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The Obama Morning News || May 23, 2011

President Obama today began his European trip in Ireland, a country he says has a “blood link” ‘with the United States. Obama is just a drop Irish, but it’s stirring a frenzy in Ireland. O’Bama plans to visit his “relatives” today.

Obama says he likes Queen Elizabeth.

Speaking to the Israel lobbying group AIPAC, Obama sought to reassure Israel of America’s “Ironclad” support, but he repeated his call for a return to the 1967 borders.

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels said he is not running for president, helping clarify the GOP field. Daniels’ bid was vetoed by his family. In a sign of why he got out, Daniels denied that his wife had abandoned her family.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced his candidacy for president. Herman Cain, the Godfather’s pizza magnate, announced his run Saturday. But will the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney because “it’s his turn” – just like they did President former Senator Bob Dole?

The White House thinks the auto industry turnaround is a winning political issue.

Defense Secretary Gates warned against cutting too much defense spending.

And a former member of Sarah Palin’s inner circle has written a scathing tell-all book.

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  1. As an employer, you learn early that recycling previous employees does not work. Why would consider doing so with previously failed candidates. By the way, I strongly disagree with the idea of “it’s his turn”. Remember, we need someone who can defeat Obama.

  2. Digging up “dirt” on MrsPalin has been a cottage industry since she appeared on the national political scene. The results so far; she misspelled a word, had a brain freeze while being interviewed by MsCouric, her children are not perfect and became a millionaire by writing a best-selling book. Whew!
    “O’Bama”? so funny. Wait.. is that a racist remark? never mind.

    1. Fox is reporting that he at least called the governor of Missouri. He is a democrat so that may have something to do with his quick response.

    2. Drudge has a picture of him lifting a pint of Guinness above a link titled “There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama”. What a farce…

  3. Agree with you rick…I call them retreads. Anyone who couldn’t make it past McCain in the 2008 primaries hasn’t got a chance in 2012. The establishment GOP is still under the impression that they will tell us who is next in line and we’ll just blindly follow. Those days have passed. This election will probably be the most transformational one since the Civil War, so the candidate we choose will have to be strong in every sense of the word.

    God bless the people of Missouri in the aftermath of the tornadoes that caused so much death and destruction yesterday.

  4. Last week Obama wanted the interest of the anti-Israel voters ( plus some other more sinister motives ), this week he is out to get the Irish-Americans votes. I guess the Irish in Ireland are secretely smiling, trying to make tourist money out of this “blood link”. What are the black Americans thinking about Obamas new focus on his white origin ? Seems like American politicians are extra interested in three groups, blacks, hispanics and Irish-Americans. What about the Asians ? They are not very visible during the campaigns. Almost as invisible as the Scandinavian- Americans.

  5. What is he getting at with this phrase “blood link?” All I can guess is that he is trying to stay away from the idea that we share a CULTURE with Europe.

    He’s saying, “It’s just that some of our citizens have genes from Europe. We are different in every other way, being muslim, etc., in our culture nowadays.”

    Do you think that’s what he’s so awkwardly trying to get across?

    1. Good point. Seems to me that he is splitting up the country. He doesn´t want to emphasize the European heritage. He is alienating the Europeans.

      1. Both of you make good observations on MrO’s motives.
        However, even though I am a gene-carrier of many different European MiddleEastern cultures I still identify myself as “American”. Unlike recent immigrants or those who wish to remain connected to their ancestor’s birth country, most Americans feel as I do.

        The agenda to divide by class, race or color is disgraceful and unworthy of someone elected to our highest political office. When MrO advised Hispanics to consider law abiding citizens who believe in the rule of law as their “enemies” he disgraced his office and himself.

        1. That’s right! I don’t ID myself as German-American or German-English-Norwegian American, although sometimes, secretly, my Viking blood makes me feel braver, although I rarely pillage.

          1. “Any man who carries a hypen about him carries a dagger that he is ready to plunge into the vitals of this Republic whenever he gets ready.”
            -Woodrow Wilson

  6. That was the end of the world in Joplin–ghastly. OMG, that is horrible. I have been there. I am from St Louis.

    As for Romney–he just doesn’t click–I am not even sure why.., too central casting, the dog on the car, the flipflops, I don’t know..not clicking.

    Also–isn’t all this too darn early? It’s like that dopey David Gregory and snappy Chris Wallace are in charge of our lives!

  7. We’re all Americans except for the Illegals – not hyphenated-people!
    Does the Queen like BHO? Let’s see! Can she trust him: He abandoned the European Defense Shield to protect our Allies (? any left?) from the Islamic terrorists bent on World Domination etc., etc.,

    The BHO AIPAC speech confirmed he is a “tool” for the Palestinian thugs who will NEVER compromise – PERIOD! Sharia Law allows them to lie and deceive infidels to achieve an opportune time to “wipe” them out anygiven day!

    Mitch, Pawlenty, Cain, Palin, and every “common sense” person in a position should continue to point-out everyday the idiocy of the BHO Adm Advisers, Secretaries and BHO’s Power Grab (bi-pass Congress) edicts and unconstitutional mandates! The “Dean Mean-Machine Team” has, most likely, been in overdrive researching, making-up, and preparing as much “dirt” as they can on every Tea Party, Conservative, GOP, Independent candidate for use by the DNC – some of which is probably in the “tell-all” for $$$$’s book on Palin. I am angry or can you already tell?

    NOW, I feel better, but I am more and more concerned about the rising costs of gas, food, necessities, joblessness, ObamaCare, toxic mercury-filled expensive CFL’s mandated (in 2007 for 2013). CONGRESS and Americans Wake-Up and make time to make your voice heard in DC! jb

    1. I suppose, come news time, I must see his Irish “Ich bin ein Berliner” deal–which turned out to mean, in Kennedy’s case, “I am a Danish.”

    2. Star,
      Since I live in Missouri, I appreciate your thoughts! From the last severe damaging storms, many volunteers have already given of their own sweat, tears, and time to clean-up, to sheltering, to feeding tornado victims, to comforting families who are mourning the loss of loved ones from the past destruction.

      Some of us from Missouri have been in the South with families who have lost everything! Our strength comes from knowing that, again, our Nation will continue to step forth for us. We have been blessed by so many wonderful charities, such as the Am Red Cross, Operation Blessing, private churches, and on and on, but the need is great clear across the Country.

      Supporting reputable charitable groups and outreach programs as best as people can during this economic downturn is so important. I am overwhelmed and so encouraged by the selflessness and generosity of those, some of whom have so little being willing to share what they have – reaching out in friendship and with genuine care. jb

      1. Americans are like that! They are. I had a house fire–it was horrible, so I know about losing all your stuff…the fear…the sadness…the endless bureaucracy… My brother is still in St L–I also remember tornado alerts as a kid–in the basement…all afternoon, etc. I wish there were more I could do–this is why we have a central govt–exactly for these one-time huge messes–but then often it does not work that way.

  8. Good thing Mitch Daniels dropped out, we don’t need our next president to be yet another leader led around by the nose via his wife.
    I don’t think her abandonment of her family is the ussue so much as the fact that she is probably a bit crazy. I think we’ve had enough of that with the current president as well.
    Personally, I would have had a hard time with Romney as the candidate in the last election, but considering what we’re going through now, he could be viewed as at least competent, which is a plus, and he looks presidential, another plus.
    Can anyone imagine Mitt turning the podium over to an ex-president, because his wife was waiting ? oh please…
    If Mitt picks Rubio as a running mate, he could be a real contender.

    1. I don’t remember even seeing Mitt’s wife–I guess he clicks with you, Sophie…interesting post. My sister picks her doctors by how they look–oh, who knows anymore…the great national CF!

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