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The Lame Republican Field Needs Jeb

Jeb Bush needs to either get in the presidential race or explain why he is depriving Republicans of their best presidential candidate.

That’s the theme of an opinion piece I wrote that was published today in POLITICO. I hope you’ll take a look. Here are a couple of excerpts to give you the idea.

Bush might not be just the best hope for Republicans. He may be the only hope. He has repeatedly said that he’s not running for president. He needs to explain why.

His credentials are so good and his political abilities so acute compared to the [other Republicans] that his decision may well result in four more years of President Obama. This is a catastrophe for Republicans, who view Obama as driving the country emphatically in the wrong direction on virtually every issue . . .

The potential of a Bush campaign is bracing. It far outweighs any chance that he will be damaged by association with his unpopular brother.

A Jeb Bush presidential campaign is a GOP operative’s dream come true.

He is popular among conservatives, but doesn’t scare moderates. He is a Southerner, but without the good ol’ boy persona that can turn off Northerners. And he is a Catholic who used to be a Protestant – so he has a base in two of the three most important religious voting blocs.

11 thoughts on “The Lame Republican Field Needs Jeb”

  1. Ha ha ha “inside the beltway elitist” tries to pick RINO for a guaranteed loss in 2012. Gimme a break Jeb Bush is no conservative. Tea Party would never nominate him. Um did you miss November 2nd 2010 election? HELLO

  2. I admire your honesty Keith, but I have to say you are way off base with Jeb. Putting another Bush on the ticket is a recipe for disaster. He did some good things with education and fiscal issues but that is about it. He is another open borders guy like all progressives seem to be. I’ve been noticing something else about these prospective establishment GOP nominees. They always meet with the Don of the establishment GOPers, George H.W. Bush, beforehand. It happened with Daniels and it is happening with Huntsman. Newsflash to the establishment GOP, you won’t be picking our nominee this time around.

    1. Same here, SrDem! But having to prop up a Bush…I get tired thinking of it. And Huntsmann–I haven’t really looked into him, but I do remember his gushy letter to the president, ick.

        1. This reminds me of a show on the radio in DC that used to have a segment called ELEVATOR FROM HELL–and it was a song remixed as elevator music…like Revolution as elevator music. Very droll. Never mind–apropos of nothing.

  3. Excellent piece, love the birth certificate line. You are on the money on Web running. We need a strong candidate for the GOP.

  4. I listened to Rush today.

    Looks like our Gov. – Perry – may get into the race. Not sure if I would vote for him as he tried to build a drive-way from Mexico through our state … and when election time comes around he has the strange habit of ripping off his clothes and becoming “Mr. Conservative.”

    Another rich, educated, cocktail-swilling elitist.

    WHERE are the real men? WHERE are the candidates?

    Looks like its gonna be Herman Cain … although I have to admit, this Texan could vote for that man, because he talks STRAIGHT and he is, unlike our Marxist President, a Capitalist.

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