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Obama Schedule || Sunday, May 29, 2011

10:40 am || Departs White House
12:25 pm CDT || Arrives Joplin, Mo.
12:50 pm CDT || Visits with victims of the tornadoes
2:00 pm CDT || Delivers brief remarks at a memorial service
3:30 pm CDT || Departs Joplin
7:00 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern except as noted

37 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Sunday, May 29, 2011”

  1. The long weekend works out for Obama. Thankfully he doesn’t have to sacrifice a round of golf to visit the peasants he already blew off once to drink Guinness in some ancestral home town of his.

      1. In my house we discussed the golf possiblity Monday afternoon. After much deliberation we decided that he can’t go to cemetaries in the morning and go golfing in the afternoon. Wouldn’t be prudent.

        SO, IT”S GOLF!

  2. Kind of ironic that he’s spending more time on the flight to and from Joplin than he does on the ground. Oh well, at least he’s finally making time to visit with the victims of that disaster after his whirlwind tour of Europe. Once again he does much too little, much too late. I hope for the sake of all Missourians that he doesn’t make the memorial service all about him.

    1. A comment on MOTUS wondered whether Obama would be criticized for not showing up sooner as Governor Christie was for not returning from Disneyland when it snowed in New Jersey. And the snow didn’t kill anyone!

  3. Won’t his massive security ‘requirements’ just slow or stop the urgent recovery work in Joplin ?
    Another WTF photo op trip.

    1. Your point reflects my feelings about any POTUS visiting any disaster area while search and recovery hasn’t finished. His appearance would only be a distraction or a major disruption to the area.
      They don’t need the whole POTUS entourage in Joplin, they need bulldozers, dump trucks, temporary housing and the basic necessities.

  4. Keith, I just read what the new guest ” Max” said about your blog. People like him don´t realize the need for an independent blog like yours. So keep on scrutinizing that shady bunch in the White House. Great job !

    1. The last thing I heard her say was that Repubs hate women. What?
      Assuming that she believes that ridiculous thought, then she must think that MrsBachman and MrsPalin are not real women.

      There must be an insidious invisable gas that permeates DC that causes mind breaks if a person is there too long.

    2. Great work Granny Jan. Good examples of some of her more inflammatory and demagogic statements. There are many more out there. You are right, she is a true believer. She seems to find great joy in denigrating anyone and everyone who does not share her progressive beliefs. Hard to believe she is actually raising children who will never learn the value of love for all mankind.

      1. Thanks, I didn’t reallyl know much about her until the foreign car soundbyte. She’s a piece of work. How would she have any appeal to independent voters? Then again, they’ll never see the videos.

    3. GJ – you might want to check out the review on News Busters today of Harry Smith’s “interview” with her yesterday on Face the Nation.

  5. Anyone going to The Wall tomorrow? Could you stop by Nicholas Krimont–right of center…early in the war…He was there three weeks. My ex- usually goes, but he is ill. Thanks.

    1. Would if I could Star. I’ve been thinking so much of what our military folks & their families have sacrificed …. sometimes when we have incompetent – and now plain treasonous – leaders in charge. Just heart wrenching.

  6. Hasn’t Missouri suffered enough from violent winds that destroy everything we hold near and dear?

    Maybe he’ll go to Kansas and get transported to OZ where he can ask for a brain, a heart and some courage.

      1. Thanks. BTW, I have a cousin on the Wall too, and my “lady friend’s” (too old to have a “girl friend”) step father is on it. Very emotional place, and one of the best memorials in DC.

          1. Star, I wrote my comment using “heart wrenching” before I read all the comments – and just saw yours using “heart wrencher”. Synchronicity!

  7. Surely the political hacks in the WH know this:

    “Mr Obama will also be aware that he narrowly lost Missouri to Republican John McCain in 2008, but in Jasper County, where Joplin is located, Mr McCain won by a large margin: 66 per cent to 33 per cent.”

    Read more:–theres-month-season-ends.html#ixzz1NlcfuP5O

    Guess there won’t be any “Together We Thrive” t-shirts sold before the memorial service in Joplin.

    BTW, I love the Daily Mail – lots of pics & details that you won’t find in US media for some reason. They’ve had great coverage of the tornados – incredible overhead photos & videos. Drudge has been linking to their stories a lot lately I’ve noticed.

    1. Noticed all the photos too Miranda. Isn’t it amazing that we get more information on disasters in America from the British press. Wonder why?

      1. Bizarre isn’t it? And the little tidbit re the area voting overwhelming for McCain – haven’t seen that anywhere else.

  8. Every time a Democrap gets the Presidency the world falls deeper into anarchy. With Bill Clinton, North Korea got nuclear weapons, on top of that Jimmy Carter gave Kim Jong Il a billion dollars NOT to do it. Now under 0, Iran will succeed in building a bomb. No Hope & Change for the world. One day a nuke will go off, and we will have a all out war to deal with. If a nuke goes off here, its my hope it happens in Washington, kind of harsh I know, but the Dems in that town are nothing like the hawks of the 50s & 60s. So far detached from the people and hungry for power. So bad today, I’d take my chances with new blood politicians and the military.

    1. Understand your sentiments but let us pray that never happens. We are all to blame for where we are right now. For not having the courage to stand up and say enough is enough. The progressives have been building their nirvana for a hundred years and they are almost there. We need to stop them and turn this ship around. It can be done, but everyone has to get involved.Get to know your representatives and make sure they know you. Call them, write them, join their Facebook page and be polite but stern with them. Always remember THEY work for US. Then start talking to your neighbors and your friends. If you don’t speak out, you will never know how great it feels to get it off your chest. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and think someone else will take care of the problem because they won’t.

  9. There’s a video of the o sitting in the front row at the Memorial Service and chewing gum. I don’t see that on the schedule.

    1. The minister giving the message was so inspirational. That is what a memorial service looks like in the bible belt. For him to be chewing gum seemed so disrespectful. I give Obama credit for a good speech but he used his black preacher cadence way too much. He also flubbed the last bit of the Amazing Grace quote. Maybe he lost his place on the card he was using.

    2. Bet Claire McCaskill felt like a third wheel when the one fellow asked her to take a photo of him and his family with Obama.

  10. I am in tears after watching the National Memorial Day Concert. God Bless Gary Sinese and Joe Mantegna and all our valiant servicemen.

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