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Obama Schedule || Wednesday, May 25, 2011

4:50 am || Begins meetings with British Prime Minister Cameron
6:30 am || With Prime Minister Cameron, attends an event hosted by Mrs. Cameron and the First Lady to honor military families, U.S. and U.K. service members and veterans
7:35 am || Holds joint press conference with Cameron
10:30 am || Delivers address to Parliament
11:55 am || Meets with U.S. embassy personnel
3:30 pm || Attends dinner in honor of the Queen at the U.S. ambassador’s residence

All times Eastern
Live Stream of press conference at 7:35 am

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  1. 10:00pm II Retire with copy of Mein Kampf, Chicago hot wings, and a Coke. What a night! Finally, time along with Dear old Adolf and the words of a vegetarian and animal lover! He can’t be all that bad!

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