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Obama Getting His Ground Game Running

The Obama campaign today sent this video out to its vast email list as part of its effort recruit volunteers. I thought you might want to see what’s going on.

The campaign seems well organized and is trying to get a very early start getting its ground operation up and running. This is the first phase of the operation – in addition to raising money for Obama and the DNC. The Obama campaign is using the phrase”Are You In?” to get commitments from volunteers. Training starts this summer.

The Republican National Committee is still recovering from the Michael Steele years. But if Republicans think they can beat Obama with a bunch of money-siphoning groups that put up an ad war campaign to try to destroy the president, they’re mistaken.

They will need to galvanize the loosely affiliated organizations and Tea Party members into their own ground war which, given the passion of the opposition to Obama, can become a powerful force. But it needs to be organized. I’m not seeing that.

The video below shows Mitch Stewart, who is now labeled “Battleground Director” for the campaign. He has been in charge of keeping Obama’s personal political army, Organizing for America, active during the two and a half years following the election.

16 thoughts on “Obama Getting His Ground Game Running”

  1. The young man on this video is a very effective communicator for the current President. But what a shame that he is shilling for an empty suit. Son, wake up and put your talents behind someone who is worthy!

  2. They can organize all they want, drain money from willing donors, place nasty ads from now until 2012, but if Ameicans don’t have jobs, can’t afford to buy groceries or gasoline, and we’re still fighting 3 wars it will all be for naught.
    The loyal opposition hasn’t gone away. We’re waiting and watching.

    1. True srdem, but remember, these operatives elected a person with a hazy background, associations with several suspect people, and no relevant experience for the job. And incumbent presidents are tough to beat without a once in a lifetime candidate, which the GOP ain’t got.

  3. If only they could only run a government as well as they do a campaign.

    I’d like to “volunteer” and get a million of my conservative friends to do the same. That would screw them up royally.

  4. Quick and to the point. Mr. Stewart has a message, cogent charts to back it up, but as Flash stated – all for naught; for an “empty suit.” So true.

    MEMO TO REPUBLICANS: WHERE is your grassroots campaign? Republican Party why have we not seen your organizing videos? Where is your Mitch Stewart? If you get your ass off the links and out of the 3pm martini’s maybe we could get this show on the road, gentlemen.


    You have to give it to the Obamunists; they are doing EXACTLY what they did in 2008 —> grassroots campaigning. Millions of Obama Zombies will be enlisted into the Obamunist movement complete with hammer, sickles and plenty of Che flags tacked up on walls like ’08 … while the cocktail-swilling, doddering old fools of the Republican Party are sitting around a golf course debating the g-d slogan for 2012.

    1. Thank you for sharing the article Star. A very inspiring story of a liberal’s conversion to conservatism. Gives me hope.

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