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President Obama: Meet this Sweet Old Woman

Not saying this represents mainstream Palestinian opinion. But I do remember the celebrations on the West Bank after 9/11. And I do think it’s the leading edge of what Israel has to deal with.

Thanks to one of our readers, Shofar, for providing this.

6 thoughts on “President Obama: Meet this Sweet Old Woman”

  1. Yesterday I posted a comment from The Electronic Intifada”s Ali Abunimah from Chicago detailiing Obama’s early committment to the Palestinian cause. No wonder why the LA Times wouldn’t release the tape of Obama at the going away party for Rashid Khalid. You would see the reason’s behind Obama’s radical stand today. All this information has always been out there if any one was willing to look for it

  2. One of the stories from the Munich Conference was that as Chamberlain tried to read the agreement out loud Hitler waved his hand and said, “Ja, ja!” Chamberlain failed to recognize that Hitler was dismissing the entire agreement as worthless. The “Palestinians” would similarly wave off any agreement, as this old woman proves.

  3. I spoke to calm, intelligent educated Muslim men in Baghdad with families and the hatred is jaw-dropping. These men – who had children of their own – spoke of “butchering the Zionist monsters in Israel” as if they were going on a feral hog hunt.
    We in the West assume the Middle East is just a hopelessly sectarian, insane place. That may very well be but these stories, these hatreds are told at the knee of hateful old women like this who (may she drop dead) prepare the next generation for killing women and children.

  4. I keep having to say thank you, Keith. Thanks again.
    The American Jews’ support of this regime is so difficult to get past.

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