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Michelle’s Bad Hair Day

Looks like the British Isles wind decided to mess with Mrs. Obama’s hair. At least she seems to have a good sense of humor about it. A nice little piece from CNN’s Jeannie Most.

3 thoughts on “Michelle’s Bad Hair Day”

  1. “Wind blows FLOTUS’s hair while on vacation in England”
    “Wind destroys whole communities and kills 140 more people in America”

    I’ve seen these photos of MrsO’s wind-blown hair in many places on the Internet and fail to see the newsworthy. Maybe we’re supposed to be amazed that a Black woman has Caucasian straight hair or that her wig didn’t blow away.

    1. Somber analogy srdem65. We woke up this morning to even more disasters…all over the Midwest and South. Watching the interviews with our fellow Americans who have lost everything they own, and some who have lost loved ones is heart wrenching. By continuing their vacation, these wannabe tyrants have made it very clear to most Americans, except for the true believers, that they have absolutely no concern for America or her people.

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