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Oops: Orchestra Strikes Up as Obama Toasts the Queen

Notice that as Obama stumbles a bit in his toast – probably because he’s set the script down on the table and can barely see it – the orchestra figures he’s done and starts to play.

This would never have happened if TOTUS was in the house.

Anyway, what are we doing toasting queens in the first place? Gosh, I guess the monarchy looks good on Britain, but every time I hear a U.S. president having to accomodate royalty by talking about “Your majesty this” or “Your majesty that” I want to throw something out the window. Anything.

Like, if she says something, or walks across the room, is it by definition “majestic?”

“You eat your salad so majestically, your majesty.”

At least Elizabeth isn’t actually in charge, like the feudal chieftains of the Middle East and elsewhere.

16 thoughts on “Oops: Orchestra Strikes Up as Obama Toasts the Queen”

  1. This attitude drives me crazy! So … when someone from overseas comes here and addresses the president, is he not supposed to be courteous and observe our customs? Good grief, didn’t some writer go crazy the other day about Netanayahu (sp?) not being properly respectful to “my president?”

    What about when in Rome and all that? It was the “your majestys” that were lacking, it was Obama’s not waiting for the music! If that had happened here people would be crazy about the lack of respect to Obama.

  2. Has it only been two days? MrO thinks he’s an Irishman or RReagan, his limo gets stuck on a slight grade causing ridicule and exposing a serious security issue, the wife shows she’s a quick change artist, he forgot it’s 2011 and totally flubs the toast to his hostess and back home, Congress showed they like PMNetanyhu more than him.
    It’s going to be a loooong trip.

  3. Obama is two sandwiches short of a picnic. His incessant grin where he seems to be the the only one in on the joke is downright creepy.

    The grin appears daily sometimes in bizarre contexts. He was grinning ear to ear at the State Dinner tonight. You could say goofy or doofus but I think he’s batty as a bedbug. His elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.

    Jesse Lee, your boss is two cans short of a sixpack.
    The grin:

    1. The smile is a little over the top. Something is sure going on with the guy. I remember the stories of Nixon talking to the portraits of past presidents before he called it quits. He was drowning his sorrows in booze so you can almost understand his lunacy. Wonder if there are any mental health issues in those medical records he’s hiding along with all his other records?

      1. Is he self-medicating? The smile is the only tic of BO’s that I’ve never done a video on. I’ve done one on his incessant touching of others, two on his feet on the desk, one I call “leader of the pack” where he walks ahead of everyone,

        Interestingly, he’s been grinning since he was a child and usually the he’s the only one grinning in the photo. I always call it the phony customer smile.

        The most bizarre thing is that the grin stays consistent from on photo to the next. It’s as if he”s not a real person:

        Actually, before this that video of his consistent smile became viral, I had done videos called cardboard cut-out Obama. He looked like those cardboard cut outs. They were my first videos. That was over two years ago.

        1. That video is very striking Granny Jan. You really know how this guy operates. He does look like a cardboard cut-out…or maybe a pod person. There are rumors about his drug abuse. Don’t know if that includes alcohol or hard drugs or both. Just rumors so far…

  4. Maybe if he would have taken the time to learn some of the British customs he wouldn’t have embarrassed himself and America. The man is such a narcissist that he starts ramping up his tone when he hears the anthem playing. Did he think they were just providing background music for his glorious words. The clown frown on his face when he realized what a fool he made of himself was infantile beyond belief.

    1. He may have heard the anthem and forgot that it’s “God Save The Queen” and not the American version of “America The Beautiful”.

  5. Heavens.

    I agree with the first writer. A SLIGHT to our President. And even though he is a Marxist TOOL, the Brits should have given him deference to make his speech.

    This is one reason why, although I love the Brits and the Royal Family, they can be a pain in the ass sometime.

    Yes, we know he’s a tool (and a fool), but he’s our tool. At least let him make his bloody speech and as the British, “…right. K, get on with it.”

  6. How is it possible, with all the lackeys nO has, that not one of them could brief him on proper protocol??? He blew it again. If I could look at him without gagging I would actually feel rather sorry for him…he looks the fool (ok, it is more than looks but I am trying not to go there ).

  7. Common courtesy, he should have realized that he needed to be quiet during God Save the Queen. It would have showed his savvy if he had stopped his toast and then resumed after the music.
    Again, probably not enough respect to learn different customs where he is not the centre of activities

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