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Obama Approves of Us Even More Than Before

Tell me, please, what kind of internal dialogue that you have to have with yourself, how highly you must esteem yourself, to come up  with this:

My enthusiasm for the job is undiminished.  My faith in the American people, in their core decency, is where it was — in fact, I think it’s a little stronger than it was.  And so I’m confident that if we’re telling our story not about — not just about what we’ve done, but more importantly what remains to be done, that we’re going to have five and a half more years to finish the job.

This was, of course, our egocentric president, Barack Obama, speaking at a fundraiser last week.

First of all, did anyone ask him about his enthusiasm for the job? I mean, thank goodness the president is still enjoying himself. Sir, when it’s not fun anymore, please let us know if we can get you a cold drink or maybe a new five iron or just whatever it is we can do to help.

But the whopper is that his faith in the “core decency” of the American people not only remains, but has grown.

Photo by Keith Koffler

We’ve all tried to behave well, of course, both for Santa and so that the president would know that though we occasionally object to his policies, we are in fact good people. And when we err and disagree with him, it is only with the best intentions.

So he recognizes “where we’re comin’ from.” It’s nice that he deduces such things during his frequent strolls along the surface of the Potomac River, where he does a lot of his thinking.

But I believe it’s particularly big of him to tell us that, despite his fall in the opinion polls, the president thinks even better of us. I mean, talk about magnanimity. And our belief in his core decency has . . . oh what the heck does it matter what WE think?

Of course, there’s a scary part to all this. Obama follows his faith in the “core decency” of Americans with a statement that he believes he will be reelected. That means:

Core Decency = Support for Obama

which implies:

Lack of Decency = Support for Republicans

It’s always fun when politicians accidentally offer you a window on how they really think. It’s inevitable, because their true selves are naturally with them every day, and their arduously constructed exteriors take effort and care to maintain. And sometimes, they’re not as careful as they should be. And that’s when we learn something.

Now that Obama has shown this side of himself, it’s back to all the talk about bipartisanship, wanting to hear Republican ideas, respecting other opinions, and all the other nonsense that provides cover for the horrific political attacks that are sure to characterize Obama’s presidential campaign.

The attacks will be performed with relish, because they are nurtured by the notion within Obama, common among Democrats, that the opposition is dumb, evil, or both.

38 thoughts on “Obama Approves of Us Even More Than Before”

  1. In the end it will boil down to racism. Every black liberal will state that if you are voting against Obama, you are a full blown member of the KKK and a dirty rotten racist. I happen to believe that this would happen even if Obama announced tomorrow that he plans on becomming the first Dictator of the United States, and that we are now officially a communist country.

    The color of skin trumps everything, it’s very sad.

    1. So basically what the Republicans need is a bright, articulate person who can speak extemporaneously, happens to be black and possesses an authentic birth certificate.

    2. to finish Mr. Koffler equation,

      Support for Republicans = RACIST

      (a formula the ‘main stream media’ already has memorized by heart :-\

  2. What a condescending pile. I guess his wife disagrees–didn’t she say we were mean? Do politicians ever hear themselves talk? Yes, five and a half more years of this and all will be well.

  3. Didn’t he also recently respect the Queen of England?
    His arrogance knows no bounds. He’d make the subject of a really great musical. Oh wait, I think Granny Jan is covering that.

  4. Thank you for pointing out not only what He says but what he implies through the converse. He does this all the time the arrogant ass. I’m just a simpleton pharmacist with no academic pedigree from an Ivy league school, but I would love to debate his progressive ass anytime anywhere. I would love to point out all of his lies to his face and watch him get flustered the way he does when some feeble little person challenges Him.

    1. Imagine if there was a group of people who were PAID to ask unbiased challenging, probing & pertinent questions of the President and our elected so-called leaders… this group could then broadcast & publish the foolish answers politicians always give to help inform US citizens about what our leaders are really doing & saying…

      Too bad such a group or job dosent exisit in America in 2011 :-(

  5. In his mind, the only ‘decent’ thing would be for the voters to give him four more years.
    The problem with that kind of thinking is that we already know what he’s done and don’t want him to do anything else. We don’t like where he’s planning on taking us; we don’t want to live with federal gun control, we don’t want our internet access monitored, we don’t want to pay more and more taxes for Congress to give away, we don’t want any of their intrusive, progressive, socalist agendas forced on us.
    To campaign for the Presidency, to put yourself out there, necessarily means that you have a great confidence in yourself, that you believe that you can do good for your country and if you win, the assumption is that those who voted for you agree with you and your agenda.
    Why wouldn’t MrO think he’s the greatest, the MSM backs that belief every day.
    In their minds, MrO’s opponents are contemptable, racist, or just deluded by conservative fearmongers who need to be silenced.
    MrBeck, MrLimbaugh..silence them, chase them off of their media pedestals before more people hear their message.
    Polarize, marginalize, ridicule and insult those who aren’t “in” or send negativeness about the grand program.
    MrO is the end product of the puppetmasters who made him (and us) believe that he was going to re-do Washington, to make it better, that he was the smartest man in the room. It was all spin and lies.

    1. Smoke, mirrors, fiction! Or should I say “smokes”? It is sooo frustrating. I have friends who don’t see it…can’t see it…it is simply not there for them…like my sister, “He is doing a fine job.”

    1. Narcissitic Personality Disorder – even tho it’s no longer in the DSM – Diagnotic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

  6. Now, Let’s see. His enthusiasm for the job hasn’t decreased, but the reason he plays golf so often is it is the ONLY TIME he can escape the pressures of the job. If the GOP nominates Satan, we ALL have to get behind him. ANYTHING , even Carter, would be an improvement.

  7. Maybe while he’s walking on water he can talk to Wyatt Earp…oh wait that was in Az and we all know he doesn’t like them…

  8. Thank you Keith for the excellent interpretation of his words. The man usually drones on for so long I have a hard time following he is saying, not to mention the way he looks down his nose on us. Nice to know he has enthusiasm for the job. Heck, I would too if I could party like a rock star and be a worldwide jet-setter on another person’s dime. Don’t think the guy has spent a full day in the Oval Office since he’s been there.

    He seems to feel pretty comfortable knowing he has all his little minions who can do his dirty work of tearing this country apart while he sits back and pretends he really, really likes us. Well, he’s not fooling the majority of us “indecent” Americans.

    1. I’m afraid he IS fooling most Americans. Those who don’t read this blog, watch only CNN or network news and go with the idea that “That can’t happen here, this is America!!”. Well, it won’t BE America if people don’t start paying attention!

      1. I agree. When they watch or listen or read what the MSM puts forth they believe the Repubs are pushing Grandma over the cliff, MrsPalin is stupid, tea party people are racists, fat-cats are the bane of our economy, Arizonans are nazi-like, and millionaires don’t pay taxes.
        They know who won American Idol, but don’t know that our Prez just gave away more billions of our borrowed money to foreign nations and don’t pay attention because you’re right, they don’t think it will happen here.

        1. Arizonan’s have been made out to be “bigoted racists” from the Dallas papers here…..nothing could be further from the truth.. I have visited that state … and its just like Texas: down home hospitality, smiles, inter-racial harmony among all groups. The Left and its Marxist lapdogs of the media will do anything to stir up race-hate.

      2. Then it is up to each and every one of us who do read this blog to speak out to everyone we know. We have been brainwashed to believe that we should never talk about religion or politics because we might cause someone some displeasure.

        Way back in my high school typing class I learned this phrase… “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” It is time to start waking up everyone we know. If he wins the next election, America as we know it is over. We lost a long time friend over joining the Tea Party. It didn’t stop us. If he can’t accept our opinion, then he wasn’t really much of a friend anyway.

    2. Thanks you all, it’s so gratifying to see these comments. That’s why I started this blog – to say things that are true, written from Washington, without fear of what anyone will think. I’m strengthened in that every day by your comments, because Washington truly is so far removed from the rest of America, and it’s not easy being honest here.

      You cannot, for example, ever say in Washington something like “I think the Tea Party people make some great points.” You will be laughed out of the room. Certainly out of the press room. If you said, “I think American Communists make some great points – look at the injustice in the country!” – you might be viewed as a little radical, but you wouldn’t be laughed at.

      I’m lucky enough to have a direct line outside of Washington. You all pull no punches too – even with me when you disagree – and it’s just the greatest thing. I’m sure American will be hearing from you.

      1. We apprec the chance to report in from the Flyovers, too, Keith. I often wonder what the heck I am doing here–I miss DC–but if SrDem and I can provide some “dispatches,” it makes me feel better.

  9. MEMO TO PRESIDENT OBAMA: When the electorate tosses your ass out of office next November, we will do so because your a bigoted, racist, anti-Semtic tool, not because your BLACK. Your a failure not because your black or “white America” hates you. Your a failure because you rejected Dr. King’s principles of character discernment from a position of judicial honesty and chose instead, to follow your mentor, the race-baiting, bigoted, virulent anti-Semite, the “Rev.” Jeremiah Wright from whom you learned race-hate, bigotry and anti-Jewish polemics.

  10. Did anyone ask him if it’s “Fun?” When 50% of the Country doesn’t think he’s even a Citizen? HIs Nationality, Patriotism, and Educational Background have ALL been put to question by a 24 hour News Network, but feel free to keep making fun of him! You’re very Original and I hope you enjoy wasting your time!

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