesn’t even comment.

  32. The traitor in chief should not be allowed to lay a wreath
    Honoring our heroes
    Golfing on memorial day is utter disrespect
    Shows his true colors
    He probably does not golf during Ramadan

  33. Everyone needs time to unwind. The president included. I would expect that our situation would be much better when He has time to play 9 weekends in a row, however. We’d be at, or near, full employment, the debt and our deficit would be under control, there would be a general state of peace in the world and the USA would be a respected world super power. Oh yeah… That was the ’80’s and Ronald Reagan earned his vacations by delivering results.

  34. If that’s what he likes , don’t get on his case , I’am sure he will play plenty of golf after he loses in 2012 . He can play with his buddy Mayor Ron Emmanuel up in Chicago. Jimmy Carter went and built homes, Obama can play golf.

    1. And live off the hard working taxpayers for the rest of his life even though he accomplished nothing except bankrupt this country. I wish we could “fire” him, give him 2-weeks severance with no benefits just as in the real world. This POS puts in one term of doing nothing and then has the life of luxury for the rest of his life. DISGUSTING!

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