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Obama Morning News || May 27, 2011

President Obama and other world leaders opened the G-8 meetings, focusing on Libya and the Arab uprisings. The leaders agreed on $20 billion in financial assistance to Egypt and Tunisia.

Obama proposed to bump up job creation by scaling back hundreds of regulations.

Michele Bachmann plans an Iowa kickoff for her campaign. But will Sarah Palin, who has scheduled a nationwide speaking tour, also run? There are some tensions already between the Palin and Bachmann camps. Mitt Romney will announce Thursday in New Hampshire.

Obama’s decision to locate his campaign headquarters in Chicago has its benefits, writes POLITICO.

Hillary Clinton sought to smooth ties with Pakistan, which will let the CIA scrub the Bin Laden compound in the search for possibly hidden evidence. The House passed a defense bill that would give the president greater authority to pursue terrorists but limit options for prosecuting detainees. Obama signed a four year extension of the Patriot Act.

And Dick Cheney said Paul Ryan should not run for president because it would “ruin a good man.”

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  1. Well that’s nice, $20B in aid from a bunch of bloated countries that can barely afford to pay their own bills. You can’t squeeze blood from a turnip guys so how are you planning on accomplishing this goal? Send Uncle Ben back to the printing press? Ask China for more money? This Arab Spring movement is turning into an Islamic Caliphate right under their noses. The Koptic Christians are screaming out in Egypt and these dolts are just ignoring them…

    1. Susan, I read your link … and Drudge carried one on Christians in Egypt who are concerned about “Salafist” / Islamic takeover in the wake of Mubarek’s fall. The sad part is … there is no one in D.C. who will advocate on their behalf.


      G-8 Meeting. Heavens. More money. We are are the world’s pimp.


      Bachman/Palin. I like that ticket. I am not a fan of either, but the whirlwind of mysognistic (s/p) hate among the left would be intense. The only true feminist is a left-wing, Marxist feminist … no one of the right need apply.


      Hilary in Islamabad. I think Hillary is there to grease the skids for Obama’s hush money transfer to bring the Pak’s around to our side, in return for “being our friend.” Obama (like Clinton and Bush before him) is Grand Master Pimp and Hillary is our woman on the street. David Schuster was right after all.


      I finished 1984 last night. About the fifth or sixth time I’ve read it. There are so many links to today – *Newspeak*, *Doublespeak*, or my favorite *ThoughtCrime*. Orwell never realized just how close we’ve come. I suggest a new one: Obamaspeak: saying one thing, while doing another, while using a five iron.

    2. And then we have the Saudis & the Kuwaitis & the UAE – nations that build islands – from scratch – and huge skyscrapers – and buy up real estate here in America & in Europe – so filthy rich they literally don’t know what to do with all their money.

      Yet we’re the ones sending massive amounts of dollars overseas. To people who hate our guts.

      Can anyone in their right mind not see the Cloward & Piven strategy at work here? I mean – it makes no sense otherwise. Will no conservative leader stand up & declare that the Emperor has no clothes?

    1. Our hack cartoonist showed Ryan, hollow-eyed and evil, saying, “I could not Medicare less” or something, so that is where THAT is going. Could we have a vote on this maybe since it’s huge? Like a national Proposition Vote–which changes do you favor? Obviously our best and brightest aren’t nailing it.

    2. Lech Walesa knows communism when he sees it. He also knows Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.

      Lech Walesa, June 11, 2004. “When talking about Ronald Reagan, I have to be personal. We in Poland took him so personally. Why? Because we owe him our liberty. This can’t be said often enough by people who lived under oppression for half a century, until communism fell in 1989.”

  2. $20 billion dollars to Egypt and Tunisia; whose name will they write on the check? Egypt has no official government or recognized leader.

      1. LOL!


        Sheesh … MY TAX DOLLARS going to fund Islamic terrorism and Nazi indoctrination of Egyptian school children.


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