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White House Bats Down Cranky WH Press Corps

Sometimes, we deserve it.

The latest pool report out of London observed that “Pool is holding in a two-car garage” while waiting for Obama’s dinner for the queen at the U.S. ambassador’s residence to finish.

The pooler included the following at the end of the report:

NOTE: This pool report as above was originally sent at 8:35pm local (3:35pm Eastern). Before distributing it to the pres list, the White House emailed your pooler to say that if I was going to include that we are holding in a garage, please add this quote from deputy White House press secretary Josh Earnest:

“The pool is holding in the large garage at winfield house that is furnished with: hot food, Internet connections, tables, chairs, power outlets and easy access to restrooms.  If the pool would prefer to hold in the vans during future events, we can, of course, make the necessary arrangements.”

17 thoughts on “White House Bats Down Cranky WH Press Corps”

  1. C’mon. They couldn’t find a room or two not in the smelly garage for the Press?
    No conference room, no ‘lunch’ room or sitting room for our Press.
    The Press pool’s lack of dignity and self worth is sad.

  2. You know the American embassy in GB has to have an area for the press pool other than a garage. What a sarcastic response. You can tell the Obot doesn’t hold the press in very high esteem, and he is as thin-skinned as his boss.

  3. MT for re-redistribution

    That’s one of the problems with a politician being so heavily favored by the press. They now expect things in return, which is sort of natural. Evidence of the corruption that conservatives have been screaming about, in my opinion.

    That just makes me all the more impressed with classy presidents like the Bushes and Reagan, who just treated people better by principle. Such concepts are way beyond the current dufus.

  4. Wow, that is really catty. I guess we know where they get it. From the same guy that wants to be thanked for no jobs, high gas prices and obamacare shoved down our throats.

  5. Wow, some of you are more sympathetic than I am! You know, these reporters have the chance of a lifetime to travel the world and take a front row seat to history, seeing the magnificent backdrops like palaces and witnessing world leaders engaged in activities large and small. Ditto for me – I don’t travel, but I get to work at the White House, the most fascinating single place in the world.

    Don’t feel sorry for them if they have to use the garage of a luxurious mansion. I don’t think this is Homer Simpson’s garage. Reporters generally work out of small cubicles anyway when they are at home. They’re lucky to be in that particular garage doing what they are doing, and the ones who aren’t jaded know it.

    1. You make a great point Keith. They are living a pretty charmed life right now…and getting paid to do it. Here I was thinking they were stuck in a garage full of tools and junk like ours. I’m doing a recall on my expression of sympathy for them. Suck it up whiners :)

    2. I still think the comment was catty and uncalled for. Maybe I don’t have a good idea either, but the press secretary doesn’t need to be so snarky. Just more juvenile behavior from this White House. Maybe when the White House starts acting like grown ups, then they can expect the press pool to act that way.

    3. I’m just more surprised at the WH response, it was really uncalled for. I wouldn’t have thought a thing if I read y’all were waiting in a garage. But then I live in Florida and just went through the closet incident! Figured y’all were movin’ on up!

  6. Note from MOTUS on her blog:
    It would be nice if the Big White PR staff were as sensitive to issues and statements that sandbag visiting heads of state, alienate allies and disenchant a large portion of Jews around the world as they are about upsetting the fifth estate

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