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Binyamin Netanyahu, Pillar of Israeli Strength

Several of you in your comments yesterday noted Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s boffo, no-nonsense performance during his appearance with President Obama.

These Israelis are tough. They have to be. One of our readers, Brett, noted that Netanyahu was a former Israeli special forces operative.

This got me thinking about something I saw on TV twenty years ago, and never forgot. It was during the first Gulf War, and Netanyahu was Israel’s ambassador to the United States. As you may remember, Saddam Hussein startied lobbing scud missiles into Israel, and there was grave concern that some would contain chemical weapons. The Israelis had disseminated gas masks to their people.

Netanyahu was in Israel and being interviewed on some live news show I was watching in the United States. Suddenly, the air raid sirens went off. The U.S. correspondent there talking with him became visibly nervous and said, “Okay, now it’s time for us to put on our gas masks. I’m taking the gas mask now, this strap goes over here . . . ”

He noticed Netanyahu was just sitting there, staring at him.

“Mr. Ambassador, where is your gas mask?” he asked.

Calmly, without expression, Netanyahu responded.

“I think it’s in the car.”

13 thoughts on “Binyamin Netanyahu, Pillar of Israeli Strength”

  1. First Gulf War… good memories :-)
    I heard a “story” that the Israelis had IAF F-16s with Tactical Nukes sitting on a runway 30 seconds from take-off if those Iraqi SCUDS had any chemical weapons that hit Israel. “Story” went US had real-time satellite photos of the Nuke armed F-16s reving up for take-off… Bush 1 & James Baker were on the phones BEGGING the Israelis not to do anything…

    You gotta luv Israel :-)

    1. Very interesting, LB. I assume this is the only reason Hussein didn’t put chemical weapons on those missiles. Certainly, it wasn’t his intrinsic humanity or love for the Jews.

  2. Bibi is everything 0 isn’t…intellectual, brave, principled, masculine and proud of his country. The contrast in leadership could not be more stark.

  3. You want “gutsy call”? You have it, with Bibi.
    Where, oh where are the American Jewish Organizations? They should be out in front of all of us, with rosters to sign, “I Stand with Israel”.

  4. The Obama administration, flying high on the looney left’s dream of OneWorldOrder, has vastly underestimated the resolve of Israelis and the deepseated belief held by most Americans that any group should determine their own future. We don’t have to be Jewish to support Israel’s existence or their right to protect their homeland.
    While the nations of Muslims tear themselves apart with bloody revolutions, our concern should be to protect our allies and our friends, not throw them into the bloody fire of conflict hoping to quell the flames.
    The mish-mash, convoluted MiddleEast policy of this WhiteHouse has chosen to defend our stated enemies , to lob bombs against one unfriendly dictator, but not another.
    Our stance should be to stand with the only democracy in the area and the people who need our support.

  5. I know this is sort of silly, but all this to me is sort of like discussing the drug trade with Mexico after giving back the Louisiana Purchase as a starting point.

  6. Netanyahu and his family have been a part of Israel’s founding and history for three generations. His father, Benzion (who is over 100 yrs. old) was a Zionist activist, as was his grandfather, Nathan Mileikowsky. His brother, Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu was the leader of the raid on Entebbe on 4 July 1976. Yoni, the leader of the raid, was the only one killed.

    The family are true Israeli patriots and believe in Israel and what Israel stands for. Unlike the leadership in America,Obama and his ilk have no clue as to what America is, or what it has stood for for over 234 years.

  7. That is a great story Keith. What a man of courage and confidence. Something sorely missing in the WH and our current crop of congressional leaders. They act more like teenagers fighting over the keys to the car.

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