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Obama Quaffs a Pint of Guinnesss

I used to bartend in an Irish bar. Guinness is an acquired taste, and I think he’s only had it once or twice before. I doubt he likes it one single bit. And I’m not sure if I ever served an American woman a pint of Guinness, so she definitely doesn’t like it. I mean, look at that face.

29 thoughts on “Obama Quaffs a Pint of Guinnesss”

    1. Too funny! How could you not notice those things on her face…

      “I just want you to know…uhhhh..the president always pays his bar tab.” There he goes, speaking in the third person again. Note to cousin Kearney…I wouldn’t count on it.

      1. Susan, if you follow sports you know that if you want to be derided by sports writers, re: to yourself in the third person. Now that I think about it, the same USED to be true in politics. (note: the acquired taste for Guinness and the acquired fake accent.)

  1. Did he tell someone she looked beautiful? I bet that’s how it started with Ahnold…or is that the much vaunted charm thing, to which, oddly, I am totally immune?

  2. Michelle Antoinette’s face? that’s just how she looks.

    these people are as phony as a $3 bill. the only place they’re really comfortable is in the faculty lounge with Rashid Khalidi.

    (btw, I’m an American woman and I drink Guinness (albeit in Black and Tans) all the time.)

    1. Notice the stain on the Oval Office pillow. They must chow down on the sofa and not bother to clean up after the mess. Disgraceful.

      1. Or its a cigarette burn…dont you just know the White House is going to smell like an ashtray when all the O’s get kicked to the curb after the next election? Its going to be fumigation time soon…literally and figuratively.

  3. BHO: “Hello, AAA DC?”-
    AAA: “Yes, can I help you?”
    BHO: “My car and us are stuck on a speed bump”-
    AAA: “Please ask Michelle to step out the car, then try again”
    BHO: “Willco”
    …. 15 seconds later:
    BHO: “We’re moving now, thank you”

  4. Methinks the weight of the Guinness in the bellies made the limo a bit lower to the ground-come on Keith, where’s that video? It’s classic…you have to post it!

      1. I scour my brain for metaphors all day every day and then…BHO’s motocade gets stuck in front of swooning masses. If this isn’t “The Emperor has no clothes”, I’ve never seen it.

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