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President Bush Nearly Hit by a Foul Ball

Some Democratic baseball player knocked a foul ball just inches from George W. Bush and Laura. The catcher, also a Democrat, totally blew his role as presidential protector. The former first couple stayed calm and had a sense of humor about the whole thing.

4 thoughts on “President Bush Nearly Hit by a Foul Ball”

  1. My take:
    The Bushs’ were at an American ball park in America watching an American team play baseball and a foul ball just missed hitting them.
    The Obamas were on an European tour in Europe praising Europeans and their bulletproof, armored limo bottomed out on a street hump.

  2. Not bad but here’s mine: W knows baseball, he owned the Rangers, he also knows not to interfere w/ the game/players because he’s heard of Steve Bartman. (see fan makes Cubs lose)

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