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The Obama Morning News || May 26, 2011

President Obama meets with other world leaders at the G-8 today, with the Arab Spring topping the agenda. Obama and British Prime Minister Cameron say they see a long slog in Libya. But Libya has a new proposal for a cease fire.

The British press is even more star struck by Obama than reporters in the U.S., reports POLITICO.

Republicans affirmed their backing of the Medicare plan by Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, despite the loss of a House election in New York viewed as a partial referendum on the proposal.

Various moves by Sarah Palin, including a new hagiographic movie to be released in Iowa and the purchase of a house in Arizona, have increased speculation that she plans to run for president. Former New York Gov. Goeoge Pataki may get in too.

Obama’s vaunted friendship with Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana, who faces a Tea Party revolt in his state, is on ice as Lugar steps up his criticism of the president.

In a surprise choice, Obama has selected Iraq veteran and just-installed Army Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to be Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman. Goodwin Liu, a leftist Obama pick for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco withdrew after being rejected by the Senate.

Dick Cheney’s memoir will be out Aug. 30, and it contains “very strong views,” his daughter says.

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    1. The English press is being polite. Not starstruck.
      The “DailyMail” online calls out MrsO and her fashion choices by naming her “the Queen of Bling” .

      1. LOL–really? Funny! I wasn’t too thrilled with the bus station pink satin jacket as day wear.

        OK, Mideastern Spring…how about Midwestern Spring, for heaven’s sakes–is he showing any interest?

          1. I’ve got a decent vocabulary but I had to go look that word up! Just love the way the English can put you down in such a nice polite sounding way!

          2. Agree with you Mrs Compton. I’m learning so many great words by reading the British press. They do have such a polite way of cutting one down to size. Two of my more recent finds: gormless and skint.

  1. Now that MrsPalin and her daughter Bristol have moved to the Phoenix area, we find ourselves in the national spotlight again. Arizonans are generally confused by all this attention from the WhiteHouse, the MSM and other states. We’re conservative here and every ethnic group, every known religion lives in general peace and understanding. We like to adhere to the “code of the west” and give everyone space to live their own lives without interference. If you drive 15 minutes, in any direction, out of the Phoenix area, you find yourself in vast farmland or raw desert for 100’s of miles.

    It’s nice here. Imagine a whole state without a toll booth and most cities don’t have parking meters. Our property tax rates are so low it would make a NorthEastern home owner cry. Our schools are peaceful and the kids take recess outside every day. Lots to do and lots to see.
    So, the Palins might have chosen Arizona because of all of the good things we have to offer and not for political reasons. Let’s wait and see.

    1. Our houses aren’t worth squat anymore, but I agree with most of this. I see horses every day of my life–how many can say that? It’s different.

  2. I’m hoping Indiana does the same thing to Lugar as Utah did to Bennett. What a great constitutional conservative Mike Lee has proven himself to be. The only way to clean up the Republican party is to root out the RINOs in the primaries. The vote on the Ryan budget in the Senate yesterday didn’t get a whole lot of press, but rest assured we’re watching them and keeping score.

      1. I am mixed on this Ryan thing–seems like another bum’s rush to me. Would even a $15K insurance policy be adequate for say, big cancer or something? Is it now? If people had to get it–would it slip below now? This is all being whipped through–were there hearings? Yes, the admin should use all its huge gifts and love bank to “fix” things–but it won’t…and it will attack those who try–but just because they attack, does that mean the idea was good? Ryan seems smart–but all this is cascading along…Romney says he will have a plan. Pawlenty, same. Can we see those? I don’t like how this is being sold, either–oh, don’t worry, you old people, this isn’t going to affect you…well, I do have spawn around here someplace…I want to be clear on it.

        1. PS Even those Medicare “Advantage” (as in take advantage) plans are pretty laughable–I tried to see my doctor–oh, she quit. What? The new one apparently went to Pradesh University in Indiana…yeah, I am sure… Then they called–be sure to keep your appt because you are having surgery. Surprise–I am not!

        2. Star, My congressman sent this out yesterday. Paul Ryan give a clear explanation of his plan. There is also a link to the text of the plan. I like that it allows freedom of choice. You have the choice to pick a plan that will provide catastrophic coverage if that is what you want. It is all about personal responsibility. I have children too and worry for their future. This plan will insure Medicare will still be around if they should ever need it. Sometimes our children are smarter than we realize. They know SS & Medicare in their current form are ponzi schemes that are doomed for failure.

          1. Yes, yes, Ponzi scheme, etc. But they are taking money away from us and they need to provide something–everyone is entitled because they took our money. If they blew it, then modify it–and all the pundits and others in their $2000 suits intoning that people are selfish or stupid because they don’t just blow this off can take a jump as far as I am concerned. Gee, Star, how do you really feel? Do you think people will be “allowed” to buy skimpy coverage–have a choice? I don’t. But this all being rushed thru before people can look at it.

          2. Nothing personal, Susan–but did you ever try to pick a Part D–a drug plan…the so-called choice? It was ridiculous–still is. Supplementals, at least, were standardized–A thru N…every co’s A was the same as every other co’s A–except for price, and on down. This choice thing to me is sort of meaningless. If you can only afford “catastrophic” coverage, meaning I don’t even know–a $10K deductible?–you are still ruined, feel like you can’t get care, or reallly can’t, etc.

          3. I’m not on Medicare or Social Security and, if we survive Obama, I never will be. My MIL is on both. We have explained Ryan’s plan to her and she realizes changes are necessary. Hope you understand Medicare in it’s current state won’t be around for your children…period. Taking personal responsibility for our own needs is the only way we are going to get out of this mess. We will always have that safety net for those who need help, but everyone else is going to have to learn to stand on their own two feet.

          4. Yes, Susan–I follow this as much as you do. I “realize” everything. But to rush through any change just bec Obama is against it is to me foolish. I am saying, they will have to change the ages, the amts people pay in, and eventually ration what you can get or not (although this is happening already because old people do not contribute to society, so who cares). To whip it all over to private companies, though–I want to hear more. I had a drug plan–it went from $11 to $35 a mo in one yr. Are we to be choosing or not being able to pay pretty much constantly–our children, I mean…

          5. Your mother in law, I assume, knows she faces no change…is she competent? We take care of our mother and have for 16 years. We would do the choosing, as your kids might end up doing for you. So there’s that, too. As for standing on our own two feet—medical costs have pretty much made that impossible…either you have an insurance company on your feet or a bureaucrat. Or you can can owe more than five college educations and get the calls. Or you can go BK.

          6. Star, Really didn’t intend to get into a debate about SS & Medicare. We all make our own choices in life. My MIL is quite competent but she is elderly and these creatons were scaring her with all their negative press. We’re not rich and we’re not special. We did our financial planning around those programs. I’ve paid into them my entire working career and knew they were ponzi schemes from the beginning. Thank the good Lord we are blessed with good health so far. If our fortunes should turn, we will handle what comes on our own without government help.

  3. The House election in New York’s 26th district was NOT a referendum about healthcare ! I live here I know.You people are being fooled once again by the mainstream liberal media including the Buffalo News.
    This is a heavy democratic area , with union backing , the candidate that won is an overspending democratic county clerk who almost bankrupted the DMV here.The local media here demonized the Republican candidate with a slur from the highly unionized paper and radio personalities beholden to the CWA.( THE SAME PAPER WHO ENDORSED MARIO CUOMO AFTER SPENDING NYS INTO BANKRUPTCY )There was no debate in this election about heathcare ! any subject would have done.It came down to heavy union backing one of their own.

    1. Chet, The Democrats needed that seat for propaganda purposes so they poured all they had into winning it. Was the Tea Party guy a Democrat plant? He sure smelled like one.

  4. G-8 and the “Arab Spring.” I love the use of moderate language to describe the vicious anti-Semitic rotunda of Arab Fascsist, the press use to describe the Islamic-inspired risings that are now de riguer in the Middle East. The Press Corps fawns over Islam and its narrow bigotry because of their hatred of Jews, Judaism and the Jewish State, not to mention Christianity. “The Arab Spring.” Its actually the sear-handle on an Egypytian AK-47.


    I was re-reading Gold Meir the other night. A gutsy broad. In 1972 after the Munich Olympic massacre, when the blood of Jewish athletes had not yet dried on the floors in the Olympic village, Prime Minister Golda Meir made the famous statement as she sat down, exhausted, after watching NBC news coverage in Munich: “Israel is alone.” She looked up at Yuri Dan, the IDF officer, “We are now alone.” The Israeli’s eventually tracked down all but one of the Islamic Nazi’s and dispatched each with a well placed 9mm round to the face. Israel, unlike America, knows that to survive, they must exterminate the Islamic Nazi’s or face a Second Holocaust. It is kill or be killed.


    Goodwin Liu – a Left-wing Fascist has now withdrawn after getting 86’ed by the Senate. I’m suprised the Democratic Fascists did not try to fight harder for this Stalinist judge. After all isnt this what the Democratic Party stands for? Narrow, leftist, fringe politics in the Maoist tradition. Liu will now return to San Francisco and begin prosecuting 6-year olds running illegal lemonade stands.

    1. “Gutsy broad” doesn’t quite describe her role in Israel affairs; astute, patriotic, realist and unafraid would be my choice.

      1. Well put SRDEM. She was certainly patriotic and unafraid…. She was a beautiful human being who helped bring Israel into modernity.

      1. Well, so much for Anderson Cooper and his marshmellow party in Tahrir Square. The Press tried to tell us (and sell us) on the Muslim Brotherhood. They are simply another offshoot of Al Queda and of course, related to the coffee-can-hat-wearing Nazi’s from Munich (c. 1933).

        Well one thing is for sure. We are headed for a war if these Egyptian groups gain power. Another Nasser will rise up and the Israeli’s will be forced to take action along the canal. If Obama is still in power by then (heaven forbid), he’ll side with the Egyptians since they have cool rock formations in the desert shaped like a cone. All the Jews have are green desserts.

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