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Obama Pokes Trump, Plays Ping Pong

From the latest pool report out of London, this one by Christi Parsons of the Chicago Tribune:

At Globe Academy, a math and performing arts school with a high proportion of low-income students. Obama and PM Cameron dropped in on a classroom where two groups of kids were waiting to tell them about their projects. A group of kids (roughly 11, 12 or 13 year olds) who won a design contest with what they call “Dish Dash” — a carryout box that folds out into a bowl or plate and then back again.

“Design winners, people,” the president said, showing the boxes to the cameras.

Someone suggested that a visionary investor could pick up the design. “Donald Trump?” Obama suggested. “I have some connection with him.”

At the next table, a younger group of kids told Obama and Cameron the “my very earthy mother” mnemonic device for remembering the planets in order.

The president asked the kids their opinion of Pluto’s demotion. “Then somebody just decided it wasn’t a planet!” he told them. “It’s too small to be a planet,” a little girl said.

Afterward, Obama and Cameron took of their jackets and strolled into the gym to play table tennis.

“Who wants to take me on?” Obama said as he walked in. Obama and Cameron then played part of a game of doubles against two boys. “We may to switch it up,” said Obama. “You can’t have the old guys against the young.”

At first the leaders had some trouble getting their strategy coordinated. Both are lefties. “Are we keeping score?” Obama asked at one point. Obama had one off-the-table save which Cameron promptly blew by overshooting. Then they figured out how to hit and then get out of the other’s way, resulting in a couple of points and high-fives.

Still, the kids were clearly winning when the pool was ushered out.

We’re holding in buses and then heading back to the palace. Time now is 4:47 p.m. local.

7 thoughts on “Obama Pokes Trump, Plays Ping Pong”

  1. Did Obama sign the Westminster Abbey guest book “24 May 2008” because:
    a). He was sweaty and disoriented from “left-handed ping pong?” b). He go so carried away by the school boy’s challenge it hearkened him back to pre-election glory days? c). He was concentrating so hard on trying to speak with an English accent that he lost track of time?

  2. Pretty heartwarming…bleh. Meanwhile, hundreds of funerals are being planned in towns reduced to Dresden-like matchsticks.

  3. After the pool left, the gloves came off. That’s when O’Bama started slamming the ball back at the kids. “In your face, Liam!!!” Hates to lose, you know.

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