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Video || Carney Declines to Affirm 2004 U.S. Mideast Policy

Here’s an exchange between me and White House Press Secretary Jay Carney that I thought you might like to see.

In discussing President Obama’s decision to say Thursday that Mideast peace negotiations should begin with the assumption that Israel will return to the 1967 borders – give or take some land swaps – Carney yesterday sought to portray Obama’s statement as consistent with existing U.S. policy as outlined in a 2004 letter from George W. Bush to then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Now, this letter wasn’t a “hey, my grandkids are great, how are yours?” type of note. It was official U.S. policy, stating that a return to the 1967 lines was not realistic and that the Palestinian’s “right of return” to Israel proper was null and void. In addition to apparently new policy on the borders, Obama said the right of return issue should be negotiated.

Here’s what Carney said early in the briefing;

I think, again, there is nothing that the President said yesterday that contradicts the 2004 letters that were exchanged between President Bush and Prime Minister Sharon, or what Prime Minister Netanyahu said today in the Oval Office.  We — the President said in his speech that a starting point for resolving the territorial issue is the 1967 lines, with mutually agreed swaps and security for both nations.

Carney was using careful language – “nothing that . . contradicts the 2004 letters.” What I wanted to figure out was whether, in fact, the United States is now breaking with existing policy. So in the video below, I asked Carney if he would affirm previous U.S. policy. As you will see, he would not.


24 thoughts on “Video || Carney Declines to Affirm 2004 U.S. Mideast Policy”

  1. I would concur with those who would not contradict this obvious fact: Keith gettin’ into ol’ Jay’s wheelhouse just a bit? I think even Jay might concur with that, no?

    Excellent Keith. But, how dare you push a little in that room? Didn’t you see the look on Jake Tappers face when you were speaking? The front row seemed so annoyed.

  2. Poor MrCarney, the official lightning rod for the elusive POTUS, trying to sound informed and supportive of all the spin, lies and cross-purposed agenda that the WH puts forth. Whipped by his many bosses and now skewered by the not so friendly anymore WH press , he probably wishes he hadn’t thought being PS as such a big deal.
    Good for you, Keith. The bully in the WH will fold like a lawn chair when your associates show the same amount of purpose and ask the right questions. We depend (ed) on the Press to keep us informed, not join the merry-go-round of spinning facts.

  3. Stumbling, bumbling…shades of the former WH Press Secretary! Carney needs to practice his “dance steps” so he can more smoothly avoid answering questions without so much “angst”! I hope the Press Corps keeps their alka-seltzer handy! Keith, you were persistent and direct! No wonder the front row squirmed in their seats! jb

  4. BTW, when does the world end again? Six PM Eastern? I am not on the suck to heaven list, I am sure, and would not go without my dog anyhow…I would grab an anvil or something.

  5. “Mutually agreed swaps?” Wth…? Words, with no meaning. Your colleagues sit there like bumps on a log, and listen to this drivel. Thanks for asking uncomfortable questions Keith.
    I take ‘swaps’ to mean giving the Palestinians some nice real estate, the problem is, this would force them to grow up. As in building their own roads, schools, and hospitals. They might have to create some jobs that don’t involve rocks or blowing things up, including themselves.
    Then there is the problem of having a few actual laws, as in not slitting the throats of tiny babies, even if they are Jewish.
    This is just a bridge too far, for a made up tribe that the rest of the Middle East refuses to welcome into even Arab countries..
    Hillary must save herself and resign from this flea circus, asap.
    Thanks for your efforts Keith, but don’t be surprised if your WH Christmas card gets lost in the mail..

  6. Great questions and followup Keith. You confronted him with the verbiage from the 2004 letter and he just couldn’t defend the fact that his boss violated an agreement recognized by both houses of congress and signed by President Bush. Sad that he knows you know he is lying for his boss. If he was an ethical reporter in the past, he has to see what he is doing to his reputation. We all see he’s lying for Obama and because of that, we have no respect for the man…good journalist or not.

  7. The Carney Barker is as annoying as the Stream of Gibberish.

    If he’s just going to say, “The President spoke at length on this before” over and over, why bother to have a press conference at all?

  8. Why does ‘no ask’ why the “White House Press/Propaganda Corps” ever ask REAL QUESTIONS ?

    I watch Cable News TV & read Internet News Sites…
    AND I CAN THINK OF DOZENS OF BETTER QUESTIONS/ISSUES TO “ask” The “White House Propaganda/Press Sec.” Jay Carney about the current Pres. Obama Administration than most of the sycophants who sit in for ‘ WH Daily Press Briefings’…

  9. Keith, If you keep this up Jay just may be instructed to not call on you any longer ~ and you may end up in the back seat with the rest of us who put this thing in the ditch!!

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