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Obama Campaign’s Bin Laden Strategy is Clear

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that President Obama will have Osama Bin Laden on the campaign trail with him as he seeks to buff up his weak credentials as a foreign policy tough guy.

The president, whose original strategy of coddling dictators has failed to gain results and who was seen early in his presidency bowing to every satrap in sight, will brandish his killing of Bin Laden as proof that he is strong on national security and foreign policy.

Bin Laden Hope posterAs if this single act could erase the rest of it. It’s like complimenting someone on their sweater before you punch them in the face.

He’s cutting the defense budget during time of war, has been inconsistent and indecisive on the Arab uprisings, can’t defeat Qaddafi and his band of camels and Amazon warriors, is undermining Israel – our key military ally in the region, has signalled to the Taliban that we’re desperate to get out of Afghanistan, and is trying to hand of U.S. world leadership to Europe, which effectively disarmed itself years ago.

But he killed Bin Laden.

Obama took a long victory lap in the aftermath of the Bin Laden killing to tout his role in it, claiming dubiously that his call for the CIA to focus more on attacking al Qaeda resulted in the Bin Laden hit, which was the result of intel developed over many years.

Then the talking points were sent to every administration official: The decision to go ahead with the raid was a “gutsy call.”

The best evidence of the importance the Obama camp places on the Bin Laden killing comes from comments this week by Vice President Biden at a Democratic fundraiser in New Hampshire. From a report in the Los Angeles Times.

Biden laid out three reasons why he was optimistic about the 2012 campaign: the flawed Republican vision, the return of 2008 “surge” voters who stayed home in the 2010 midterm election, and the growing confidence he said Americans feel in President Obama’s leadership.

On the latter point, the vice president said the decision to order the raid that killed Bin Laden was a major turning point, calling it “the boldest undertaking any president has undertaken on a single event in modern history.”

“The American people no longer confuse being contemplative with having courage,” he said. “The American people watched him execute the decision — not only putting the lives of those special operators on the line, but his entire future on the line as president of the United States of America. And he didn’t hesitate.”

It was that decision, Biden said, which pre-empted the emerging campaign from Republicans to portray Obama as weak and indecisive. And it has led Americans to change how they’ve viewed other decisions he’s made, like the auto industry bailout and stimulus program.

“The American people now … have a crystal clear picture of how strong and decisive this president is. And that’s the last piece of the puzzle that had to be put in place for this great man,” Biden said.

Last week at a fundraising rally in Boston, Obama took credit for the operation while pretending he was only commending the troops.

We’re taking the fight directly to al Qaeda. And because of the bravery of our men and women in uniform, Osama bin Laden will never again threaten the United States of America.

If you mention this at a POLITICAL  rally, then you are POLITICIZING it. Please don’t hide your politicking behind the Navy Seal Team 6, Mr. President.

And all this after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, two days after the operation, said it had nothing to do with politics.

I think that what happened on Sunday — and this is very important because it would be a shame if this became a piece in a partisan narrative, because what I think the President feels very strongly about is that the accomplishment on Sunday was an American accomplishment, and it was not a Republican or a Democratic accomplishment, but the result of incredibly hard work, especially by a lot of unseen and unknown individuals in the military and in the intelligence community.  And it was the product of a focus that was brought to bear on bin Laden, on al Qaeda central, and that was — and then the product of a very risky operation.

We should have known. Even as Carney was saying no one deserved credit, he couldn’t help but assert this was “the product of a focus that was brought to bear on bin Laden.”

Well, we did know. What were the chances really Obama was going to be a statesman about this?

47 thoughts on “Obama Campaign’s Bin Laden Strategy is Clear”

  1. Oh, yeah–pretty soon the action dolls will be joined by pix of him with a knife clutched in his teeth doing it himself, up close and personal, rather than approving the target as C of C. WhatEVER. These people have no shame whatsover. I know many of you don’t agree with me, but if your claim to fame is ordering the shooting of an old man, no matter how horrible the deeds of that person, some people won’t be charmed. It’s kinda gross.

  2. I just love the way they spin, spin spin! Just wait until another terrorist attack (which we hope wont happen, but probably will) , this phoney president will turn it into a political scene like no other! His ego is already in the stratosphere…
    I cant wait to see the look on his face when he hands over the keys to the white house after a sound defeat in 2o12

  3. Whoa! Keith, tell us how you really feel! I must say, your carping feels petty and … forced.. it’s a reach, Keith. Obviously Obama inherited a unbelievable shit show from Bush on all fronts, and has done decently well with that. But I wonder about your personal bitterness toward the man – it seems to run so deep. Is it because he’s achieved more than you ever will? Generational jealousy? It’s gotta just ache for you how people adore the guy…

      1. Is it because he’s achieved more than you ever will?

        Oh–and this is not true. This president had help all the way along–affirmative action, solvent relatives, mentors, handlers, minders, keepers, staff, and whoever sort of maneuvered him into the limelight. His mother-in-law even took care of the kids for quite a period of time. Most so-called ordinary Americans have done far more with less.

        1. “His mother-in-law took care of the kids!” Wow… Let’s compare Obama’s path to GWB’s, who was a self-admitted drunk until 40, whose daddy was PRESIDENT! If you disagree with his politics, fine. But to suggest he’s not extraordinarily intelligent and capable (just as are some Republican officials) is just silly. Take note of what Bob Gates and Mike Mullen, two senior Bush appointees who work with him, say about Obama.

    1. Nice to hear from you Max. Just a reminder, on this site we give our opinions on the issue, not on each other’s opinions.
      You’re welcome to disagree with Keith’s opinion as long as you can explain why you think otherwise.

      1. Well, my opinion on Keith’s “humor”… the photoshopped photos and made-up quotes? Eh… sorry, just not that funny. Check out Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert for actual humor. The difference is that they are *pretending* to be journalists, while Keith claims he actually is one. Or is that part of the joke?

    2. It is not a reach Max. And I rather doubt its forced. Keith speaks for many of us who are not as roundly versed in the finer points of what acutally goes on inside the beltway.
      Regardless of what “Obama inherited”, most of those fronts are certainly not better. Actually they are almost universally worse and in my book that is NOT doing “decently well”.
      He has blundered every time he has the ball and spiked it in the end zone anyway. I dont hate him, I think he is out of his league, socially, morally, spiritually and yes, even intellectually. Seriously, have you ever seem him speak extemporaneously??? Its frightening.

    3. Max, Your infatuation is showing. Do you remember the things that used to be important to you before the election? Like end the wars, close Gitmo, and prosecute Bush and Cheney? Whatever happened with that? Is that Bush’s fault too?

      Would like to hear your opinion on what he has done ‘decently well’? Is it invading Libya without the permission of Congress? Unleashing his TSA agents to molest babies, old people, and veterans? Maybe it is prosecuting border states for trying to keep their citizens safe from third world invaders? I’m just curious to know what a loyal Obama fan considers decent.

      1. Healthcare was huge. I still prefer a single-payer system for all the reasons that most developed countries have them (simply: costs decrease when risk is spread over the widest number of people). And the increase in coverage is paid-for, through higher taxes on the wealthiest (like me). But I don’t mind, because health insurance insecurity is so terrible.

        1. America is different from other developed countries Max. Socialism doesn’t work well under a constitutional republic. Obamacare hasn’t done much for me and my family (and we’re not rich like you). Not only has it increased the cost of our health care, our doctor quit her practice rather than become a slave of the government. If you believe Obamacare is the only thing he has done well, that’s not saying much.

        2. Healthcare is what you are pinning your argument on, that Obama has done such a fantastic job?

          Let me explain the realities of what a public health care system will be like here in America. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disorder. Less than 30 days after I informed my employer, I was terminated. No reason, just terminated. My bosses comment to me just prior to firing me was that he was so sorry to hear about my condition.

          Since then I have not been able to gain employment. I have a bachelor’s degree, 15+ years in civilian law enforcement and investigations, 10+ years in management and a resume that reads like a manager’s dream. The problem is that I cannot walk more than 20 yards without falling on my face, I suffer from shakes, when I am having a major flair up it is difficult to speak as my voice becomes very raspy and coarse. Without a job, I have been thrown into the “public” or as you would call it “single payer” health care system.

          Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the doctors I have seem, and it has been numerous, have been compassionate, caring people. HOWEVER, I have been waiting nearly 4 months for an MRI to see if I have a brain tumor or lesions on my spine or in my brain. I have waited months to see a specialist, having to go through layers and layers of other doctors just to be told that my condition is not in their bailiwick. I pay $20 per office visit, and will pay nearly $100 for the MRI. Money I don’t have due to no job, but I will find one way or the other.

          When I had private health care my co-pay was $10 for office visits and the MRI would have cost $50. Medications are not cheap now, and I am on eight different meds just to try and control motor function and pain.

          I am still at least 8-12 months out before I get any real treatment other than the “pharmacological bandaids” they have been using to control my condition(s).

          In sum, from the time I was diagnosed to the time I can get any real treatment, other than more pills, three years will have lapsed. God only knows how much permanent neurological damage I will have sustained until I get the help I need.

          For those ignorant asses that want to tout the Canadian or European models as examples of how American heath care “should be” I offer one simple thing. I will trade you my best day (one were I can walk) for your worst. Spend your days in a wheel chair trying to get around a store; having to pull over to the side of the road because you are having one of your increasing regular attacks, and are shaking so bad you can’t drive.

          Who knows, maybe I will be one of those that the government decides it’s not worth the money to take care of, and I can go quietly off some where to die. Like HELL!

          1. Shofar, I am horrified to hear about your condition, and so sorry for you. I would say “I can’t imagine what you are going through,” but I have had experience with degenerative nerve disease in my own family. It’s torture on a number of levels.

            What you are describing are exactly the fears of those who oppose Obamacare. While maligned and told they are elitist haters, opponents of Obamacare are motivated by genuine compassion for average people whose lives will be wrecked by the destruction of our health care system. They want other solutions to increase health care coverage instead of this one. Your case and your description of it movingly and effectively makes the argument for reversing the law.

            What those who condescend to Sarah Palin fail to understand is that she was being metaphorical about the “Death Panels.” Yes, Palin being more sophisticated than her detractors. There won’t be actual panels sentencing people to death. But there will be what is effectively the same thing – rationing – groups of bureaucrats who decide what’s worth covering and what isn’t, effectively condemning people to death. And then there will be the more general rationing that leads to the type of care you are getting.

            Shofar, I’m sorry you are suffering. And I thank you for sharing this.

          2. Kieth,
            Thanks for the kind words. Your right, people do not realize what this healthcare “reform” will do to the greatest healthcare system in the world.

            I get tired of hearing people like Max spouting crap, when they do not know a damn thing about how things are going to work. I find it truly frustrating when people with money, the very same people who will circumvent the law when they need medical treatment, attempt to force the average person into a system that will only lead to higher mortality rates.

            Let one of these “wealthy” progressives develop, or have one of their loved ones develop, a serious illness such as pancreatic, breast, brain or colo-rectal cancer, and have to use the system that they think is going to be so damn great. No using their influence or money to get treatment, just be like the rest of us.

            Ted Kennedy would have died long before he did if he had been at the mercies of a single payer system. Gabby Gifford would probably also be dead. There is the rule of unintended consequences when it comes to any law, regulation or administrative rule. One of those consequences with Obamacare will be increased mortality due to a lack of timeliness of care. I, and many Americans, realize this and reject the law as being unfair. The Progressives want “fairness” in society, but this very law will bring about greater social injustice and disparity than has ever existed in America.

            Those that can afford to go around the law will and get treatment and live. Those that can not afford to go around the law will not get treatment in a timely fashion and will die.

          3. Well said Shofar. I’m am sorry for your health problems and your delayed care. There for the grace of God go I. The elderly, disabled children, and those with debilitating illnesses have the most to fear from this program. They will be hit the hardest by the cut backs in medical services. You’ve got a lot of people behind you who will keep after these bureaucrats until they repeal Obamacare. I’d like to tie the repeal of Obamacare to any raise in the debt ceiling. That would save us a bundle.

    4. Wow Max…perhaps you need to get out a bit more. If you haven’t noticed your boy wonder has achieved huge increases in gas prices, huge losses in home values and inflation that is beginning to make Carter blush (I could go on but it is a holiday weekend). It is sad for those who genuinely didn’t know better and pinned their hopes and dreams on a man who is concerned only about his own future. You Max probably know the truth but pride keeps you from acknowledging the obvious.

      1. Yes, Shofar–I like your posts and wish I could help. I am a gadfly using my “gift of gad” to try to keep these people in line somehow. Sort of my mission. I at least commend this Max person for having the cojones to mix it up with us–tough room.

        1. Star,

          Thanks for the props. I enjoy Keith’s writing, and his slightly twisted sense of humor. Snark when done well is truly humorous and enlightening. He is becoming a modern day Jonathan Swift, offering his own “Modest Proposals”.

          I enjoy yours and Granny’s postings. You both can be delightfully wicked with your words. And yes, you are right, this is a tough room. With that, don’t forget to tip your server, and try the veal. We’ll be here all week!

    5. Adore? An anti-Semite? A racist? A man who abhors Christians, Jews, Buddhists or anyone who rejects his pan-Arab vision of the Middle East where the deserts are *judenrein.*

      Adore? A closet member of the Sturmabteilung?

  4. Obama is ten pounds of it in a five pound bag and we all know that, but will the voters in 2012 be snow-jobbed again by this sycophant media we are cursed with?
    The absolutely shameless ass kissing is now approaching Olympic records. It’s an embarrassment for anyone old enough to remember, for example, the balls of a Sam Donaldson standing up in Reagan’s face, toupee and all, in front of the country and on national television, and confronting him with harsh and confrontational questions on a regular basis.

    Could Chuck Todd get his nose any further up Jay Carney’s ass before White House medics are called with a crowbar?

    Will Jake Tapper get his own show quicker than John King got his, and his reprieve from Pebble beach?

    These are the momentous questions for and about the WHPress for the most part, aren’t they?

    Which is why I like this blog Keith, and the job you do in the room. You take on the work of pressing this phony bastard and his Chicago hustle administration on a daily basis. You’re the only one I’ve watched give that little bed-head haired press mouthpiece for Barry a run for his money. (Btw, are he and his boss in a secret contest or something, for the most stumble/stammer/Uhm/Ahhh/Uhm’s in a single week, or what?)

    One can only imagine the stinkeye you must take from the front row kiss asses in that room. Do you ever feel like the last kid picked for dodge-ball?
    Keep doing what you are doing Keith. It’s a great and necessary work for the rest of us.
    We need this, now more than ever, as Milhous’s troops used to say.

      1. Thanks Susan, that was great!
        Nothing like getting a standing O for telling some mutt to shut-up.

        And he obviously loved saying it too, with typical Reagan style.

        Obama couldn’t carry his jockstrap.

  5. Biden says he “didn’t hesitate.” He waited 16 hours! Maybe that is decisiveness in O’s playbook. Or maybe that’s how long it took for Panetta and Clinton to pull it off and then pull him in from the golf course.
    BTW: Keith: don’t listen to this Max person.

    1. Boo, right – it’s a matter of record that he in fact did hesitate.

      And thanks, but Max is fine. This is not a left wing blog, so we understand there are many opinions out there. And I’ve been treated to much nastier attacks than his, believe me.

  6. Oh my. These two are so delusional it is almost sad. All this bloviating about his momentous act of courage steals the honor from the true heroes, our civilian and military intelligence services. That is going to come back to bite them.

    Keith, you better put on your armour. You are writing the truth and that is not something the left accepts easily. In their eyes, you are not entitled to an opinion if it differs from theirs. They will shun you, give you the evil eye, and attack you personally via anonymous postings. Just remember we will still be here reading and learning from your unique perspective. Thank you for taking a stand.

    Ephesians 6,11: Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

  7. Obama will milk this teet until it’s amorphous.

    Keith, great point. Don’t be suprised if the entire SEAL assault platoon is marched out onto the dais of the Democratic National Convention to roaring applause, followed moments later by POTUS in a staged slam dunk.

  8. We do not need 4 more years of obama. The real unemployment rate is 30% If you vote for obama , it will get to 50 % and up . If they really killed osama bin laden , they would have brung the body back to show the american people .

  9. People who have real achievements are modest because their actions and accomplishments speak for them.

    The One and MoochMO (the Politician’s Wife) must promote everything they do because their achievements are so few.

    So Obama will be talking about Osama at every campaign stop. Those who don’t really want a military that is strong will be satisfied with this “accomplishment.” The rest of us will ignore it.

    Commenter Max is a rather sad kool-aid quaffing case.

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