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Dennis Ross, Israel’s Lonely Friend in the White House

Just wanted to make sure you saw this story by Helene Cooper of the New York Times today, a great piece of reporting that shows essentially one man in the White House standing with Israel. Helene is not shy about pointing out Obama’s tilt toward the Palestinians, unusual in the mainstream media.

One hopeful sign is that George Mitchell is described here as in the Palestinian camp, and of course he felt he had to resign.

But just imagine the pressure that will be put on Israel if Obama wins reelection and no longer has to worry about Jewish votes or Jewish money.

Jeremiah Wright for chief Mideast negotiator?

1 thought on “Dennis Ross, Israel’s Lonely Friend in the White House”

  1. I have been reading about Dennis Ross today, since I saw an article on Al Jazeera calling him America’s Rasputin. I don’t much care for what I am finding out! I had high hopes that President Obama would champion the Palestinian’s cause, it is inhuman for Israel to keep them in this state of occupation and degradation. I sincerely hope that instead of vetoing their petition to the UN for recognition of statehood, President Obama instead throws his support behind a Palestinian State and finally forces Netanyahu to cooperate in a 2 state solution. I think the U.S. should also cut all military funding to Israel.

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