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Obama Shows Leadership on Missouri Tornado Disaster

The White House, have been justly burned multiple times for President Obama’s slow responses to natural disasters – starting with the Gulf Oil spill – is making sure to let us know that President Obama is on top of the horrific toll exacted by a tornado that roared through Joplin, Missouri Sunday. Dozens are reported dead.

It’s good to see the president starting to lead more aggressively when natural disasters hit. A week ago he visited with victims of flooding from the Mississippi river and last month stopped in Alabama to meet with tornado victims. This after being late or AWOL on several earlier disasters.

A White House spokesman gave reporters traveling in Ireland with the president these statements:

The President received multiple updates on the tornado damage throughout the course of the flight. He instructed his staff to keep him updated and to stay closely coordinated with state and local officials going forward . . .

The President called Missouri Governor Jay Nixon to personally extend his condolences and to tell all of the families of Joplin affected by the severe tornadoes that they are in his thoughts and prayers. The President assured the governor that FEMA will remain in close contact and coordination with state and local officials.

The President has directed FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate to travel to Missouri to ensure the state has all the support it needs. In addition, in anticipation of requests for assistance, a FEMA Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT) is en route to Joplin.

The Federal government will continue to support our fellow Americans during this difficult time.

7 thoughts on “Obama Shows Leadership on Missouri Tornado Disaster”

  1. Seems like Mr. nO does better long distance than he does up close and personal with natural disasters. Maybe he could just keep traveling. At least it would keep him off the Andrews AFB golf course for awhile. (Screwing the troops really pisses me off.)

  2. Having the POTUS fly over disaster areas or make personal visits to express his concern to the victims makes nice photo ops but doesn’t do much to help. Of course he called the MOGov, he’s a Dem. He didn’t call the TXGov(R) and denied emergency disaster help to TX recover from the devastating fires that swept though their state. Friends and Enemies Politics 101.

    Most Americans have also expressed their concern and offered prayers to the victims, their lost loved ones and the missing. We’re all horrified by the destruction of our heartland sister states and wish them a speedy recovery.

  3. “The Federal government will continue to support our fellow Americans during this difficult time.” Yeah maybe this time around, but he tends to pick and choose which disaster he deems to recognize. Call me a cynic but that support will only come if he believes he can benefit from it politically. In my opinion, it has nothing to do with leadership qualities, because he has none.

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