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Biden Might Run in 2016

POLITICO‘s Ben Smith has uncovered a startling piece of news: Vice President Biden thinks he might just run for president in 2016. From Ben’s report:

Vice President Joe Biden surprised a gathering of donors in Cincinnati last week when he floated the prospect of his succeeding President Barack Obama in the White House.

Biden, who started in the Senate young and would be just 70 in 2012, raised the possibility unprompted during a wide-ranging conversation at the May 19 dinner with major Democratic Party donors, a source in the room said.

The Vice President, who has never ruled in or out running in six years, told the group he hadn’t made up his mind, and cited both political conditions and his own health as relevant factors.

What an exciting prospect.

5 thoughts on “Biden Might Run in 2016”

  1. “only 70”, what a kindly man you are.

    However, playing the stand-in at the WhiteHouse comedy theatre doesn’t make him eligible to become the headliner.

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