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Obama Suddenly Struck with an Irish Accent

President Obama today landed in Ireland and almost immediately began speaking in an Irish accent. A phalanx of medics was immediately called in to assist, including a team of Chinese acupuncturists who twirled a few needles on the president and were able to return Obama’s American accent to his voice box.

In the video below, you’ll notice, Obama in his first couple of appearances is heard speaking with the Irish lilt, after which his voice returns to normal. However, as you will note in his speech given late in the day before thousands of Irish, doctors were unable to stanch the pandering.

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H/T Granny Jan who mentioned this in the comments section. She blogs at Granny Jan and Jihad Kitty and saw this at Weazel Zippers.

14 thoughts on “Obama Suddenly Struck with an Irish Accent”

  1. What a chameleon. He becomes one of whatever audience he is pandering to at the moment. The gentleman standing behind him during the free concert/speech doesn’t strike me as one of the typical Obots he usually surrounds himself with.

  2. I’m really surprised that he didn’t put a red dye into his hair and freckles on his face.

    Wonder what would happen if he found out he was 1/32 Jewish. Would he start speaking Yiddish. What a momzer!

  3. The part about “spanking” members of Congress (80%+ of whom have done more service to the country than he has) is condescending and points to his views that anyone who doesn’t agree with him is stupid, and must be treated as a child.
    Nauseating “joke,” Mr. “President.”

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  5. “…there’s always been a little green behind the Red White & Blue…” ????? Obama – and his Islamist buddies know EXACTLY what that means…. the color GREEN is the internationally recognized “color of Islam”… Don’t believe me? Look at Hamas’s flag… Look at ALL Muslim Flags.. Many are GREEN, but most have at least SOME green in them…. But it is a FACT that GREEN IS THE COLOR THAT SYMBOLIZES THE ISLAMIC “FAITH”…. That’s partially why this whole “Go Green” bullsh!t is so sinister.

    1. (here is some PROOF to back up my point… but just google “green and islam” and there is PLENTY of proof right at your fingertips…

      Green is considered the traditional color of Islam. Islam used/uses this shade of green symbolically because the tribe of the prophet Muhammad had a green banner and because to them green represented paradise (the Persian word for garden) to desert-dwelling Bedouin tribes when they gathered at an oasis.

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