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Netanyahu Heckled From the House Gallery

Wait a second. I thought Michelle was in London.

Very cool customer. Could he be having a more successful trip, at least PR wise?

Forget the article I wrote for POLITICO today about Jeb Bush being the best GOP candidate. Any chance someone could put together a birth certificate saying Netanyahu was born in New Hampshire?

8 thoughts on “Netanyahu Heckled From the House Gallery”

  1. Watched the entire thing on Fox and thought it was an incredible speech. He did a really good job of turning a negative action into a positive outcome. Rush said the heckler was a Code Pinko stalker from San Francisco who was seated in Conyers’ gallery seat. Figures. Is the Mrs. still in jail?

    Did you hear about Obama signing the Westminster Abbey guest registry with the year 2008? Maybe he’s trying to recapture the glory days of his last campaign. Either that or too much Guinness.

  2. Keith,

    Great point.

    For everyone that has just viewed this video short, that heckler was a member of the liberal, far-left, pro-Palestinian, pro-terrorist PEACE NOW movement, supported by left-wing anti-Semitic Democrats and the Yassir Arafat-wing of the Democratic Party.

    May G-d be thanked that Israel has Bibi Netanyahu.

    MEMO TO ISRAEL: We will trade our President, O’bama for *any* conservative Shas Party politician – pick one (any one) and you can have our Marxist fool. We’ll pay postage both ways. No feeding necessary, since he lives off the welfare of others.

  3. I just watched the entire speech on C-SPAN tonight in its entirety.

    MEMO TO THE REPUBLICANS: Why is it each time Bibi made a point, you had to look toward Paul Ryan or another moderate Republican to see if it was ok to stand and clap?

    It’s a given, just by looking at the tools in the Democratic Party that its mass of anti-Semites could NOT WAIT TO LEAVE once Bibi was done. Out the door they went, except for a small group of Dem’s that support Israel … a very small group. The rest, led by the Marxist, Racist, Bigoted Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), are dyed in the wool anti-Jewish bigots whose interest is supporting a Palestinian state, ipso fact, the destruction of the Jewish State.

    WHEN will those of you in the Republican Party stand and cheer WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT without having to have Paul Ryan or Speaker Boehner give you permission? Is anti-Semitism that deeep within your ranks?

    It broke my heart to see such half-hearted displays … then again, most of you, typical, liberal, rich, cocktail-swilling, doddering fools … are interested only in golf, your Wall Street stocks and the hooker you pay for when your wife’s away.

    WHEN .. will the Republican Party stand up and defend Israel?

    When will John Boehner put down the tanning machine long enough to utter only a FEW words on behalf of Israel and stand firm and call the peice of human refuse that resides in the White House a bigot?

    Of course not.

    The media.

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